~1.5 px/frame.
Melts into magma if it touches magma. It turns into Powder if moved fast enough or if enough pressure from air is applied.
Special properties

Stone is a Powder Game element that has limited reactions. It is a powder.



Pen-s 9 drag

  • It falls just slower than superball, and somewhat faster than bomb
  • Turns to Powder with strong wind, an explosion, being dragged, touched by bomb or otherwise moved quickly enough (Erosion).
  • High pressure does not affect stone, unless it is used to create a strong wind.
  • Can be "Crushed" into powder if filtered through a block of fan.
  • Stone melts into magma on contact with magma, and sends the magma to the top.
  • Unlike other powders, stone acts as a wall that won't fall down on contact with liquids. In other words, it does not liquify.
  • Stone can also be created by Magma touching water.
  • Stone can be used to block laser.
  • Stone is very sensitive to wind, even with a second long, pen size 0 wind blow, a stone wall would shake.
  • Stone results from the shrapnel of a bomb explosion next to glass.
  • Stone is also created when glass cracks. This happens when glass is dragged, when Nitro, C-4 or gunpowder explode nearby or when a thunder impacts somewhere nearby the glass. All connected parts of the glass are affected by this.
  • Fast moving ice ball will turn into snow on contact with metal, stone, bomb or block.
  • Stone has a colour similar to block.
  • Gas and Cloud move through stone without distruction.