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About Stick Ranger

What is Stick Ranger?

Stick Ranger (abbreviated to SR) is a java game that was created by programmers hired by ha55ii. In the game, you control 4 stick figures that may move on their own. The goal of the game is to conquer all of the stages by defeating the bosses in the final part of each stage. Stickmen can be chosen from a variety of classes that each have their pros and cons. However, once the class is chosen, you cannot change their class, so choose carefully. To combat stickmen, enemies come in a variety of species, heads, and a variety of attacks (each with their pros and cons).

Stick Ranger Terms

These terms help you understand what others are talking about on Stick Ranger.

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Useful sites

Dan-Ball Wiki - The site you're at: Here you can find out almost everything about Stick Ranger, like the levels of each stage, where a weapon drops, what effects compo items have, and much more.

Dan-Ball Forum - If you can't find what you're looking for on the wiki, you can come here to ask. They have a very good community and will help you with anything.

Fan-Ball Wiki - A site where you can share your ideas and see ideas of other people.

Choosing your classes

Click "New Game" and select a class for your team. There's no best combination but here is some advice; the pros and cons for each class are listed here.


The boxer is a fast attacker who can deal good amounts of damage. It has extremely low range and can get easily damaged by even melee enemies. However, its high LP can tank a decent amount of hits, allowing it to be a practical "meatshield" if enough SP is invested in LP. 

For more details on Boxers, see Boxer


The gladiator is a strong mob attacker with lots of LP to tank hits. It attacks a lot slower then the boxer, but is one of the most high-damaging classes in the game. However, similar to the boxer, the gladiator has a short range which means that it can get hit very often.

For more details on Gladiators, see Gladiator


The sniper is a long-ranged attacker who can deal a load of damage, depending on the weapon. It is very useful in defeating difficult bosses and can survive most of the time due to the fact that it is usually in the back when attacking (high range). However, its mobbing ability is not good (unless you are using Bullet's Card or/and a bow with lots of arrow, e.g. Nonuple Arrow) , and while its damage can be increased in late game, it is often not as powerful as the melee characters.

For more details on Snipers, see Sniper


The magician is the most versatile class in the whole game. It has a huge variety of weapons that do not require MP and each do different things. The thunder weapons deal can good 1v1 damage, the fire weapons can deal incredible mobbing damage, and its freeze and ice weapons are able to help slow down difficult bosses. Its range though is only moderate, and it attacks slow...

For more details on Magicians, see Magician


The priest is the weakest class in the game, but that's not the point. The priest can boost the team's damage by a lot, making strong attackers even stronger. The priest can also boost the defense of the team, allowing for more tanking for each of the characters and reducing the damage of enemy attacks. Can be extremely useful in late game, when its aura is strong.

For more details on Priests, see Priest


The gunner is a very powerful class. It has great mobbing ability, incredibly strong 1v1 damage, and a range that can match a sniper's range (on some weapons). However, there's a catch: each time the gunner shoots, it costs money, and the guns get more and more expensive to shoot as you level up, eventually reaching some that can leave you broke in minutes with extended use.

For more details on Gunners, see Gunner


The whipper is a melee class that can deal incredible mobbing damage and 1v1 damage. Its magical attacks are also among the most powerful in the game. However, the whipper is a melee class and does not have as much LP as a boxer or a gladiator, and the MP of whips are very high.

For more details on Whippers, see Whipper


The angel is a ranged class who shoots out rings that deal mediocre damage and need to come back before they can be used again. It can be versatile like a Magician, but in a different way. The angel's attack style can have a very long range or a very short range, and can deal high damage or low damage. The angel's attacks can also pierce terrain and the rings can hit multiple enemies, making the angel an incredible mobber. Its magical attacks are also very intense.

For more details on Angels, see Angel

Getting Started

World Map

As you start the game, you'll notice on the world map that there are two stages. The first stage is Town, and the other one is your first enemy stage to get you warmed up into the game's action.


Town is a stage where you get to heal your fighters that need a rest from fighting. However, healing is not completely free. The amount of money that you need to heal your characters is equal to how much LP you can heal. It also has a shop to buy weapons, however the weapons only allow for one combo item to attach to it instead of two.

Opening Street

Opening Street is the first stage with enemies in it. The enemies barely move anywhere and most of them have no ranged attacks. This means you can take them out with your ranged characters without getting hurt. Notice how you can drag your character to the next sign in order to skip a stage, but this is not recommended in the first time you play a level. Once you get to the boss, however, you must beat the boss in order for the next sign to appear. If you have a Sniper and found the Triple Shot, this will be the first boss that it will be handy against. If you have triple shot, outrange the boss and he should be very easy. If not, many other strategies can be used to defeat this boss. Find most of them in the strategies section.


In Stick Ranger, you can move by dragging the characters to where you want to. A neat feature is auto-walk, where your characters will automatically walk to the nearest enemy and attack them. Be aware that you may drag the characters regardless of whether auto walk is on or off. To pause the game, press the space bar or click options in the upper right. On the pause screen, you can turn auto walk on or off. You can also choose to display LP bars for your characters and enemy characters.

How to Save Your Game


Whenever on the bottom right corner it says "Save OK", then the file has been saved to your browser cookies. However, this method has many downsides to it. First of all, the data is easily lost if the game updates. Also, you can only save one file to your browser cookies. Also, there is a bug which makes Auto-Save not work.

A better method than this is called the Get-Set Method.

Get/Set Method

To use the get/set method, you must create an account on Dan-Ball. Once you do, go to Stick Ranger. When it says "Save OK", press Get. You will receive a huge code. Copy this and put it onto notepad. When you want to play again, go to notepad and copy and paste the code into the same bar. Then press Set and you will be able to load your previously saved game.

Basic rules to make Stick Ranger seem easier

  1. Always have at least 1 ranged character (Sniper, Magician, Gunner, Angel). This will help on many stages that require outranging. It will also help you in the hit and run strategy.
  2. If you have a Gunner, always keep your starting gun. This is just in case if you run out of money.
  3. Having as much MAG as the MP requirement on your weapons will maximize your damage. However, some weapons either have very high MP cost and not worth putting all your SP into it, or it is better to not invest completely, such as the Gladiator's Lightsaber and Flame Sword lineup.
  4. If you have a free compo space in your weapon and a compo in your inventory, then use the compo item on the weapon. However, if the compo item actually worsens the weapon, then don't use it (example: Pierce's Card on Volcano).
  5. Most of the time, higher level compo items are better. There are exceptions, like Bullet's Card 5 giving you exactly 6 more bullets instead of Bullet's Card 6 which gives you 125% more bullet.
  6. If you are stuck on a stage, try leveling up, getting better weapons and compo items, or use a different approach on the stage. It might also be that the enemy is resistant to your type that you are using (ie. fire against a fire resistant enemy); in this case, use a different type of weapon.
  7. When your characters die, use the Inn rather than the revive option. The Inn costs you $1 for every damage you took (the entire HP of a dead character) for complete recovery, while the revive option costs you about 10% off your money. The Inn also heals all of your characters, while the revive only heals about 1/5 of the HP.
  8. Don't be afraid to skip through stages and go straight for the boss, especially on stages that have either difficult bosses, or way harder stages than bosses.
  9. Sometimes it is beneficial to, rather than going through the inn or reviving, return to the world map and go through an easy stage with mobs (like opening street for early game, ??? for mid game, and inferno 2 for late game) where you know you can do plenty of damage and get plenty of onigiri without taking any (or at least very minuscule) damage. Only necessary if you're short on money.


Main article: Category:Stick Ranger strategies

These several strategies might help to turn a difficult enemy into an effortless win.

  • Bait Strategy: Drag the weakest character above an enemy (usually wheels) so that it will try to attack the bait (and fail) while the ranged fighters attack it safely. Note that this only works on certain enemies.
  • Outrange Strategy: Use ranged fighters with very high range on an enemy with less range. Very effective strategy.
  • Dodge Strategy: Use a melee or ranged fighter and fire at an enemy while dodging its attacks.
  • Lure Strategy: Lure the boss into another place where the stickmen have an advantage of fighting it.
  • Hit and Run Strategy: Hit an enemy and run away from it. Similar to the Dodge strategy, except instead of dodging the attacks, the characters are just dragged to a safe spot.
  • Shield Strategy: Use a character with high LP as a shield to take the attacks of the enemies while the other characters attack. Similar to the Bait strategy.
  • No Movement Strategy: On some levels, such as Mist Grove 1, there are spots that the boss never hits. Turn the movement of one of your ranged stickmen off (if you have one). Then find a safe spot. It is very rare for this strategy to be used.


In the world of Stick Ranger, a build is a way of allocating the character's SP they receive when they level up. The builds in the subpage are mostly ones that the player would try to achieve by end-game, or by level 50 to 60. In early game, the player may be overlapping some builds. As the game progresses however, the player will most likely have one certain build.

Builds are specific setups, and may not work in all cases (i.e. a Poison build won't work well against Mushrooms). Moreover, the success of certain builds require the use of very rare compo items, so be careful of which one you choose to follow.

List of builds for each class: The Ultimate Stick Ranger Guide/Builds

Information about builds: Build

What to do if you're stuck

If you are stuck on a stage, then try the following:

  • Level up a little bit more
  • Beat some other stages that contain valuable weapons or compo items and equip the compo items to your weapons.
  • Try using ice weapons to slow the enemy's/boss's attacks down. (Some enemies are strong against ice.)
  • Look at the Tips on each stage subpage.
  • Try using one of your characters as a tank so your ranged characters can fight it for a while without getting hurt.
  • If you still cannot beat the stage, try out a different combination of weapons. Some enemies are weak against certain elements. For example, a White Roundhead Zombie is weak against Fire, and Fire damage is dealt double to them. There are a total of 6 elements: Physical, Fire, Freeze, Poison, Thunder, and Ice.
  • Sometimes it's very hard (but not impossible) for a team to beat a stage (eg. 4 boxers on Grassland 2 or 4 Snipers on ???).
  • Using Freeze attacks will stop your enemies moving and attacking, making it easier to defeat them. (Some enemies are strong against Freeze, and nearly all bosses have some sort of resistance against Freeze, so be warned.)
  • If any of the tips you have tried did not work, post a comment or message on the Stick Ranger Comments Board or on the article's talk page and some people will try to help you.
  • Early on in the game (Level 1-15), it is viable to start over from scratch using a different team.

How to build a better team

This guide will teach you all the secrets to building a better team.

General tips

  • Use natural weapons instead of shop weapons because they have 2 compo slots.
  • For the highest damage, have the exact amount of MP for the weapon you are using. (There are exceptions to this, like Charge Circle or Charge Punch, since these weapons have insanely high MP requirements which are unreachable in one hit).
  • Certain weapons can go together well, such as Ice Sabel and fire because Ice Sabel slows the enemies while they are caught in the fire.
  • Think about the compo items that you want to put on the weapon. Highest level doesn't mean the best, as compo items cannot be removed (only replaced). Though most of the time the highest level of compo is more optimal.
  • If your weapon uses more than six bullets per shot (Sept Shot , Thorn Flail , etc.) it is more effective to use Bullet's Card 4 than Bullet's Card 5 because the former increases amount of bullets by 100% while the latter adds six.
  • Keep an alternate weapon for each one of your characters (preferably of another type) in case you cannot beat a stage. This is more applicable to later levels, as many enemies there have a strong resistance to at least one element.

Boxer tips

Gladiator tips

Sniper tips

  • You can try Triple Shot, Quint Shot or Sept Shot if you want to outrange an enemy and don't have someone with more than 150 range. However the fight will take longer because they do less damage.

Whipper tips

  • Investing SP into MAG and DEX works better than investing any SP into LP and STR, as it will trigger the effects of the bonus attacks, which can be extremely devastating to the enemies.
  • The Explosion Whip 2 and Explosion Chain 4 deal lots of damage to mobs of enemies.
  • Suggest using a Bullet's Card 3 or 4 and a Blue Stone/Green Stone onto your weapons throughout later game if you have SP invested into MAG and DEX, as they will increase the amount of bullets from the magical whips, plus the Blue Stone making it easier to activate the magical attack or the Green Stone which further increases the amount of bullets (before the amount gets increased by Bullet's Card).

Angel tips

  • Do not use range unless it is for a long ranged enemy.
  • For beginners, the easiest build to do is the Power build. You don't have to worry about investing in MAG, just DEX, and once you have 4 rings (60 DEX), you can invest in LP for a tanky build with high damage output.

(More Angel tips needed)

Sample teams

Here some sample teams. Each team has their pros and cons, and are most effective if you can train them enough and properly.

Sniper, Magician, Angel, Priest - great in early and middle game, and in late game if you can train it enough. Does not have a high damage count but counters with that by many magical attack and the Priest can increase attack or defence power, making it effective at surviving. Perfect for mobs of enemies, but may encounter difficulties against hard bosses and in PvP

Priest, Sniper, Sniper, Sniper - Not that good against massive swarms of enemies and very powerful bosses but it can be great in PvP and PvE if you can train enough. Use knockback with one of the ___ shot bows against mobs. If you can hold out until the Double Fire, equip it with a Bullet's Card 5 and you're set. Do not invest in DEX.

Priest, Magician, Magician, Magician Particularly fun, however it gets complicated when you face enemies with resistances (especially thunder). Can beat Mountaintop with ease if you build it right. In late game, it becomes almost impossible to beat Hell 5, as the enemies have high health and all resistances but physical, high damage, and the boss stage has enemies which can freeze your Magician.

Angel, Magician, Gladiator, Sniper - Covers all bases for defeating enemies, equally effective at surviving. Does not fare well against very powerful bosses, and is more challenging in late game. With the intense late-game weapons of the Angel and Sniper, magical damage will become very plentiful.

Sniper, Magician, Gladiator, Boxer - In the beginning of the game, its easy to finish GL1, 2 and 3. It starts to get hard at cavern 3, and Seaside 1. If you get the Indra arrow at Mountain Top, (usually takes about 6 tries) Use it, but you will rarly get in to the thousands for damage. The Double Flame is as good as in Indra arrow. So just settle on what you get. For the Magician, get the Thunder Spear or Timed explosion. The ones past that are bad. Gladiators in this group could go for any Light Saber, or go for Blade 5. The good weapons for Boxer are the ...... Punch (Mach punch, Sonic punch, etc.) And the Needle weapons.

Priest, Sniper, Sniper, Magician - It's only good if you can get up to at least level 10! Fine in PvE and somewhat good in PvP.

Priest, Sniper, Magician, Boxer - Very powerful team with a Boxer with Sonic Knuckle and Vampire's Card 4, but may encounter difficulties with strong bosses that have ranged attacks.

Gunner, Whipper, Priest, Priest - Good in PvE and PvP, use the Flame Whipper, the Rifle Master and the Ranged Attack Priest. The Priests attack from a long range while the Gunner and Whipper go ravage the enemies. The Fire Whip attacks are powerful with the Priest's Strength aura. Watch your budget during early-game.

Magician, Sniper, Sniper, Sniper - Good on group for Seaside and Submarine and solo for castle boss. Weapons: All weapons for magician, a physical one for the 1st Sniper, a Fire weapon for the other one and for the final a Poison one. However, in the event of huge swarms of enemies, the Magician may be the only defense and as the Magician has a lower range than the Snipers, he may serve as a not very effective meatshield/tank as he has somewhat low LP.

Priest, Sniper, Gunner, Boxer - Good if you use Tank Boxer, Attack Priest, Poison Arrow Sniper and a gunner with a Cannon and 49 MAG. This is a balanced build with a long ranged DPS, a short ranged DPS, a tank/healer and a buffer. Good for most bosses and enemies in general but is a very balanced team, not made for some harder situations. Again, watch your budget during early-game.

Priest, Priest, Boxer, Boxer - May be difficult at the start and in mid-game, but is good for late game if using the STR Priest Build and the Needle/Spark Claw Boxer build. Lack of strong ranged attack means strategies and/or patience is needed to deal with flying enemies.

Magician, Priest, Whipper, Whipper - Great to start but can be annoying in mid-game, perfect thunder team. (Team is under construction.)

Priest, Gladiator, Gladiator, Sniper - Not really good for flying enemies and only a okay PvE team, but best in VS mode- you can beat almost anyone at your level if built properly! (made by a guest - name is Moem in VS.)

Gunner, Sniper, Magician, Magician - Good for attack, not for defense.

Priest, Sniper, Gladiator/Whipper, Boxer - Use STR Priest, Poison Sniper, MAG Gladiator with Lightsaber/Flame Sabel Gladiator or MAG/DEX Whipper with Thunder Chain and finally Tank Boxer. This is a theoretical team, still in training.

Sniper, Magician, Priest, Whipper - Good for all around damage.

Priest, Magician, Angel, Boxer - STR Priest, Tank Boxer, and MAG/DEX for both Angel and Magician. Fantastic AOE damage. A bit lacking in single-target until mid to late game.

Priest, Priest, Priest, Gunner - Perfect on damage, And recommended to use at least 1 Long-ranged staff/the Rifles for the flying enemies.

Sniper, Magician, Priest, Boxer - A fantastic build which may struggle some early game, though once you get through to mid-game you can smash through with relative ease. Great for beginners, especially with a poison sniper (Occasionally swapped over to fire shot when needed, especially with cavern series), Freeze magician (Through early-mid game, swap back and forth between ice and freeze as needed), Attack priest, and Power boxer. For most of the game Boxer will be your main source of damage, and occasionally relying on the sniper for some stages.

Training Guide

Levels for Maximum Exp for Each Stage

These aren't exactly the levels you should train at these stages, but it's a rough ballpark. If a stage is too difficult, try one of the stages for a slightly higher or lower level.

Opening Street: Levels 1-5

Grassland 1: Levels 5-8

Grassland 2: Levels 8-12

Hill Country 1: Levels 10-13

Grassland 3: Levels 10-14

Grassland 4: Levels 10-14

Hill Country 2: Levels 11-14

Grassland 5: Levels 11-15

Hill Country 3: Levels 12-15

Grassland 6: Levels 12-16

Grassland 7: Levels 12-16

Castle Gate: Levels 14-16

Lake: Levels 15-18

Forest 1: Levels 15-18

Forest 2: Levels 16-19

Cavern 1: Levels 17-20

Cavern 2: Levels 18-21

Cavern 3: Levels 19-22

Castle: Level 20

Seaside 1: Levels 21-24

Seaside 2: Levels 22-25

Seaside 3: Levels 23-26

Seaside 4: Levels 24-27

Submarine 1: Levels 26-29

Submarine 2: Levels 27-30

Submarine 3: Levels 28-31

Mist Grove 1: Levels 29-33

Mist Grove 2: Levels 30-34

Mist Grove 3: Levels 31-35

Submarine 4: Levels 32-36

???: Levels 33-36

Submarine Shrine: Level 40

Desert 1: Levels 38-42

Desert 2: Levels 38-43

Desert 3: Levels 39-44

Desert 4: Levels 40-45

Desert 5: Levels 42-46

Oasis: Levels 42-47

Desert 6: Levels 44-48

Desert 7: Levels 44-49

Desert 8: Levels 45-50

Pyramid: Level 50

Beach 1: Levels 47-51

Beach 2: Levels 48-52

Beach 3: Levels 49-53

Cavern 4: Levels 51-55

Cavern 5: Levels 52-56

Cavern 6: Levels 53-57

Snowfield 1: Levels 55-59

Snowfield 2: Levels 56-60

Mountain 1: Levels 57-61

Snowfield 3: Levels 58-62

Snowfield 4: Levels 59-63

Snowfield 5: Levels 60-64

Mountain 2: Levels 61-65

Snowfield 6: Levels 63-66

Snowfield 7: Levels 64-67

Snowfield 8: Levels 65-69

Snowfield 9: Levels 66-71

Frozen Lake: Levels 64-68

Ice Castle: Level 70

Beach 4: Levels 66-72

Forest 4: Levels 69-73

Forest 5: Levels 71-75

Forest 6: Levels 72-77

!!!: Levels 74-77

Hell 1: Levels 73-76

Hell 2: Levels 75-79

Hell 3: Levels 76-80

Hell 4: Levels 77-81

Hell 5: Levels 79-82

Hell 6: Levels 80-83

Inferno 1: Levels 81-84

Inferno 2: Levels 82-85

Inferno 3: Levels 83-86

Blood Lake: Levels 84-87

Cavern 7: Levels 85-88

At level 89, even the Grey Boss Triangle Tree (Highest leveled enemy in the game as of version 14.5) will cease to give more than 1 Exp. Those hell-bent (no pun intended) on getting a higher level should go to an easy, enemy-rich stage such as ???.

Here are the levels to train at for different level groups. The format for the following section is: Stage name (comments) [rating out of 10, 10 being the best]

Levels 1-5

Opening Street (Only stage you can do at the beginning) [5/10]

Grassland 1 (Start about level 3-4) [6/10]

Levels 6-10

Grassland 1 Boss (Good exp up until around level 8) [8/10]

Grassland 2 (Gives good exp at this level) [4/10]

Hill Country 1 Big Smileys (Around level 7-8) [8/10]

Grassland 3 (Around level 9) [?/10]

Grassland 4 (Don't fight boss unless you're good enough) [6/10]

Levels 11-15

Grasslands 5-7 [5/10]

Hill Country 1 Big Smileys [6/10]

Hill Country 3 [?/10]

Castle Gate (Start around when Hill Country gets lousy) [7/10]

Lake [?/10]

Levels 16-20

Forest 1-2 [?/10]

Cavern 1-3 [?/10]

Castle Gate [5/10]

Levels 21-25

Seaside 1-4 [6/10]

Levels 26-30

Submarine 1-3 [7/10]

Levels 31-35

??? (Quite good EXP especially with Iron Medals) [9/10]

Mist Grove 2 (Alternative to ???) [8/10]

Desert 1 (Alternative to ???) [6/10]

Submarine 4 [8/10]

Levels 36-40

??? (Very very very good exp) [10/10]

Mist Grove 2 [7/10]

Desert 1-2 [8/10]

Submarine 4 [7/10]

Levels 41-45

Desert 1-5 [8/10]

Desert 7 [7/10]

Levels 46-50

Desert 5 Boss (Good money and exp) [8/10]

Oasis [?/10]

Desert 8 spawn guys (if you have high DPS) [7/10]

Levels 51-55

Desert 5 Boss (Good money and exp) and Oasis and Desert 6 (with Iron Medals) [7/10]

Beach 1-3 [8/10]

Cavern 4 (May be hard to attack monsters) [7/10]

Levels 56-60

Desert 6 Boss (good EXP with Iron Medals but watch out for the strong Poison attack) [5/10]

Beach 1-3 [6/10]

Cavern 4/5/6 (May be hard to attack monsters) [8/10]

Snowfield 1/2 [8/10]

Snowfield 4 (when you are close to Level 60) [8/10]

Levels 61-65

Snowfield 3 [6/10]

Snowfield 4/5 [8/10]

Mountain 2 (If you can handle the enemies well) [8/10]

Levels 66-70

Snowfield 6 (Very good exp) [9/10]

Snowfield 7/8/9 [7/10]

Beach 4 [6/10]

Frozen Lake (Low total exp, only if you can't reach all of the above) [3/10]

Levels 71-75

Forest 4 (If you let the Bouncers spawn, and with high DPS), Forest 5 (If you can handle the enemies well) [8/10]

Forest 6 [9/10]

Hell 1 (Around Level 74, you can get 190k exp beating only the white ones) [11/10]

Levels 76-80

!!! (Preferably with Iron Medal) [8/10]

Hell 1 (Still amazingly high exp) [9/10]

Hell 2 (Around Level 75, you can get 240k exp beating only the white ones) [12/10]

Levels 81-85

Hell 2 [5/10]

Inferno 1/2/3 (With Freeze Explosion) [10/10]

Levels 85-88

Inferno 1/2/3 (Only choice) [7/10]

(There are new levels lets update here)

Level 98

Hell Castle (Hell Gate gives trivial exp) [5/10]

Tips on each stage

This section provides tips and advice from various authors on every stage currently in Stick Ranger. In addition to the information about the stages and how to beat the enemies and bosses in them, the difficulty of the stage and boss(es) are also rated on a scale from 1-10.

Main article: The Ultimate Stick Ranger Guide/Tips on each stage

Easy Ways to Get Cash

If you can't go through a stage without reviving, you're most likely not ready for it.

The format for the following section is: Stage name (comments) [rating out of 10]

Levels 1-5

Opening Street (Do this until Grassland 1) [4/10]

Grassland 1 (Start around level 4-5 'ish) [7/10]

Levels 6-10

Grassland 1 (You can keep doing this if you want) [4/10]

Grassland 2 (Better than Grassland 1) [6/10]

Grassland 5 (Best friend for these levels) [8/10]

Levels 11-15

Grassland 5 (Do this until Castle Gate) [6/10]

Castle Gate (Great drops and pretty easy stage) [9/10]

Grassland 4 Boss (Challenging but godly money) [9/10]

Lake (Alternative to Castle Gate) [7/10]

Levels 16-20

Castle Gate (Still great money) [9/10]

Grassland 4 Boss (You probably are ready for this now) [9/10]

Lake (Alternative to Castle Gate) [7/10]

Seaside 1 and 2 (Good training) [8/10]

Levels 21-25

Castle Gate (Still good money) [8/10]

Grassland 4 Boss (Still good money) [8/10]

Seaside 1 and 2 (Good training) [7/10]

Seaside 4 (Once you are ready, this will be good money until about level 35-40; good training too) [10/10]

Levels 26-30

Castle Gate and Grassland 4 Boss (Do this if you still aren't ready for Seaside 4) [5/10]

Seaside 4 (Keep doing this) [10/10]

Submarine 4 (Another good money stage) [9/10]

Mist Grove 3 (Another good money stage) [9/10]

Submarine 2 Boss (Very good money once you are ready) [9/10]

Levels 31-35

Seaside 4/Submarine 4/Mist Grove 3 (Still pretty good money) [8/10]

Submarine 2 Boss (Very good money) [9/10]

??? (Amazing money for this level) [11/10]

Mist Grove 2 Boss (Turn auto-walk off for this one) [8/10]

Levels 36-40

Seaside 4/Submarine 4/Mist Grove 3 (Dying down now) [7/10]

Submarine 2 Boss (Still good money) [9/10]

??? (Godly money for regeneration parties; good training) [11/10]

Desert 1 (Godly money but hard for this level) [10/10]

Mist Grove 2 (Still good money) [7/10]

Desert 2 (Alternative to Submarine 2 Boss) [9/10]

Oasis (Pretty hard due to the freezing enemies) [7/10]

Levels 41-45

Submarine 2 Boss (Do this until your ready for Desert 1) [7/10]

Desert 2 (Alternative to Submarine 2 Boss) [8/10]

??? (Still amazing money; good training) [10/10]

Desert 1 (Good money and training) [9/10]

Desert 5 Spiders (If you're bored) [7/10]

Oasis (Still might be hard) [7/10]

Levels 46-50

??? (still ridiculously good) [10/10]

Desert 1 (Still good money) [9/10]

Desert 2 (Alternative to Desert 1) [7/10]

Desert 5 Spiders (Again, if your bored) [5/10]

Desert 5 Boss (Good money and good training but hard) [8/10]

Beach 1/2/3 [7/10]

Oasis (Still might be hard) [6/10]

Cavern 4/5 (Can be hard) [9/10]

Levels 51-55

??? [10/10]

Desert 1 [8/10]

Desert 2 (Alternative to Desert 1) [6/10]

Desert 5 Boss [7/10]

Beach 1/2/3 [7/10]

Cavern 4/5/6 (Can be hard) [9/10]

Levels 56-60

??? [8/10]

Desert 1 [7/10]

Desert 5 Boss [5/10]

Beach 1/2/3 (Good training if you still haven't beaten Pyramid) [5/10]

Cavern 4/5/6 (Insane Gold; Basically the lvl 50-60 version of Seaside 4; Heaps of enemies; Also good training) [10/10]

Snowfield 2 Boss (Decent gold and Good exp if you're getting into the 60's) [9/10]

Levels 61-65

??? [7/10]

Cavern 4/5/6 [10/10]

Snowfield 2 Boss [9/10]

Snowfield 6 Boss (incredible money) [11/10]

Levels 66-70

??? (there are better stages at this point of the game) [6/10]

Cavern 4/5/6 [8/10]

Snowfield 2 Boss [7/10]

Snowfield 6 Boss (Snowfield 7 boss also gives good money but is harder) [10/10]

Levels 71+

Cavern 4/5/6 [7/10]

Snowfield 2 Boss [6/10]

Snowfield 6 Boss [8/10]

Forest 4 Boss with Gold rush [10/10]

Blood Lake (If you have a strong crew that can burn through the stages with the gold medal 7) [9/10]

(I've done some testing with two lvl 7 gold medals equipped on my lvl 76 crew with 2 priests and 2 magicians, and I managed to get 1 Million gold in under 8 minutes. This is one of the best way to get lots of gold in the end-game)

Level 99+

Blood Lake (Best reliable Gold) [9/10]

Volcano (If you can get to the last level, each enemy gives 9999 Gold [10+/10]

Inferno 2, stages 1,2 and 3 [12/10]

(Once more I've done some testing and managed to break my previous record using the same setup, using 2 priests and 2 mages now being lvl 99, and got 1 million gold in 3:23)

VS Mode

What is VS Mode?

VS Mode is where players can battle other players' parties. Each party gets a rank according to their FP. For a battle to count, a party can only battle other parties of the same rank. A party can battle parties of different rank, but the score will not be counted.

How to lower your rank

To lower your rank and vs worse parties, you can do the following:

  • Use a lower level weapon
  • Use lower level compo items
  • Get rid of compo items
  • Prevent getting too much exp

Sample parties for VS Mode

Priest, Priest, Priest, Gunner

Having 3 attack priests and one gunner with all strength and cannon can make huge damage and a huge difference in VS mode. Not as effective on rank 6 and 7 because Poison Snipers will annihilate you before you have the chance to land a hit.

Priest, Priest, Priest, Poison Sniper

Have 3 attack priests and one poison sniper with huge range. Best party I have seen.

Poison Sniper, Ranged Mage, Priest, Tank Gladiator

Using this build will distract your opponents while your poison sniper deals heavy damage to them. Suggested on the Dan-Ball forums.

Challenge Team Guide

It's a good challenge to try to beat the game with these teams yourself, but if you're stuck, come here! Beware, they might take a long time to train and beat bosses.

4 Priests

This team may be terrible at the very beginning, but during late game it actually shines a little bit. The best build for this team is 3 STR priests and 1 MAG priest. Get staves that deal a lot of damage, such as Lightning Staff and Long Iron Staff. Then later on, you might be able to get a Poison staff. You will need to level a lot more than usual to beat a stage. This challenge team is all about patience. I've even heard of people stuck on Grassland 1 at level 11!

4 Melees

This is just basically a normal team except for against flying bosses. On flying bosses, you will first need to be able to do a lot of damage. Next, you must take one of your characters and hover it right above the boss. Flying enemies are generally shy, so bosses will fly away from that character, which is downwards. Then you are able to attack the boss before it might fly away again. Eels may have to be lured this way too. Of course, the character that you use to lure the boss to the ground will get severely hurt sometimes.

No SP Used

Of course this is incredibly hard, and I have only seen one person do this. Playing in this mode requires you to beat the game (and reach max LV) without using any SP. Strategies and the use of compo items will become very important.

Stick Ranger General FAQ

Team Building Questions

What's the best team?

There is no best team. You must choose the team you like the most and have the most fun. You can look at the sample teams section to see suggested teams, but like I said, there is no one best team.

How can I improve my team?

You can check out the "How to build a better team" section.

Why won't the cards from this boss drop?! The Dan-Ball Wiki is wrong!

Most of the time, the chance that a card drops is very rare. Sometimes a 5% drop rate card you can get in 3 tries, while other times it can take up to 50 tries. The two key words are: Be Patient.

Gold-Making Questions

What does ??? with Gold Rush's Card mean?

It means to play the level ??? with a low AGI (fast) weapon and Gold Rush's card. Since that level has a ton of enemies, the player will get a lot of gold with the combination of a fast-attacking weapon and the Gold Rush's card.

Can I do ??? without Gold Rush's Card?

Yes, if you don't need money. The level ??? is not recommended to play because it is not good money. Gold Rush's Card is however rare, so you might want to check the other options too.

Do I have to follow the exact levels you tell me?

No, as long as you don't die too much on a stage.

What is a regeneration party?

You have at least one Boxer, Gladiator, or Whipper with Vampire's card.

If Seaside 4's drops are so low, why do you consider it good?

If you do that stage, you'll see how high the enemy count is. Same thing with ???.

You say Desert 1 is good money, but I keep losing money when I do that stage!

If you're losing money, you're probably reviving and so the stage is not good for you. Try something a bit lower leveled and easier until you're able to tackle Desert 1.

Leveling Questions

Leveling up is so repetitive and boring, what can I do?

Leveling up in Stick Ranger is very boring, I have to admit. Instead of repeatedly doing one stage, try different stages to level up. You can also try to hunt for drops from a stage.

How come at level 10 the Seaside series doesn't give any exp?

Stick Ranger has a different experience system than most games. It is a sort of bell curve system. The closer the level of the characters are to the level of the enemy, the more experience points they will receive. If the characters are 10 levels below or above the enemy, the enemy will give the least amount of experience points possible.

Stage-Related Questions

How do I beat ________?

Check out the "Tips on each stage" subpage and the "What to do if you're stuck" section.

Even with the "What to do if you're stuck" section, I still can't beat ______.

Did you try to get the best possible weapon and compo combinations with your team? Did you try to beat side stages to unlock more weapons? Did you try different strategies and tactics to beat the boss? If everything else fails, it might be time to level up.

Town/Village/Resort Questions

Is the Book worth it?

The Book contains the same information as the Dan-Ball Wiki does, so it wouldn't be worth getting it. However, if you completed the game already, you can challenge yourself to collect all the pages in the Book.

Is unlocking the Village worth it?

In most cases, it isn't worth it since players can access almost all the LV 1 compos or for some of them, the LV 2 version by the time they can unlock the village. However, if the enemy which drops the compo item is too difficult for the team to kill, then It might be worth the time. You might want to look for Cards and Spirits if you really want it, but it's not as effective, especially when building builds.

Getting to the Village requires you to go through the Caverns, which in turn are pretty good training stages before the Castle. If you do unlock it, you don't really have to buy anything here.

Is unlocking the Resort worth it?

Although the Resort has a junk shop, some of the weapons located there aren't very useful. Similar to the Village, you can unlock the Resort if you have some free time or you are bored of training. It's best to add compo items to them too!

Why do some of the junk shop weapons cost $8500 and some cost $85000?

The cheaper weapons are similar to regular shop weapons in that they only allow one compo slot. The more expensive weapons allow two compo slots. The more expensive weapons are more suitable for creating builds as they have extra compo item support.


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