In Powder Game and Powder Game 2, Wind is an effect caused by moving air. Wind is also a tool which creates the effect.


  • Wind is a tool which the entirety of Powder Game and Powder Game 2 was made.
  • Wind cannot travel through loop in Powder Game, but can do so in Powder Game 2.


  • Using wind tool which releases wind in a selected by red pointer direction.
  • Using air tool which releases wind in every direction. (Powder Game only)
  • Using cyclone tool which releases wind in circular directions. (Powder Game 2 only)
  • Burning flammable elements, exploding explosive elements.
  • Fire (wind is released upward), fan (In Powder Game, wind is released in direction selected by red pointer. In Powder Game 2, wind is released in a definable direction of multiples of 45°). Players with attribute of these elements also creates wind.


  • Strong winds make stone turn to powder. (Powder Game only)
  • Strong winds also cause Nitro to ignite. (Powder Game only)
  • Wind turns ice into snow.
  • Wind can move all elements except solids and plasmas.
  • Wind can move all objects except wheel and block. Wheel just rotates, and block just blocks the Wind.

Backgrounds effects


  • Wind is used in wind laser uploads using fan's ability to release wind.