Staves are weapons used by Priests. Most staves use a direct attack which immediately hits multiple enemies and cannot miss. For these, a Priest swings its staff and a mine that is the same color as the staff's head will appear on all enemies within the Priest's range. If the hitboxes of two enemies overlap, then the attacks may hit the one in the background. On the other hand, some staves, such as Staff of Light 1, do create moving projectiles and can miss. All staves have the word "Staff" in their name except for Level 7 and 8 weapons, which are called "Rods". Staves have all 6 types, so a Priest would be good at exploiting enemy weaknesses when necessary.

List of staves

Icon Weapon LV AT PPE AGI Range Type MP Bonus AT Dropped by Buy Sell
Staff Staff 1-2 1 80-90 70 Physical 100 12
Note: Starting weapon.
Staff of Wood Staff of Wood 1 2-3 1 80-90 70 Physical Red Smiley Walker
250 31
Note: A small upgrade of the Staff.
Long Staff Long Staff 1 3-4 1 80-90 110 Physical Green Skull Dragon
500 62
Staff of Thunder Staff of Thunder 1 1-9 1 80-90 70 Thunder Grey X Walker (GL4)
750 93
Staff of Ice Staff of Ice 1 4-5 1 80-90 70 Ice Slow 10% Orange Fairy Bat
1000 125
Battle Staff Battle Staff 2 10-10 1 80-90 30 Physical Green Big Smiley Snake
1500 187
Note: Has a very short range (the same as the Gladiator). It is useful to have a Catapult's Card so the staff has a higher range. A Staff of Ice 1 deals almost the same average damage (9) as this weapon (10) with a Sapphire 1 equipped, and the Staff of Ice 1 also has more base range than this weapon and slows the enemy down a little bit, unlike this weapon, extremely limiting this weapon's practical uses.
Staff of Fire Staff of Fire 2 2-3 1 80-90 70 Fire Burn 3% Red Skull Bat
2000 250
Note: The attack of this staff will stay for 2s and when enemies touch the attack, they'll take damage. Adding a Garnet or a Ruby is recommended.
Lightning Staff Lightning Staff 2 1-25 1 80-90 70 Thunder Yellow Skull Stickman
2500 312
Note: This staff will summon lightning bolts (similar to the Thunder for Magicians) for all enemies in range. Unfortunately, it only shoots one bolt per enemy, which means that this weapon is much weaker than Thunder on singular enemies, but stronger on mobs. In the case of dealing with mobs, all the bolts may hit only a single enemy in the mob, dealing huge damage to that enemy.
Staff of Poison Staff of Poison 2 0-1 1 80-90 70 Poison Poison time 0.4s Purple Boss Cap Mushroom
3000 375
Note: This is the first weapon with the possibility to do no damage at all, though it hits the enemy. Equipping an Emerald of level 2 or higher is highly recommended, as it increases the Min AT to 1 so every hit will at least do damage. With an Emerald 1, 1/3 of hits give no damage while 2/3 does (1/3 1 damage per frame and 1/3 2 damage per frame).
Long Wood Staff Long Wood Staff 3 10-15 1 80-90 130 Physical Blue Roundhead Tree
4000 500
Note: This is essentially an upgraded version of Long Staff. This staff has more AT and range than Battle Staff 2.
Staff of Freeze Staff of Freeze 3 5-10 1 80-90 70 Freeze Freeze time 0.4s Green Roundhead Bat
4500 562
Note: To make the effects of this weapon useful, it is highly recommended to equip a Diamond, which increases the freeze time, as well as a Quick's Card, which decreases the time between each attack.
Staff of Light Staff of Light 1 5-5 1 80-90 70 Thunder Purple Cap Mushroom
5000 625
Note: This staff summons a homing ball of light for each enemy in range, each of which lasts for a total of 4 seconds; 2 seconds in a darkened state, and 2 seconds in a lit-up state. The balls of light are then shot in random directions from their targets (they turn to the closest enemy as if they have a Guide's Card), and they will only hit once they brighten up. They will also go through terrain. Strangely, this staff is only level 1, whereas most weapons are level 2 or 3 where players can find this staff, however, the buy and sell costs follow the other staves, letting it yield more money than any other level 1 weapon. It is the first weapon with Thunder type damage that has a minimum damage that's higher than 1.
Staff of Flame Staff of Flame 3 4-6 1 80-90 70 Fire Burn 3% White Roundhead Tree
5500 687
Note: This is essentially an upgraded version of the Staff of Fire. The attack also lasts for 2s.
Combat Staff Combat Staff 4 25-25 1 80-90 30 Physical Yellow Roundhead Fish
6000 750
Note: This is essentially an upgraded version of Battle Staff. A Staff of Poisoner with even just a Peridot 1 can potentially deal more damage than this weapon against enemies which are not resistant to Poison, making this weapon rather useless compared to the Staff of Poisoner.
Staff of Poisoner Staff of Poisoner 4 1-1 1 80-90 70 Poison Poison time 0.6s Tan Box Snake
6500 812
Note: This staff deals only Poison damage, making it extremely useful against cacti, and a few mushrooms later in game, especially when equipped with a Peridot. This weapon can be deadly with high Range, an Emerald, and other Priests with very high AT Aura.
Long Iron Staff Long Iron Staff 4 10-15 1 80-90 150 Physical Tan Box Bat (D2)
7000 875
Staff of Icicle Staff of Icicle 4 10-15 1 80-90 70 Ice Slow 15% White Skull Bat (D6)
7500 937
Note: An upgraded version of Staff of Ice.
Explosion Staff Explosion Staff 5 10-15 1 80-90 70 Fire Orange Diamond Snake
8000 1000
Note: This staff does splash damage, and it can do extreme damage to large groups of enemies close together, as the large amount of splash damage is dealt to multiple enemies. A formula that could describe the average combined total damage taken by all the enemies on the same spot in a single shot (with 0 AT aura and no AT-boosting compos) is "12.5×(# of enemies)2". For example, although the average damage is only 12.5 on one enemy, two enemies on the same spot will take an average of 50 total damage, 3 will take a average of 112.5 total damage, and so on. However, enemies will not usually cluster up into great numbers, so this isn't the most practical weapon unless the Bait strategy is in use on a mob of mobile ground enemies, such as snakes, which do not appear that often. Even then, (assuming optimal compos are used) the Staff of Flame has more potential in such a scenario as if all the enemies are made to stay on the same spot for a while, with each bolt from the Staff of Flame likely hitting each enemy at least twice, resulting in even higher total damage.
High Light Staff High Light Staff 3 10-15 1 80-90 140 Thunder (Resort) 8500/
Note: Essentially an upgraded version of Staff of Light. Strangely, this weapon is level 3 while other weapons that can be found around the time are level 4 or 5, in relation to how the Staff of Light was level 1 when other weapons found around its time were level 2 or 3. Like the Staff of Light 1, it does more than 1 damage at minimum unlike other Thunder type weapons.
Warrior Staff Warrior Staff 5 35-35 1 80-90 30 Physical White Shield Bat
8500 1062

Note: Essentially an upgraded version of Combat Staff. It is advised to add a Catapult's Card due to it's very low range, and a Quick's Card to let the Priest attack more often. The range is the same as most swords. A Staff of Poisoner with a Peridot 5 and Emerald 5 will deal more damage to non-Poison-resistant enemies than this weapon with a Quick's Card 5, but this weapon can substitute it as Level 5 jewels are not available when this weapon is obtainable.

Inferno Staff Inferno Staff 5 10-15 1 80-90 70 Fire Burn 3% Cyan X Walker
9000 1125
Note: Produces heat gases which behave like projectiles of the High Light Staff, but keeps dealing fire damage until they disappear. In addition, the gases disappear once they have hit the terrain. Each heat gas lasts for 2s. This weapon will usually deal better damage than Explosion Staff, which has the exact same type and AT as this weapon, along with same level, since it doesn't require enemies to be on the same spot as each other to hit more than once, and it can still stack hits up on multiple enemies if they do happen to be on the same spot as one another. However, because the heat clouds disappears upon hitting the terrain, it can deal less damage than expected.
Electric Staff Electric Staff 5 1-9 3 80-90 70 Thunder Yellow Big Diamond Tree
9500 1187
Note: Essentially an upgraded Staff of Thunder. This staff produces 3 shocks for each enemy with slight delay. A Bullet's Card can increase the amount of particles to 4, 5, 6, or 9. It can be very deadly with high range, other Priests with a high STR, a Topaz, and a Bullet's Card 5, killing most enemies in the screen with a few attacks. It is the first staff which accepts Bullet's Card.
Long Silver Staff Long Silver Staff 6 10-15 1 80-90 170 Physical Orange Boss Castle Stickman
10000 1250

Note: Essentially an upgraded version of Long Iron Staff. This staff is the first weapon with range larger than 150.

Poisonous Staff Poisonous Staff 6 1-2 1 80-90 70 Poison Poison time 0.8s Yellow Boss Gel Tree
11000 1375
Note: This staff is essentially an upgraded version of the Staff of Poisoner. This weapon can be very deadly with high Range, an Emerald, a Peridot, and other Priests with very high AT Aura.
Freeze Exp Staff Freeze Exp Staff 6 5-5 1 80-90 70 Freeze Freeze time 0.1s Pink Boss Roundhead Tree
12000 1500
Note: This staff is essentially the fusion of an Explosion Staff and a Staff of Freeze. This weapon deals splash damage and freezes all enemies in the attack. However, the freeze time is shorter and does not stack, so a Diamond is highly recommended to improve the freeze time. Due to the fact that it hits all enemies in it's range, deals splash damage, and is not fire type, it is a highly effective weapon for Inferno 2, where all screens save the BOSS screen feature 100 enemies that resist Fire-type weapons stacked all directly on top of each other. A single swing of this staff will register a total of 10000 hits on those stacked mobs while all 100 are still alive (100 attacks times 100 enemies caught in each attack). That translates to a guaranteed 50000 AT total for a single swing not counting AT aura.
Mega Exp Staff Mega Exp Staff 6 10-15 1 80-90 70 Fire Grey Boss Box Snake
13000 1625
Note: This staff is similar to Explosion Staff, but has a bigger explosion radius, making it more useful at dealing with multiple enemies.
Strike Rod Strike Rod 7 55-55 1 80-90 30 Physical Green Roundhead Digger
15000 1875
Note: Essentially an upgraded version of the Warrior Staff.
Inferno Rod Inferno Rod 7 20-25 1 80-90 70 Fire Burn 3% Green Coconut Germ
16000 2000
Note: Essentially an upgraded version of the Inferno Staff. Produces blazes instead of heat clouds and lasts for 3s. Unlike its weaker counterpart, this weapon can pierce through terrain. Before ver16.0, this weapon was bought for $15000 and sold for $1875.
Thunder Rod Thunder Rod 7 1-30 3 80-90 70 Thunder Pink Demon Stickman
17000 2125
Note: Essentially an upgraded Electric Staff. This staff produces 3 shurikens for each enemy with slight delay. The weapon benefits from not only a higher AT, but also a longer projectile lifespan that may allow the projectile to hit other enemies if the target enemy dies with the earlier projectiles.
Long Gold Rod Long Gold Rod 7 10-15 1 80-90 190 Physical Yellow Box Germ (CV7)
18000 2250

Note: Essentially an upgraded version of Long Silver Staff. This weapon has the highest range in the entire game. However, the AT remains the same as its weaker counterparts.

Poisonous Rod Poisonous Rod 8 2-2 1 80-90 70 Poison Poison time 1s Red Boss Gel Tree (CV8)
19000 2375
Note: Essentially an upgraded version of Poisonous Staff 6.
Freeze Exp Rod Freeze Exp Rod 8 5-15 1 80-90 70 Freeze Freeze time 0.2s Red Boss Box Wheel
20000 2500
Note: Essentially an upgraded version of Freeze Exp Staff 6, with twice the freeze time and higher AT. A Priest with extremely high MAG using this staff with a Diamond 7 and a Quick's Card 7 can potentially keep almost an entire screen full of enemies permanently frozen.
Giga Exp Rod Giga Exp Rod 8 10-15 1 80-90 70 Fire Grey Big Mask Eel
21000 2625
Note: Essentially an upgraded Mega Exp Staff 6, with an even larger splash radius.
Power Rod Power Rod 8 100-100 1 80-90 30 Physical Red Skull Stickman (HG)
22000 2750
Note: Essentially an upgraded version of the Strike Staff, with the highest AT among all Staves. A Catapult's Card 7 will let this staff attain a base range only 10 less than the compo-less base range of a Long Gold Rod 7.
Priest and Purple Boss Cap Mushroom

A Priest attacks a Purple Boss Cap Mushroom and a Purple Cap Mushroom. Bolts at both enemies appear, however, they both attack the Purple Boss Cap Mushroom. The Purple Cap Mushroom remains unharmed.


  • In ver2.2 BETA, the Staff looked like this: Staff (old)

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