A weapon is an item in Stick Ranger. It is used by characters to attack.


Weapon Inventory

This shows a Long Sabel with a Berserk Card 3 and a Yellow Crystal 3 attached as compo items.

Stick Ranger - 17th Weapons

Stick Ranger - 17th Weapons

The video shows the 17th weapon for all classes except Rings which should give a clear presentation on how weapons work.

Weapons can be acquired via the Shop or from enemies. All weapons have slots that allow compo items to be attached to the weapon. Weapons dropped from enemies can hold 2 compo items, while weapons bought from the shop can hold only 1 compo item (excluding some versions of weapons found in the Resort). The second slot is filled with a grey-coloured X (which displays "NG" upon rollover), and no compo items may fit into that slot.

When a player hovers the mouse cursor on a weapon, regardless if placed in the inventory or equipped, the weapon menu will display its stats, as well as two black boxes at the bottom, representing the two compo item slots of a weapon. If the weapon has a compo item attached, it will be displayed in their respective boxes with the name of the compo item, otherwise the box will be blank and the word "none" is displayed.

Magical Weapons

Some weapons have bonus attacks or effects, displayed below the "range" value in the weapon menu. Often, MP is required to activate these bonus attacks. Such weapons are known as magical weapons, and while they can be used without MP, the weapon will not be as effective. Magical weapons are usually of an elemental type. Magicians, Priests, and Gunners do not have any magical weapons, as they do not use MP at all.

Weapons with Usage Cost

The only weapons which have usage costs are guns. All guns (except for the starting gun) use bullets which cost gold. It is therefore advised to keep the starting gun at all times, as those bought in the shop only allow one compo item instead of two. Gold is deducted from the player every time the gunner fires a shot. The amount of gold which has to be paid can be reduced by spending SP into MAG, down to a minimum of $1 per shot. Once out of gold, the Gunner still walks into shooting range of the enemies (if auto-move is enabled) and will attempt to shoot, but no bullets appear.

Weapon Classification

Each character is automatically equipped with a starting weapon upon creation of a new game. Each individual character class has its unique set of weapons that are unequippable by other classes. For example, a Sniper may only use bows, while a Boxer may only use gloves. Thus, weapons can be classified according to the characters that can equip them.

Weapons can also be classified according to the depth at which they are found in the game. This is particularly useful when dealing with the Shop - the deeper in the game a weapon is found, the later it will be unlocked for sale in the Shop and the more expensive it will be. Hence, "1st Weapons" refer to the starting weapons, while "34th Weapons" refer to the weapons found deepest in the game (so far). All "19th Weapons" are Resort weapons, and can only be found at the Junk Shop. The Mountaintop (MT) weapons are not counted into the order as they are only available to Snipers and Gunners to avoid confusion that the other classes have missing weapons.

Weapon List

Note: So far, all starting (1st) weapons are physical weapons.
Gloves Swords Bows Orbs Staves Guns Whips Rings
1st GloveGlove SwordSword BowBow Magic (orb)Magic Staff Staff Gun Gun Whip Whip Ring Ring
2nd Mach PunchMach Punch Iron SwordIron Sword Triple ShotTriple Shot Explosion (orb)Explosion Staff of Wood Staff of Wood Handgun Handgun Stone Whip 1 Stone Whip Fire Ring Fire Ring
3rd Thunder Glove Thunder Glove Fire Sword Fire Sword Poison Arrow Poison Arrow Ice (orb) Ice Long Staff Long Staff Submachine-gun Submachine-gun Fire Whip Fire Whip Thunder Ring Thunder Ring
4th Fire Glove Fire Glove Thunder Sword Thunder Sword Double Arrow Double Arrow Fire (orb) Fire Staff of Thunder Staff of Thunder Shotgun Shotgun Iron Whip Iron Whip Long Ring Long Ring
5th Poison Glove Poison Glove Ice Sword Ice Sword Fire Arrow Fire Arrow Thunder (orb) Thunder Staff of Ice Staff of Ice Rifle Rifle Thunder Whip Thunder Whip Ice Ring Ice Ring
6th Freeze Glove Freeze Glove Long Sword Long Sword Triple Arrow Triple Arrow Freeze (orb) Freeze Battle Staff Battle Staff Grenade Grenade Ice Whip Ice Whip Thorn Ring Thorn Ring
7th Needle Glove Needle Glove Thunder Sword Lightsaber Quad Arrow Quad Arrow Blizzard (orb) Blizzard Staff of Fire Staff of Fire Laser Gun Laser Gun Thorn Whip Thorn Whip Power Ring Power Ring
8th Spark Glove Spark Glove Fire Sword Flame Sword Oct Arrow Oct Arrow Volcano (orb) Volcano Lightning Staff Lightning Staff Bazooka Bazooka Poison Whip Poison Whip Quick Ring Quick Ring
9th Sonic Punch Sonic Punch Frozen Sword Frozen Sword Double Poison Double Poison Thunder Storm (orb) Thunder Storm Staff of Poison Staff of Poison Homing Laser Homing Laser Explosion Whip Explosion Whip Charge Ring Charge Ring
10th Thunder Knuckle Thunder Knuckle Sabel Sabel Triple Shot Quint Shot Delta Explosion (orb) Delta Explosion Long Wood Staff Long Wood Staff Handgun Beretta Stone Chain Stone Chain Fire Circle Fire Circle
11th Fire Knuckle Fire Knuckle Fire Sabel Fire Sabel Double Fire Double Fire Icicle (orb) Icicle Staff of Freeze Staff of Freeze Uzi Uzi Fire Chain Fire Chain Thunder Circle Thunder Circle
12th Mach Knuckle Mach Knuckle Thunder Sabel Thunder Sabel Double Iron Arrow Double Iron Arrow Fire Rise (orb) Fire Rise Staff of Light Staff of Light Remington Remington Iron Chain Iron Chain Long Circle Long Circle
13th Poison Knuckle Poison Knuckle Ice Sabel Ice Sabel Triple Iron Arrow Triple Iron Arrow Big Thunder (orb) Big Thunder Staff of Flame Staff of Flame Sniper Rifle Sniper Rifle Thunder Chain Thunder Chain Ice Circle Ice Circle
14th Freeze Knuckle Freeze Knuckle Long Sabel Long Sabel Triple Poison Triple Poison Big Icicle (orb) Big Icicle Combat Staff Combat Staff Grenade Launcher Grenade Launcher Ice Chain Ice Chain Thorn Circle Thorn Circle
15th NeedleKnuckle Needle Knuckle Lightsaber 4 Lightsaber FireShot Fire Shot Ice Meteor (orb) Ice Meteor Staff of Poisoner Staff of Poisoner Laser Beam Gun Laser Beam Gun ThornChain Thorn Chain Power Circle Power Circle
16th Spark Knuckle Spark Knuckle Fire Sabel Flame Sabel Quad Iron Arrow Quad Iron Arrow Super Volcano (orb) Super Volcano Long Iron Staff Long Iron Staff Cannon Cannon Poison Chain Poison Chain Quick Circle Quick Circle
17th Sonic knuckle 4 Sonic Knuckle Frozen sabel 4 Frozen Sabel Nonuple arrow 4 Nonuple Arrow Thunder spear 4 Thunder Spear Staff of Icicle Staff of Icicle Homing laser beam 4 Homing Laser Beam Explosion chain 4 Explosion Chain Charge Circle Charge Circle
18th Thunder Claw Thunder Claw Blade Blade Poison Shot Poison Shot Time Explosion Time Explosion Explosion Staff Explosion Staff 3Round Burst 3-Round Burst Stone Fureiru Stone Flail Fire Chakram Fire Chakram
19th (Resort) Charge Punch Charge Punch Wooden Sword Wooden Sword Pyramid Arrow Pyramid Arrow Atomic Ray (orb) Atomic Ray High Light Staff High Light Staff Missile Missile Freeze Whip Freeze Whip Chakram Chakram
20th Fire Claw Fire Claw Fire Blade Fire Blade Flame Arrow Flame Arrow Ice Spike Ice Spike Warrior Staff Warrior Staff Mini Uzi Mini Uzi Fire Flail Fire Flail Thunder Chakram Thunder Chakram
21st Mach Claw Mach Claw Thunder Blade Thunder Blade Triple Shot Sept Shot Inferno (orb) Inferno Inferno Staff Inferno Staff Scattergun Scattergun Iron Flail Iron Flail Long Chakram Long Chakram
22nd Poison Claw Poison Claw Ice Blade 5 Ice Blade Pierce Arrow Pierce Arrow Electric Shock (orb) Electric Shock Electric Staff Electric Staff Hunting Gun Hunting Gun Thunder Flail Thunder Flail Ice Chakram Ice Chakram
23rd Freeze Claw Freeze Claw Long Blade Long Blade Quint Poison Quint Poison Freeze Explosion (orb) Freeze Explosion Long Silver Staff Long Silver Staff M9 Grenade M9 Grenade Ice Flail Ice Flail Thorn Chakram Thorn Chakram
24th Needle Claw Needle Claw Lightsaber 6 Lightsaber Double Flame Double Flame Ice Orb (orb) Ice Orb Poisonous Staff Poisonous Staff Laser Beam Gun Power Laser Gun Thorn Flail Thorn Flail Power Chakram Power Chakram
MT N/A N/A Indra Arrow Indra Arrow N/A N/A Napalm Bomb Napalm Bomb N/A N/A
25th Spark Claw Spark Claw Fire Blade Flame Blade Quad Steel Arrow Quad Steel Arrow Lava (orb) Lava Freeze Exp Staff Freeze Exp Staff Wave Cannon Wave Cannon Poison Flail Poison Flail Quick Chakram Quick Chakram
26th Sonic Claw Sonic Claw Frozen Blade Frozen Blade Undecuple Arrow Undecuple Arrow Thunder Orb (orb) Thunder Orb Mega Exp Staff Mega Exp Staff Pierce Homing Pierce Homing Explosion Flail Explosion Flail Charge Chakram Charge Chakram
27th Thunder Cestus Thunder Cestus GreatSword GreatSword Triple Shot Nonuple Shot Spread Explosion Spread Explosion Strike Rod Strike Rod Magnum Magnum Morning Star Morning Star Fire God Fire God
28th Fire Cestus Fire Cestus Fire GreatSword Fire GreatSword Flame Shot Flame Shot Ice Bolt Ice Bolt Inferno Rod Inferno Rod Micro Uzi Micro Uzi Stone Morning Star Stone Morning Star Thunder God Thunder God
29th Mach Cestus Mach Cestus Thunder GreatSword Thunder GreatSword Oct Poison Oct Poison Hell Fire (orb) Hell Fire Thunder Rod Thunder Rod Triple Shotgun Triple Shotgun Fire Morning Star Fire Morning Star Long God Long God
30th Poison Cestus Poison Cestus Ice GreatSword Ice GreatSword Double Hell Fire Double Hell Fire Lightning (orb) Lightning Long Gold Rod Long Gold Rod Rail Gun Rail Gun Thunder Morning Star Thunder Morning Star Ice God Ice God
31st Freeze Cestus Freeze Cestus Long GreatSword Long GreatSword Quint Gold Arrow Quint Gold Arrow Permafrost (orb) Permafrost Poisonous Rod Poisonous Rod Napalm Gun Napalm Gun Ice Morning Star Ice Morning Star Thorn God Thorn God
32nd Needle Cestus Needle Cestus Lightsaber 8 Lightsaber Vigintuple Arrow Vigintuple Arrow Ice Missile (orb) Ice Missile Freeze Exp Rod Freeze Exp Rod Slow Laser Gun Slow Laser Gun Thorn Morning Star Thorn Morning Star Power God Power God
33rd Spark Cestus Spark Cestus Flame GreatSword Flame GreatSword Oct Poison Shot Oct Poison Shot Pyroclastic Flow (orb) Pyroclastic Flow Giga Exp Rod Giga Exp Rod Rocket Launcher Rocket Launcher Poison Morning Star Poison Morning Star Quick God Quick God
34th Sonic Cestus Sonic Cestus Frozen GreatSword Frozen GreatSword Hell Fire Shot Hell Fire Shot Thunderbolt (orb) Thunderbolt Power Rod Power Rod Homing Laser Wave Homing Laser Wave Explosion Morning Star Explosion Morning Star Charge God Charge God
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