Statistics of a character.

Statistics (or stats) are attributes or characteristics in Stick Ranger that a player, character or weapon has. Most of these statistics can be seen on the menu at the bottom left of the screen.

List of stats

  • Player stats
    • LV - Level
    • EXP - Experience
    • $$$ - Gold
    • FP - Fighting Power of a party
  • Character Stats (basic)
    • LP - Life points
    • STR - Strength
    • DEX - Dexterity
    • MAG - Magic
  • Weapon Stats
    • AGI - Time between attacks
    • AT - Damage of attacks
    • Defense - Damage reduction
    • Range - Attack range
    • Type - Element of attack
    • MP - Magic points (required)

Statistics calculations

Several stats are affected by other stats. For example AGI, AT and Range often change in relation to the basic character stats. The relationship is different for each class and described on their articles. Often these values are based on the weapon stats and might get further improved with compo items.

Observations have shown that whenever statistic calculations are done in Stick Ranger, for instance a percentaged bonus, the result is always rounded down to the next integer. Even if more than one calculation is applied to a statistic, it seems that second calculation uses the rounded result of the first and so on.

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