The Yatsuhashi (Formerly known as the Red Skull Bat) is a monster type of the game Monster Box. It can be unlocked by purchasing the monster type for $150. At spawning, it bursts out from the Monster Box all at once at great speeds, reflecting off the ground or border.

Initial statistics

The Yatsuhashi has an LP of 50, gives 2 gold when killed and is initially spawned in a group of 20 by the box.


The first upgrade cost $100, and each subsequent upgrade cost $20 more.

ToughnessUpgrade Toughness

Increases the LP of all Yatsuhashis by 10 and gold drop when killed by 2.

PopUpUpgrade Pop-Up

Increases the number of Yatsuhashis spawned each time by 10.

MBDeltaFeather Delta Feather

Increases the chance for the Yatsuhashis to drop both of their wings when killed by 5%. Wings have half the LP of the Yatsuhashi and will give out the same gold drop as the flying ones when destroyed. At percentages beyond 100% additional pairs of wings may spawn. Like other monsters, delta feathers are capable of increasing the monster bar.

MBRedSkullBatBoss Boss

A boss version of the Yatsuhashi with much higher LP can be spawned by purchasing it like upgrades. The boss starts at LV 1 which has 20000 LP. Each subsequent boss purchase spawns a boss 1 LV higher (up to LV 50), which has 20% more LP than the previous LV. When the boss is defeated, it gives the same gold drop as the normal-sized Yatsuhashis and the level cap for the Yatsuhashi will increase by 10, up to LV 600. Costs $(8000+2000x) for monster LV x.

Special abilities

Delta cluster

When defeated, the boss will drop 20 wings per boss LV that has the same properties as those from the Delta Feather upgrade. As the number of delta wings released increases, it can be seen that they cluster together to form large diamond shapes as they fall, much in the same way as a large web of joints on Powder Game 2. If the population is always nearing the cap when grinding monsters and defeating this boss, then its recommended to stop speeding up the Monster Box and die down the population, as the Yatsuhashi's delta feathers can significantly increase the monster population at high levels, resulting in a potential game over.

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