A whipper attacking a Green Smiley Walker from Opening Street. A similar photo was the ver6.3 thumbnail to introduce the Whipper class.

Whipper is the seventh class in Stick Ranger. It is a melee class, and, like the Priest and Gunner before it, was added after the start of the game in ver6.3. They use whips to attack, hence their name. The Whipper can also hit multiple enemies with the tip of the whips when they attack as if there is a natural Explosion's Card 4. They are slightly faster than Gladiators, but are slower than Boxers. The Whipper's magical weapons tend to use a lot of MP, but they are the only class so far that can increase Bullets without the use of a Bullet's Card.


Stat effect per SP invested LP

No effect

+ 10


Min and max AT + 1/2

+ 3


Bullet + 0.2

+ 3


+ 1 MP gain per hit with magical weapon

+ 2


The Whipper uses the:

Whip Whip Stone Whip 1 Stone Whip Fire Whip Fire Whip
Iron Whip Iron Whip Thunder Whip Thunder Whip Ice Whip Ice Whip
Thorn Whip Thorn Whip Poison Whip Poison Whip Explosion Whip Explosion Whip
Stone Chain Stone Chain Fire Chain Fire Chain Iron Chain Iron Chain
Thunder Chain Thunder Chain Ice Chain Ice Chain ThornChain Thorn Chain
Poison Chain Poison Chain Explosion chain 4 Explosion Chain Stone Fureiru Stone Flail
Freeze Whip Freeze Whip Fire Flail Fire Flail Iron Flail Iron Flail
Thunder Flail Thunder Flail Ice Flail Ice Flail Thorn Flail Thorn Flail
Poison Flail Poison Flail Explosion Flail Explosion Flail Morning Star Morning Star
Stone Morning Star Stone Morning Star Fire Morning Star Fire Morning Star Thunder Morning Star Thunder Morning Star
Ice Morning Star Ice Morning Star Thorn Morning Star Thorn Morning Star Poison Morning Star Poison Morning Star
Explosion Morning Star Explosion Morning Star


  • Whipper was suggested by drseaweed (now known as TheSeaweedDoctor or The Noob King) on the Dan-Ball Forum. (It should be noted that most of the ideas for this class from the forum were never released with the class itself. This could have been made at random.)
  • It is the first class that uses completely flexible weapons.
  • It is the first melee class in the game that was not created upon the game's release.
  • It is the first class that increases Bullets without using any compo items.
  • The Whipper charges its MP by each swing of the whip, but the magical effects are only triggered when the tip of the whip touches an enemy.
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