Yes, but not with thunder or fire.
Reacts only to burn.
Special properties
Very bouncy.
None: All superballs fall at the same rate. However, they can bounce off of each other, simulating vertical spread.

Superball is an element in Powder Game. Its main feature is that it bounces. Additionally, as an interesting fact, superball is the only element whose text on the menu contains lowercase letters; all other ones have only uppercase letters. As of update 7.7, it is now called S-BALL.



Player with the superball attribute

  • Superballs burn on contact with laser, torch and magma. Fire will not cause it to burn.
  • Superballs moving with sufficient velocity can ignite nitro (for example: when dragged, fired out of fireworks, or shot from players).
  • Superball is the fifth heaviest element, weighing as much as fireworks.
  • Superball is the only element that can bounce.
  • Superballs will bounce off of different elements with different speeds. For example, superball that bounces off of stone bounces much higher than bouncing off of powder.
  • Superballs fall mostly with a speed of 125 pixels per second, which means that a superball can get from the top to the bottom of the screen in just 2.4 seconds!
  • Superball is one of the the only elements that accelerate (ie.- will increase in downward velocity from a slower, non-negative downward velocity, similar to stone. For example, the element powder will move downwards at a constant speed unless acted upon by an outside force.)
  • Superball is destroyed by acid in 1:10 ratio.
  • If a player shoots a line of superballs, and the first ball is cleared, then the last two balls in the line will fly in another direction.

Superball animations

Because all superball dots have same falling speed, superball pen-s 0 lines can be used to create two types of simple animations:


  • Though as yet unconfirmed, the superball element may be based on or inspired by the Superball ability in Super Mario Land, which allows Mario to throw a ball that bounces around. To further compound this theory, the trajectory of the Superball in that game is fired at a downwards angle, and it will bounce off the ground where it proceeds to fly diagonally up, almost exactly like in Powder Game/2. However, unlike in Powder Game, the Superballs in Super Mario Land are not affected by gravity, and the Superballs in Powder Game cannot be used as direct weapons.