Stick Ranger 2 is the 27th game created on Dan-Ball, released on 2 November 2018. It is a sequel to the game Stick Ranger, featuring new mechanics and character progression systems.


Like in the original Stick Ranger, characters can be dragged and attacking is fully automatic as long as enemies are within the character's range. A new system was also implemented such that terrain and certain passable objects including bridges and half-walls can block range detection, preventing characters and monsters to detect and fire at opposing entities even if they are within range. This allows areas to be further divided into various sub-areas, each containing different groups of monsters and gimmicks.

Characters can travel to different areas by touching the open borders at the left/right, but unlike in the original, there are no signs to indicate the open borders. In some cases, the player can travel to a different area by touching open borders at the top or bottom sides of the area as well.


Unlike the original version, there are no classes in Stick Ranger 2. All characters can equip and use any weapons as desired, with the only exception being that the same weapon cannot be used simultaneously by multiple characters. Each character starts with 50 LP and gains EXP and LV in a similar way as the original version, with 2 SP per LV up. The only difference is that characters cannot gain EXP in an area when they are 10 levels higher than all of the monsters in that area, instead of the "10 levels above the accessible monsters with the highest LV" cap in the original game.

In Stick Ranger 2, characters do not die at 0 LP as long as an ally has more than 0 LP; all of them can still move and attack as usual. However, any damage taken by characters with 0 LP and any excess damage from a "lethal" hit will be dealt to all other characters with LP. When all characters' LP reaches 0, they will all die together resulting in a Game Over. After a Game Over, all characters will respawn in the Village with 1 LP. In addition, the player loses gold by an amount of:

$ floor(Current Gold \div 10 \div Character Count)\times Character Count $

Combo Bonus

In Stick Ranger 2, a combo system was implemented to reward players for killing monsters in quick succession. Every monsters killed gets added into a combo and rewards players with increasing amount of gold when the combo breaks. A bar called CB displays the current combo as well as the time remaining before the combo ends. With a high enough combo a multiplier is added in, further increasing the combo bonus. The combo bonus is given on a per-character basis, and the total sum is added to the gold amount directly. The combo bonus given per character is:

$ floor((Attained Combo \times Combo Multiplier + Character Count - 1) \div Character Count) $

With multiple stickmen, simply multiply the result by the number of characters for the total combo bonus.

  • Combo Bonus is only rewarded with at least a Combo of 4.
  • Combos can be carried over when characters travel through areas or even when using the "Return to Village" option.
  • The combo ends if characters fail to land an attack for 3 seconds. Any attack hitting a monster will reset the time remaining.


The status tab shows properties of characters, and also acts as the SP investment panel.

In Stick Ranger 2, SP can be invested into the following 7 skills:

  • Max LP +10% (Calculated after LP increments from equipped items)
  • Short Attack +5% (Increases AT from all weapons with Short range type (SML))
  • Middle Attack +5% (Increases AT from all weapons with Middle range type (SML))
  • Long Attack +5% (Increases AT from all weapons with Long range type (SML))
  • Physical +5% (Increases AT from all weapons with Physical attack type (ATR))
  • Elemental +5% (Increases AT from all weapons with non-Physical attack type (ATR))
  • Dodge +2% (Increases chance for an enemy attack to deal 0 damage, not upgradable after 25 SP invested into Dodge for a maximum 50% dodge chance)


Items in Stick Ranger 2 are currently divided into 3 categories: Arms, Charge, and Head. Each of the 3 types of items can be equipped by characters which provide different ways to assist them in fighting monsters, such as providing means of attacking monsters or providing increasing a character's stats. Note that items in Stick Ranger 2 can only be dropped from enemies once; once the item is obtained it will no longer drop from enemies holding the item.

Since ver4.3 some items can be upgraded at the Smith in the Village. Each item has its own maximum LV and stat adjustments from upgrading, and upgrade costs scale with the item's current LV.

Stick Ranger 2 items
Arms (SR2) nav
· Charge (SR2) nav
· Head (SR2) nav


In non-peaceful areas, monsters will attack characters and attempt to kill them. Characters can kill monsters for gold, weapons and EXP, following a similar system from the original Stick Ranger.

Since ver3.0 a monster dictionary was added, which is similar to the Book in the original Stick Ranger. Players can obtain a monster's information in 2 parts, the basic stats (LV, LP, Gold and EXP) and the item drops. Each part of information cost 10 Gold for non-Big monsters and 20 Gold for Big monsters.

Stick Ranger 2 Monsters
Cave 1 Green Gel Cyan Gel Red Gel White Skull Bat (SR2) Green Big Gel
Cave 2 Green Big Box Snake Yellow Gel Orange Smiley Tree (SR2) Green Box Snake Yellow Big Gel
Red Droplet Red Big Droplet
Cave 3 Green Droplet Cyan Droplet Blue Roundhead Tree (SR2) Pink Roundhead Tree Black Gel
White Big Skull Bat
Cave 4 Cyan Big Gel Pink Droplet Tree Yellow Droplet Cyan Roundhead Fish Cyan Big Roundhead Fish
Terraced Cave Green Skull Snake (SR2) Yellow Big Droplet Blue Box Tree Yellow Box Tree White Big Skull Tree
White Skull Stickman (SR2)
Sky Garden White Roundhead Bat (SR2) Blue Roundhead Dragon Orange Roundhead Dragon Pink Roundhead Bat Orange Diamond Tree
Sky Garden 2 Grey Big Gel

The following formula can be used to calculate how much EXP can be obtained from a monster, as long as player LV is less than the maximum LV of monsters in a particular area plus 10:

$ \max(floor(BaseEXP\times(10-|PlayerLV-EnemyLV|)\div10),1) $

If player LV is not less than the maximum LV of monsters in a particular area plus 10, they will no longer gain EXP.


In Stick Ranger 2, Onigiri no longer spawns as a common enemy drop. Instead it is an item dropped only by specific monsters. Each Onigiri gives 1 maximum use which replenishes all lost LP for all characters. Onigiri can be refilled at the Inn for a price of 10 gold per Onigiri.


There are currently 9 Areas in Stick Ranger 2. Below is a list of all areas as well as a thumbnail map of all areas.

Stick Ranger 2 Area Navigation
World Map
Village (Stick Ranger 2)Cave 1Cave 2Cave 3Cave 4Central CavityTerraced CaveSky GardenSky Garden 2SR2 Area Map
List of Areas:
Village Cave 1 Cave 2 Cave 3 Cave 4 Central Cavity
Terraced Cave Sky Garden Sky Garden 2

Gold Marks

Gold marks can be found in non-peaceful areas at various locations. If the player clicks on these marks, they will cause gold to drop. Since ver4.4 this gold has a 0.5% chance to be worth 100 gold and a ~7.1% chance to be worth 7 gold, and in other cases worth 1 gold. The exact algorithm is as follows:

  • If a random number from [0,200) is less than 1, the gold is worth 100.
  • If the above is false, then generate another random number from [0,14). If the second random number is less than 1, the gold is worth 7. Otherwise the gold is worth 1.

Clear Bonus

If players successfully clear out every monster in an area, they gain a clear bonus in the form of gold. The bonus given for each character in the team is calculated as:

$ floor((TotalMonsterCount + CharacterCount - 1) \div CharacterCount) $

A popup saying "CLEAR +(bonus amount)" will appear on each character and the clear bonus of all characters are directly added to the gold amount. For example clearing out Cave 1 (which has 98 monsters) with 2 characters gives floor((98+2-1)/2) = 49 gold per character, adding 49×2 = 98 gold to the total. With 4 characters, this gives floor((98+4-1)/2) = 25 gold per character, adding 25×4 = 100 gold to the total

Note that monsters that do not spawn immediately upon area entry (e.g. the 3 Red Big Droplets in Cave 2) are not required to be killed for the clear bonus to be awarded. However, if these monsters are then spawned by triggering their spawning condition before obtaining the clear bonus, they have to be defeated before the clear bonus is awarded. In this case these monsters will count towards the total monster count used for calculating the clear bonus. In addition, if a stickman is freed at the same time the Clear Bonus is awarded, that stickman do not count towards the Clear Bonus calculation.

Since ver9.3, the clear bonus gains a multiplier to encourage players to do multiple clears back-to-back. Every time the player obtains a clear bonus, the multiplier is increased by the base clear bonus per charactrer (without multiplier) divided by 100. When players gain clear bonuses with a multiplier higher than 1, that multipler increases the clear bonus per character accordingly, rounded down. Returning to the village will reduce the multipler by

$ floor((Multiplier - 1) \div 2) $

The multiplier also resets if players return to the title screen, either by using the "Return to title" option in the Village, or have their characters defeated causing a game over.


The options tab was available since ver3.8. Current options include:

  • Return to Village - By spending gold, players can immediately move back into the Village. The costs are different for each area and are listed at the individual pages for the areas.
  • Return to Title -This option is only available in the Village. Clicking on this loads the title screen. This option shares the same position with "Return to Village" in other locations.
  • Auto Move - Introduced in ver8.0, this allows players to control whether characters will detect and move towards monsters for attacks automatically.
  • Cliff Stop - Introduced in ver8.0, this controls whether characters with Auto Move ON will walk off cliffs or stay around the cliffs without falling off.


As of ver1.2, game progress is now automatically saved into Web Storage. When save data is loaded, characters always respawn at the Village.

In ver8.4 an Import-Export system is introduced. This feature works like the Get-Set function in games such as Stick Ranger or Powder Game. However, instead of using a text box and buttons outside the game, the Import-Export buttons are inside the game (at the title screen) and clicking on these buttons makes the text box appear. This function requires a Dan-Ball Account to function; non users will only see a "User only" text appear on their cursor.


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