VS mode, or Versus was implemented in Stick Ranger in ver3.8 BETA. The versus mode can be accessed from the main Stick Ranger screen, underneath the Load button.

SRVS ha55ii

A VS mode fight between Dan-Ball Webmasters ha55ii and Tylor as posted on ha55ii's blog

How it works

In versus mode, players have the option to upload their Stick Ranger party using the registration feature. From there, players will be ranked according to Level and FP. Users will enter their saved party and from then on can edit it. At the main screen, the player can now select a party to fight against. As of v15.7, the VS button of a team that the player has already fought against will change to either a red "Lose" button or a green "Win" button depending on the outcome of the player's battle against that team.

They are not online battles, rather, they are fights against saved parties. During the battles, players have no control over either party.

Note: FP = LV + for each character (Weapon LV ×2 + Compo LV + Compo LV)


Rank FP
1 1-20
2 21-40
3 41-60
4 61-80
5 81-100
6 101-120
7 121-140
8 141-160
9 161-180
S 181+

Currently (ver17.5), the highest possible rank is Rank S with 219 FP. Unlike other ranks, Rank S does not have a upper limit of FP.

Effects on characters

  • In VS mode, characters have (5 × Rank) times the LP than in the main game, (4 × Rank) times for Gunners, and (3 × Rank) times for Priests). Rank S count as 10 in the multiplier.
    • Before ver15.1, Priests and Gunners both had 3 × LP, while the other classes had 5 × LP. Gunners later were changed to have 4 × LP in ver15.1.
  • All characters receive a Freeze strength in VS mode which reduces Freeze time by 90%.


It is sometimes hard to tell whether or not a team was actually made to work in the normal Stick Ranger mode, but it is more obvious when the other team uses a Gunner. There are level 2 parties on VS Mode with a Gunner using a Bazooka that costs 25 gold per shot. Clearly, no party at Rank 2 could afford this. These teams are made specifically for the VS mode.

It is common for teams in VS mode to use long ranged Snipers and Magicians with weapons of type Poison and/or Ice to severely weaken their opponents. Melee characters with immense LP are also common as damage absorbers (also known as "walls" or "tanks").

Most characters in Ranks 1-4 should have about 500-1500 LP (more like 300-1000 LP for Priests and Gunners, and 1000-3000 LP for tank melee characters). In the higher ranks (ranks 5-9), most characters should have about 1000-3000 LP (750-1500 for Priests, 1000-2000 for Gunners, and 3000-7000 for tank melee characters).

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