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If you can read this, you just lost The Game.

Waddle D33 (or whatever nickname you care to call me)
199_ A.D.
ಠ_ಠ Waddle D33 (TalkContribs)
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Dan-Ball games
Stick Ranger, Earth Editor, Powder Game (not so much now anymore :/)
Dislikes D:
•People who don't sign their posts
•Incorrect grammar/spelling
•People who can't put their reasons as to why an article should be deleted!!11!!
Speedos and his many suckpuppets
Old Stick Ranger teams
4 Magicians (Good team, amirite? :P)
(got up to Submarine Shrine when I decided to log in with my brother's old account... lost all saved data :( )
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About me

Heyo. I'm Waddle D33, helping out cool wikis. I'm a guy, currently in high school. I use this wiki for any info I need on any Dan-Ball games.

Current projects

I was promoted to an admin a few months ago, so I now have a few extra tools to help this wiki cleanup and other stuff. Most of the community has moved to the Fan-Ball Wiki sadly, but some still hang around here and help out a lot whenever there are updates to any Dan-Ball games.

What I am currently focusing on is deleting some of the Stick Ranger guides. I agree that SR guides in the mainspace are very important and useful to people and helps to give color to the wiki. However, the ones I will be tagging for deletion will have the qualities of having poor grammar, being outdated, having little or no useful content, having content stated somewhere else, not being edited, etc. I will always give a few weeks before I delete them so anyone who has an opinion may post their thought.

Others: deleting files marked for deletion, deleting any unnecessary redirects, categorizing categories, working on improving the MoS (Part 2), changing all instances of "Image:___" to "File:___".

Redirects for deleted pages

Fix all redirects on images or articles for the following pages:

  • Brown Smiley Walker (CV1)
  • Brown Smiley Walker (GL2)
  • Blue Gel Dragon
  • Blue Gel Snake
  • Blue Boss Gel Dragon
  • Blue Roundhead Walker
  • Blue Smiley Walker


  • Watch over the Class page and make sure that the pros [+] or cons [-] for any class do not become overbalanced.
  • Add more specific information to Dan-Ball Wiki:Manual of Style, and delete any standard information that won't be useful for common editing (Part 2).
  • Merge content from deleted page "Uploading Help":

This is NOT a guide on how to make uploads. This is a guide to upload them.
Okay, lots of errors can occur when uploading. However, follow this step-by-step guide, and you'll be in the clear.
Step one: Create an account on Dan- Ball. You shouldn't have any problems with that.
Step two: Create something you want to upload. Duh.
Step three: Get on at a time that is 0:00 in Japan. To find out what that time is for where you live, click here. Select the date. Then set the time as 00/12 am and set the country as Japan - Tokyo. Then click, "Calculate Fixed Time," and find your area on the list. The time should show. It will work for either PM or AM since 50 are allowed every 12 hours. However, one person can only upload one item every two days.
Step four: Press upload and enter a title. It should work.
Category:Powder Game
with Uploads.

  • Add any content from deleted page "Stichy Wichy" to wherever it should go...
  • Organize any Timeline related pages.
  • Copied from Wikipedia: <small>If this is a shared IP address, and you didn't make any deconstructive edits, think about creating an account for yourself so you will not get warnings that are meant for other people.</small> Used when I yell at anons.


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