Well, this is it; SR modding is on the verge of extinction if this message is to be believed:

RIP Modding

RIP Modding?

A message from ha55i himself is pretty discouraging.  However, I do still have some doubts about this:

  1. Google Translate; enough said.
  2. This could be a false ha55i, unless he has some indicator that it is truly him. 

If you still doubt the issues with translations, check this out:

RIP Modding 2

This is not Google Translate. Credit goes to MarcosSanches for this picture.

Combined with Google Translate's notorious reputation for screwing up translations, I don't think that we can know for sure until ha55i takes action or communicates with the English audience directly.  Make of this what you will, but I'm still going to mod and update Stick Ranger Topaz regularly unless something comes up or ha55i lasers it.

tl;dr (Too long; didn't read):

Is the source code usage prohibition after all? Tune in next week to find out, when Random says:








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