Wheel turning water.

Wheel is an object in Powder Game. It acts similar to a wheel in real life, and spins elements around it in a circle. It was introduced in ver1.6.


  • It turns wood and stone into powder and ice into snow.
  • It turns if any element other than a solid or semi-solid is touching one of its sides, unless the side that it's touching is exactly on the top or bottom or is spread equally, balancing out. It also turns with the wind.
  • It moves any elements (other than fan) that are within its radius, but cannot be moved by any object.
  • It cannot be destroyed in any way other than with erase, or load/reset.
  • It is the only object in Powder Game whose contact area can be on the same space as block without the use of a glitch.
  • The maximum number of wheels that can exist on a screen at any given time is 100.
  • Wheel is the only feature of Powder Game that can displace thunder and laser (see Laser Replication Glitchnonchemically.
  • Due to the displacement property of wheel, it is possible to transfer an element through a block wall. Some elements need additional help (with drag or wind) to spin fast enough to accomplish this. Here is an example with water:
  • Wheel can move nitro fast enough to explode without actually exploding it.


  • Wheel is sometimes used as moving decoration: for example, as airscrews in helicopters.
  • Wheels are often used in chain reactions.
  • A row of several wheels blown by fan can create the illusion of a drill, or if rotated at the same time, at the same speed (achievable by placing a chamber filled with a non-solid element by the wheels), it creates the illusion of a three-dimensional object.
  • It can also be used to show air flow.
  • Wheels can be used to make power plants.
  • Wheels can be used as a type of woodchipper, by dragging wood through a spinning wheel to create powder.
  • Wheels can be used to create electronic switches.
  • Wheels can be used as a scale to compare weights of elements.


The wheel limit can be hacked by typing "Nd=(wheel limit)" in the browser console without quotes. However, after loading only 100 will remain if the number of wheels placed exceeds 100.

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