A basic tsunami design.

A tsunami is a type of upload and Technology in Powder Game and Powder Game 2 that creates a large wave of water or seawater, often by utilizing an explosive element to create a large volume of wind in a short time period. A variety of explosive elements may be used, such as Nitro, oil, gas, and other volatile elements. These elements are generally placed inside a box of block with a small opening to direct the wind from the explosion. No matter the elements used or the general design, all tsunami creations are designed to produce the same effect: a tremendous rise in air pressure flowing out of the box, which, in turn, pushes up a giant wave of any liquid element.

Many tsunami uploads are of poor quality and often include a type of vote scam instructing users to vote to save something from the tsunami. They are generally considered a waste of an upload by many Powder Game users. Tsunamis are also extremely easy to create, if not, elaborated. Tsunami uploads that include some form of civilization which is destroyed as the tsunami impacts it generally gain a larger amount of votes.