Whips are weapons used by Whippers. They are generally fast, but have low physical damage and range equal to that of the Long Sabel. When Whippers are placed farther away from their target, they are less likely to actually hit it with each swing. Whips tend to use a very high amount of MAG in comparison to other magical weapons in other classes, while giving out intensive magical effects. Whips are also elastic, as the whip will extend when the Whipper is dragged at a fast speed.

Every 2 levels of whips have the same uncolored sprite, named "Whips", "Chains", "Flails" (except Freeze Whip 5), and "Morning Star/MS". Whips have 5 recurring types: Physical, Fire, Thunder, Ice, and Poison, and the Resort-exclusive Freeze type.

List of whips

Icon Weapon LV AT AGI Range Type MP Bonus AT BPC Dropped by Buy Sell
Whip Whip 1-4 15-20 40 Physical 100 12
Note: Starting weapon.
Stone Whip 1 Stone Whip 1 1-4 15-20 40 Physical 10 3-5 3 Green Smiley Walker (OS)
250 31
Note: Releases 3 grey pellets (at zero DEX) into the air.
Fire Whip Fire Whip 1 1-4 15-20 40 Fire 40 3-5 (Burn 3%) 4 Red Big Skull Dragon
500 62
Note: 4 Fire (at zero DEX) will jump out of the whip and onto the ground, which is very useful against ground enemies. Each fire lasts for 2s. It can be useful with 40 MAG and high DEX.
Iron Whip Iron Whip 1 10-20 15-20 40 Physical Grey X Walker (GL4)
750 93
Thunder Whip Thunder Whip 1 1-4 15-20 40 Thunder 90 1-33 5 Green Fairy Bat
1000 125
Note: This weapon summons 5 bolts (at zero DEX) from random directions to hit the enemy. If the enemy that got hit dies, the whip will continue to make bolts and can hit a random enemy due to its high range. It has a fairly high MP cost for its placement in the game.
Ice Whip Ice Whip 2 2-5 15-20 40 Ice 60 15-20, Slow 20% 5 Pink Skull Tree (HC3)
1500 187
Note: Releases 5 ice arrows (at zero DEX) in a high arch and slides on the ground for a while. The arrows will not hit the enemy for about a second after they are released from the whip; therefore, it is not recommended if fighting with individual enemies.
Thorn Whip Thorn Whip 2 2-6 15-20 40 Physical 80 18-22 7 Orange Skull Bat (CV3)
2000 250
Note: Releases 7 needles (at zero DEX) which have piercing capabilities. They often miss, as they travel outwards in a semicircular fashion.
Poison Whip Poison Whip 2 2-7 15-20 40 Poison 120 1-1 (2.0s) 5 Tan Skull Bat
2500 312
Note: Releases 5 poison clouds (at zero DEX) in a circular formation which slides on terrain and poisons enemies. The poison time is much longer than any poison weapon before, so the Hit and Run strategy is effective with this weapon.
Explosion Whip Explosion Whip 2 2-8 15-20 40 Fire 150 30-40 3 Orange Skull Stickman
3000 375
Note: Releases 3 oval-shaped explosion (at zero DEX) in a similar fashion as the Delta Explosion, which does great damage to a mob of enemies.
Stone Chain Stone Chain 3 3-9 15-20 40 Physical 40 18-30 3 Red Roundhead Walker
4000 500
Note: Releases 3 higher-powered pellets (at zero DEX) onto the enemies. Higher DEX amounts will increase the number of pellets and damage by a significant rate.
Fire Chain Fire Chain 3 3-10 15-20 40 Fire 60 6-10 (Burn 3%) 4 Cyan Gel Dragon
4500 562
Note: Shoots 4 flames (at zero DEX) in a circular fashion from the whip, and slows down until it makes a circle. Each flame lasts for 2s. Deals decent damage with 60 MAG, a Ruby 3 and a Bullet's Card 3.
 Iron Chain Iron Chain 3 20-40 15-20 40 Physical White Roundhead Fish
5000 625
Thunder Chain Thunder Chain 3 3-12 15-20 40 Thunder 130 1-66 5 Orange Roundhead Tree (MG2)
5500 687
Note: 5 Thunder bolts (at zero DEX) will rapidly shoot down on an angle towards the target. Recommended on individual enemies or bosses with high LP, as it does very high damage.
Ice Chain Ice Chain 4 4-13 15-20 40 Ice 90 30-40, Slow 20% 5 Grey Mask Fish
6000 750
Note: Same as the Ice Whip, only the delay is shorter, allowing more chances on slowing down an individual enemy.
ThornChain Thorn Chain 4 4-14 15-20 40 Physical 120 18-22 15 Tan Box Spider
6500 812
Note: Same as the Thorn Whip, except it shoots 15 needles (at zero DEX) in an arc pointing towards the enemy. In addition, the needles are also denser. As a result, fewer needles will miss.
Poison Chain Poison Chain 4 4-15 15-20 40 Poison 180 2-2 (3.0s) 5 Pink Diamond Cactus
7000 875
Note: Same as the Poison Whip, but with an enhanced poison power and the poison clouds appear together at once. As usual, it can be very useful when used with the Hit and Run strategy.
Explosion chain 4 Explosion Chain 4 4-16 15-20 40 Fire 220 60-80 3 White Boss Skull Zombie
7500 937
Note: Same as the Explosion Whip, but will explode as a ring instead of as ovals.
Stone Fureiru Stone Flail 5 5-17 15-20 40 Physical 60 32-52 3 Grey Box Tree
8000 1000
Note: Releases 3 far higher-powered pellets (at zero DEX) onto the enemies. If the Stone Flail has a lot of bullets, the pellets spreads out, with some pellets maybe flying across the entire screen. In ver8.4, this weapon was called "Stone Fureiru", where "Fureiru" actually means "Flail" in Japanese. This was changed to "Flail" in ver8.5.
Freeze Whip Freeze Whip 5 5-18 15-20 40 Freeze 60 3-5 (0.1s) 1 (Resort) 8500/
Note: The only Freeze Type Whip in the game. Releases a snowflake (at zero DEX) that freezes enemies. The snowflake appears above the enemy and falls down onto it. When there are multiple snowflakes from increased bullets, they come one after another. Can keep enemies without 100% Freeze immunity frozen indefinitely with 60 MAG and lots of DEX. This is the only MP whip which does not accept Bullet's Card, as it only has 1 initial bullet.
Fire Flail Fire Flail 5 5-18 15-20 40 Fire 80 8-15 (Burn 3%) 4 Green Shield Zombie
8500 1062
Note: Releases 4 flames (at zero DEX) in a circular fashion, forming a bigger ring than the Fire Chain 3. The flames last for 6s, much longer than the ones produced by the Fire Chain 3.
Iron Flail Iron Flail 5 40-80 15-20 40 Physical Grey Big Castle Stickman
9000 1125
Thunder Flail Thunder Flail 5 5-20 15-20 40 Thunder 150 1-99 5 Grey Big Box Spider
9500 1187
Note: Produces 5 lasers (at zero DEX) which are directed towards the targeted enemy upon full MP.
Ice Flail Ice Flail 6 6-21 15-20 40 Ice 120 45-60, Slow 20% 5 Yellow Mask Tree
10000 1250
Note: This weapon shoots 5 ice arrows (at zero DEX) in a circular formation which can slide on the ground. It has a larger chance of hitting nearby enemies than Ice Chain 4.
Thorn Flail Thorn Flail 6 6-22 15-20 40 Physical 160 18-22 45 White Shield Snake
11000 1375
Note: Same as the Thorn Chain, except it shoots 45 tiny needles (at zero DEX) in an arc pointing towards the enemy like the Thorn Chain 4. In addition, the needles are even denser. With 160 MAG, a Bullet's Card 6, and a Quick's Card 5, it has the potential to decimate enemies with ease, however following this build will leave the Whipper not being that great at all with most other weapons, and even with this weapon, the Whipper will still need to get to at least LV 81 to unleash its full potential.
Poison Flail Poison Flail 6 6-23 15-20 40 Poison 240 4-5 (4.0s) 5 Pink Demon Fish
12000 1500
Note: Releases 5 poison clouds (at zero DEX) in a similar fashion as the Poison Whip 2 upon magical activation, with much stronger poison damage.
Explosion Flail Explosion Flail 6 6-24 15-20 40 Fire 360 120-160 3 Grey Boss Box Snake
13000 1625
Note: Essentially the same as the Explosion Chain 4, but deals higher damage and explodes with spike projectiles. It has great damage potential with high DEX and MAG. When the weapon was released, there were no visible projectiles in the explosion. This was quickly fixed.
Morning Star Morning Star 7 100-200 15-20 40 Physical Cyan Triangle Digger
15000 1875
Note: Has the highest AT of all whips and second highest AT of all other melee weapons in the game, tied with Long GreatSword 8.
Stone Morning Star Stone Morning Star 7 7-26 15-20 40 Physical 70 60-110 3 Grey Big Box Stickman (Two Arrow)
16000 2000
Note: This weapon is abbreviated as "Stone ms" in the game. It releases 3 pellets (at zero DEX) upon magical activation. Unlike its former counterparts, which have their pellets spread out, this one has its pellets clumped together, which increases the damage against single enemies significantly. Before ver16.0, this weapon was bought for $15000 and sold for $1875.
Fire Morning Star Fire Morning Star 7 7-27 15-20 40 Fire 90 8-15 (Burn 3%) 4 Yellow Boss Coconut Walker
17000 2125
Note: This weapon is abbreviated as "Fire ms" in the game. Essentially an upgraded Fire Chain 3, which releases 4 blazes (at zero DEX) with the same circular pattern, but the blazes travel further due to reduced deceleration. In addition, the blazes deal splash damage, giving the weapon better potential against large groups of enemies. The blazes last for 2s.
Thunder Morning Star Thunder Morning Star 7 7-28 15-20 40 Thunder 170 1-222 5 Green Boss Cap Tree
18000 2250
Note: This weapon is abbreviated as "Thunder ms" in the game. Essentially an upgraded Thunder Flail 5, which releases 5 sparks (at zero DEX) with a slight delay between each spark.
Ice Morning Star Ice Morning Star 8 8-29 15-20 40 Ice 120 90-120, Slow 25% 5 Blue Cap Tree
19000 2375
Note: This weapon is abbreviated as "Ice ms" in the game. Upon magical activation releases 5 one arrows (at zero DEX) in a straight line that slides on ground. In the mobile version of SR, the one arrows are clumped up and fly in random direction instead.
Thorn Morning Star Thorn Morning Star 8 8-30 15-20 40 Physical 160 18-22 90 Brown Big Box Wheel
20000 2500
Note: This weapon is abbreviated as "Thorn ms" in the game. A direct upgrade from Thorn Flail 6 which release twice the needles at much greater densities for the same MP cost.
Poison Morning Star Poison Morning Star 8 8-31 15-20 40 Poison 300 9-9 (5s) 5 Cyan Triangle Snake
21000 2625
Note: This weapon is abbreviated as "Poison ms" in the game. Essentially an upgraded Poison Flail 6, releasing 5 clouds (at zero DEX) in a similar way as the Poison Chain 4. In addition, the clouds deal splash damage. This weapon has the highest base poison length, dealing base 2250 damage just by poison.
Explosion Morning Star Explosion Morning Star 8 8-32 15-20 40 Fire 500 360-480 3 Red Skull Stickman (HG)
22000 2750
Note: This weapon is abbreviated as "Explosion ms" in the game. Essentially an upgraded Explosion Flail 6, with higher damage and releasing longer spikes as magical projectiles.
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