experience gain from enemy
player level EXP
Tan Big Box Snake
41- 1
42 55
43 110
44 165
45 220
46 275
47 330
48 385
49 440
50 495
51 550
52 450
53 495
54 385
55 330
56 275
57 220
58 165
59 110
60 55
61+ 1
Tan Big Box Snake Tan Big Box Snake
Location: Beach 3
LP: 2000
AT: none
Minimum AGI: --
Expected AGI: --
Range: --
Strength: Physical (AT -100)
Thunder (AT =1)
Fire (AT =1)
Ice (AT =1, Slow immune)
Poison (Immune)
Freeze (Time -100%)
Weakness: none
LV: 51
EXP: 550
Gold ($): 2000
Drops: Freeze Charm 4 (5%)
Species: Snake
Head: Box
Attack: --
Head colour: #EFBA7B
Body colour: #CE8231
Movement: jumping


These giants will surprise unsuspecting players, but they merely wander around the field. Getting close to them has no ill effect, except for the fact that it takes an insane amount of time to kill them, as they can be very annoying when another enemy that can attack is present, as said enemy will "hide" inside this enemy's size to act like a shield. It is recommended to try and kill the boss first at the boss stage, because when the boss is killed, the snakes themselves represent no threat at all, and is just a time-consumer. Like the Yellow Fish in the Cavern series (Skull, Smiley and Fairy), it is immune to almost all types of damage, excluding Freeze, where only the time is nullified. This enemy is merely used as a distraction or a barrier against the characters mainly because of its huge size, and its ability to take all the damage and let the other enemies attack characters. It is best to ignore these enemies and drag the characters away from them unless they want some more experience. Weapons that can do splash damage or can pierce (such as Fire type weapons and the Magician's Big Icicle 4) are effective against enemies under its protection. Characters using very high damaging Physical weapons can take them out easily, such as a Gunner's Cannon, preferably with a Critical's Card 4. Rapid attacking weapons, such as a Boxer's Needle Knuckle 4 or Sonic Knuckle 4, or a Gladiator's Lightsaber 4 or Flame Sabel 4, are also recommended. Since no enemies are resistant to Freeze damage, a Boxer with a Freeze Knuckle 4 and some STR Priests can quickly kill it, although it will not be frozen.


  • This is the first enemy to be 9x the normal size, a trend that would continue later with the White Big Vampire Snake and White Boss Castle Snake from Snowfield 7.
  • The picture of this enemy in the Book is smaller than the actual size of it (actually, the picture in the Book is shown in a 4x the normal enemy). This is intentional so that a larger portion of this enemy can be shown.
  • This is the first enemy to not attack at all.
  • Due to this enemy's monstrous size, its movement looks incredibly choppy.
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