Special properties
Follows a lightning-shaped path.
Both horizontally and vertically, but not randomly.

Thunder is a strange element in Powder Game that doesn't fit any state of matter. Thunder is the only non-solid element unaffected by wind.


  • Fall speed varies a lot as different bolts of thunder follow different paths.
  • Every 4x4 grid square has a planned route for lightning, paths differing only by an amount of pixels - any particles of thunder created from the same point or released from metal at the same point will follow the same path, which includes some thunder lasers. This can be easily observed by using Pen-s 0.
    • Besides thunder lasers, there two different types of travel for thunder dots that loop continuously:
      • The shorter path that gradually travels right (D=Down, L=Left, R=Right):
  • The longer path that gradually travels left:
  • The thunder dot may travel a few pixels and start its loop from a certain location depending on its initial placement according to the grid.
  • Thunder's pattern strangely does not reset when falling from the sides of the screen and appearing on another due to loop.
  • Thunder follows a straight path on certain areas on the grid which results in thunder lasers.
    • The following grid coordinates are for lasers that travel in a DDDL fashion: 78,4; 44,5; 27,7; 72,7; 55,9; 38,11; 4,15; 32,17; 15,19; 91,16; 68,19; 51,26; 96,26; 79,28; 62,30; 28,34; 11,36; 56,36; 39,38; 22,40; 92,43; 75,45; 16,46; 86,49; 52,53; 35,55; 80,55; 63,57; 46,59; 12,63; 99,64; 40,65; 23,67; 6,69; 76,72; 59,74.
    • The following grid coordinates are for lasers that travel in a DR fashion: 61,3; 21,13; 85,22; 45,32; 5,42; 69,51; 29,61; 93,70.
  • When thunder moves in a straight line it might sometimes seem like a solid. If the player puts water on it while it is straight the water will stay on it and not react. This will not work if the dots of thunder are moving.

Reactions with elements


Reaction with unexplosive elements.

  • Thunder makes most nonflammable elements fly, and some flammable elements as well.
  • It burns some flammable elements and sets off combustible elements.
  • When thunder contacts a second particle of thunder, one may cancel the other out.
  • Thunder is destroyed by laser.
  • Thunder is conducted through metal and mercury, and usually starts going straight in a clockwise matter.
  • If thunder exits metal, it resets the initial pattern as if it was drawn on the point it exited on.
  • Thunder passes through fan.
  • Thunder turns glass into stone, which then may launch the stone, thus turning it into powder.
  • If thunder runs through metal or mercury then touches glass it passes into the glass like a light bulb.
  • When thunder makes contact with metal, the metal is affected by acid more.

Reactions with objects


Thunder in Powder Game moves very similar to the thunder in the game Sand Moji, which was created a long time before thunder was introduced to Powder Game.