Swords are weapons only used by Gladiators. Every 2 levels of weapon has the same uncolored sprite, and are named "Swords", "Sabel", "Blade", and "GreatSword"/"GS" respectively (except for the Lightsaber lineup sharing the same name). Swords have 5 types: Physical, Fire, Thunder, Ice, and Freeze.

List of swords

Icon Weapon LV AT AGI Range Type MP Bonus AT BPC Dropped by Buy Sell
Sword Sword 1-5 20-30 30 Physical 100 12
Note: Surprisingly, this is not the weakest sword in the game.
Iron Sword Iron Sword 1 5-10 20-30 30 Physical Cyan Smiley Walker
250 31
Fire Sword Fire Sword 1 10-15 20-30 30 Fire 10 1-3 (Burn 2%) 1x10 Red Skull Snake (GL1)
500 62
Note: With the special attack, 10 fire drop from the tip of the sword to the ground one by one. Each fire lasts for 1s. This sword also has a stronger Physical AT than the first two swords.
Thunder Sword Thunder Sword 1 10-15 20-30 30 Thunder 10 1-7 1x10 Orange Skull Bat (GL2)
Grey Boss Skull Bat
750 93
Note: When the special attack is used, 10 lightning bolts drop to the ground from the sword one by one. In a way, one would prefer the Fire Sword for fighting ground enemies, because the damage done by the Fire Sword's magic attack can be much higher then this one's magic attack, since the fire is left on the ground and can continuously damage enemies. If anything, this weapon would be better used against either swimming enemies or flying enemies.
Ice Sword Ice Sword 1 10-15 20-30 30 Ice 12 3-5, Slow 20% 1x10 Pink Skull Snake
1000 125
Note: When the special attack is used, 10 snowflakes are produced one by one which slow down enemies.
Long Sword Long Sword 2 10-20 20-30 35 Physical Green Smiley Wheel
1500 187
Thunder Sword Lightsaber 2 10-15 20-30 30 Thunder 70 1-7 1x70 Orange Smiley Wheel
2000 250
Note: Special attack powers the Lightsaber up, rapidly damaging enemies that come in contact with the sword. A total of 70 thunderbolts are produced in each magical activation. If the effect is triggered again when it's already happening, it will not stack. Instead, it will just reset the remaining time of the effect. The same goes for all magical swords with one exception; the effect time just resets if re-triggered.
Fire Sword Flame Sword 2 10-15 20-30 30 Fire 70 1-3 (Burn 5%) 1x70 Red Skull Snake (F1)
2500 312

Note: The special attack emits a total of 70 flames over a few seconds, with each lasting for 0.4s. The flames damage enemies, deals splash damage, and move in the direction the sword is currently pointing. A Garnet allows the flames to travel even further.

Frozen Sword Frozen Sword 2 10-15 20-30 30 Ice 70 20-30, Slow 20% 1x3 Blue Skull Bat (CV2)
3000 375

Note: The special attack emits three attacks that are able to slow and deals splash damage. Despite its name, the sword is Ice type instead of Freeze.

Sabel Sabel 3 20-40 20-30 30 Physical Red Roundhead Snake
4000 500
Fire Sabel Fire Sabel 3 12-18 20-30 30 Fire 20 5-6 (Burn 2.5%) 1x10 Pink Gel Tree (S3)
4500 562
Note: Similar to the Fire Sword, it produces 10 flames one by one. While having a higher AT, the flames emitted float in the middle of the arc of the Gladiator's swing, rather than falling towards the ground. The fire has piercing capabilities and lasts for 1s.
Thunder Sabel Thunder Sabel 3 12-18 20-30 30 Thunder 20 1-29 1x10 Tan Boss Roundhead Eel
5000 625
Note: Similar to the Thunder Sword, it produces 10 thunderbolts one by one. However, the thunderbolts fly in the direction of the sword instead of falling to the ground.
Ice Sabel Ice Sabel 3 12-18 20-30 30 Ice 25 10-20, Slow 20% 1x10 Yellow Roundhead Dragon
5500 687
Note: The special attack releases 10 one-arrows (like Frozen Sword, but smaller) that slow the enemy.
Long Sabel Long Sabel 4 20-50 20-30 40 Physical Grey Big Mask Fish
6000 750
Lightsaber 4 Lightsaber 4 15-20 20-30 30 Thunder 100 1-14 1x100 Grey Box Walker
6500 812
Note: Works similar to Lightsaber 2, but a total of 100 lasers are produced. It is suggested to equip a Topaz to further increase the AT of the magical effect. Unlike most other Thunder weapons, its colour is green instead of yellow. It is probably best to use only 50 MAG, a Topaz of level 3 or higher, and a defensive compo such as a Black Crystal so that the Gladiator has an easier time surviving to continue using the special attack for a longer period of time.
Fire Sabel Flame Sabel 4 15-20 20-30 30 Fire 100 2-6 (Burn 5%) 1x100 Orange Diamond Spider
7000 875
Note: The special attack emits a total of 100 flames over a few seconds, with each flame lasting for 0.4s (20 frames) and the splashing capabilities remain. Unlike the Flame Sword, the flames travel faster, further, and can home as if there was an added Guide's Card. The Ruby makes the flames stronger and more deadly, and the Garnet will allow the flames to travel even further than usual, which may result in flames clumping into a "fireball". Adding a Ruby 5 boosts the Magical AT to 10-16 (times 300 for if every flame hits three times = 3000-4800), and adding a Garnet 5 will boost the time of the flames to 1.8s (90 frames), making this a very deadly weapon.
Frozen sabel 4 Frozen Sabel 4 15-20 20-30 30 Freeze 100 20-30 (0.1s) 1x10 White Box Eel
7500 937
Note: The special attack emits 10 freezing arrows with homing capabilities. It is advised to use a Diamond to keep the enemy frozen for longer periods. It is also advised to use a Quick's Card to emit the attack more often. Unlike the Frozen Sword, this is also the first Freeze type sword.
Blade Blade 5 50-80 20-30 30 Physical Blue Diamond Bat
8000 1000
Wooden Sword Wooden Sword 5 1-1 20-30 50 Physical (Resort) 8500/
Note: Has the highest range among all swords along with the Long Greatsword 8. However, it has the lowest physical AT in the entire game (along with Chakram 5), even weaker than the starting weapons. It is strongly advised to equip a compo item that increases AT, such as a Red Stone 5. A Yellow Crystal 5 is also useful if the Gladiator has a decent amount of STR and DEX. Adding a Long Sword's Card or Katana's Card is also recommended as it can increase the range a lot, especially a LV4 or higher one as it will extend the range to over 60, which is even higher than most guns. But to do so, the player must have invested a lot of SP into STR, or else the Long Sword's Card will be useless. Later in the game this sword will become completely useless as the Long GreatSword 8 has exactly the same range and way more AT.
Fire Blade Fire Blade 5 20-20 20-30 30 Fire 30 3-4 (Burn 3%) 1x10 Red Shield Bat
8500 1062
Note: Emits 10 thin fire needles in a similar way to the Fire Sabel. Each needle lasts for 4s.
Thunder Blade Thunder Blade 5 20-20 20-30 30 Thunder 30 1-29 30x1 White Boss X Walker (SF1)
9000 1125
Note: Emits 30 thunderbolts which stays briefly. This is the first Sword which accepts Bullet's Card. Adding a Topaz 5 brings the AT to 1-59, times 30 (without Bullet's Card) = 30-1770, times 67 (with Bullet's Card 6) = 67-3953. It only requires 30 MP, leaving plenty of SP for adding to LP to make a fairly damaging tank.
Ice Blade 5 Ice Blade 5 20-20 20-30 30 Ice 35 15-35, Slow 20% 1x10 Purple Gel Tree
9500 1187
Note: Emits 10 one-arrows which homes into enemies and pierces terrain. This sword does not accept the Bullet's Card.
Long Blade Long Blade 6 50-100 20-30 45 Physical Pink Roundhead Dragon
10000 1250
Note: Has the third highest AT among all swords. Adding a Vampire's Card 4, together with high STR with a Yellow Crystal 6, Critical's Card 5, or a Berserk Card 5 will result in very high LP recovery. A Gold rush Card on this sword will result in very high gold amounts when attacking a group of enemies at once.
Lightsaber 6 Lightsaber 6 20-25 20-30 30 Thunder 120 1-45 1x120 Yellow Shield Snake
11000 1375
Note: Works similar to the previous Lightsabers, but a total of 120 needles are produced. The Thunder damage is increased by more than twice compared with the LV4 variant. Unlike most other Thunder weapons, its colour is blue instead of yellow. A Topaz 5 will bring the AT to 1-75, times 120 = 120-9000. For reasons stated in the note for Lightsaber 2, 40 MAG, Topaz 5, and a Black Crystal 5 is a probable consideration for this weapon. The average DPS for this build should be about 1945 if every single needle hits (unlikely unless the Gladiator is standing on top of it's target).
Fire Blade Flame Blade 6 20-25 20-30 30 Fire 120 6-9 (Burn 5%) 1x120 Red Coconut Spider
12000 1500
Note: The special attack emits a total of 120 flames over a few seconds, with each flame lasting for 1.2s and deals splash damage. While the flame lasts longer and deals higher damage, the flames move upward and not as fast as those from the Flame Sabel. They also lack the homing capabilities of the Flame Sabel.
Frozen Blade Frozen Blade 6 20-25 20-30 30 Freeze 120 40-60 (0.1s) 1x3 Grey Big Box Snake
13000 1625
Note: The special attack throws out 3 one-arrows like the Frozen Sword. The arrows deals splash damage and freeze any enemy caught in the arrow.
GreatSword GreatSword 7 150-250 20-30 30 Physical Cyan Big Triangle Cactus
15000 1875
Note: Has the highest AT among all swords, and in fact all melee weapons. Essentially a much stronger version of the Blade 5. A Vampire's Card on this weapon will boast extremely high LP recovery.
Fire GreatSword Fire GreatSword 7 30-30 20-30 30 Fire 40 6-8 (Burn 3.5%) 1x15 Grey Big Box Stickman (Spear)
16000 2000
Note: Abbreviated as Fire GS in game. Essentially a much stronger version of the Fire Sword 1. Produces 15 blazes instead of 10 fire, and each one lasts for 4s. Before ver16.0, this weapon was bought for $15000 and sold for $1875.
Thunder GreatSword Thunder GreatSword 7 30-30 20-30 30 Thunder 40 1-29 9x10 Tan Triangle Tree
17000 2125
Note: Abbreviated as Thunder GS in game. Releases 90 thunder attacks in 10 sets of 9. The thunders are released like the Lightsabers set by set and each set of thunder acts like those from the Thunder Blade 5. A Bullet's Card 6/7 increases the bullet count of all sets of thunder to 20/22 for a total of 200/220 thunders. Deals huge damage with 40 MAG, a Bullet's Card 7, and a Topaz 7, with DPS averaging to 8690 assuming all thunder hit.
Ice GreatSword Ice GreatSword 7 30-30 20-30 30 Ice 45 25-55, Slow 25% 1x10 Cyan Gel Tree
18000 2250
Note: Abbreviated as Ice GS in game. Upon magical activation releases 10 blazes one by one that deals splash damage and slows enemies.
Long GreatSword Long GreatSword 8 100-200 20-30 50 Physical Yellow Cap Tree
19000 2375
Note: Abbreviated as Long GS in game. Essentially a much stronger version of the Wooden Sword 5 and with twice the AT of the Long Blade 6. However it has lower AT than the GreatSword 7, which can easily be fixed by investing 50 SP into STR and DEX. A Long Sword's Card 7 with a Katana's Card will increase its range to 85, longer than the starting range of some Orbs, and reaching close to triple the range of the typical sword. With its much improved AT, this can be very effective in taking down large mobs of enemies, way larger than the regular GreatSword as well as easily taking down flying enemies and enemies that hang on the ceiling, especially with high STR or high STR/DEX combination.
Lightsaber 8 Lightsaber 8 30-35 20-30 30 Thunder 130 1-150 1x130 Yellow Big Box Wheel
20000 2500
Note: Works similar to the previous Lightsabers, producing a total of 130 lasers. Unlike most other thunder weapons, its colour is red instead of yellow.
Flame GreatSword Flame GreatSword 8 30-35 20-30 30 Fire 130 9-12 (Burn 5%) 1x130 Grey Big Mask Eel
21000 2625
Note: Abbreviated as Flame GS in game. The special attack emits a total of 130 blazes one by one, with each flame lasting for 2.4s, pierces terrain and deals splash damage. Unlike the Flame Blade 6, the blazes regain the homing capabilities of the flames from the Flame Sabel 4.
Frozen GreatSword Frozen GreatSword 8 30-35 20-30 30 Freeze 130 40-60 (0.1s) 1x9 White Skull Stickman (HG)
22000 2750
Note: Abbreviated as "Frozen GS" in game. Works like the Frozen Blade, but releases 9 freezing one-arrows that does splash damage instead of 3.
Comparison Flame Sword with Garnet 2

Left: Flame Sword without compo items. Right: Flame Sword with Garnet 2.


  • Before ver1.5 BETA, Swords looked like this: Sword (old)

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