A bunch of Superballs being paused and unpaused.

Start-Stop is a tool function in Powder Game, Powder Game 2, Earth Editor, Liquid Webtoy and Elemental Box that stops and starts movement and reactions in the game screen. Start-Stop is useful for pixel art in Powder Game and Powder Game 2 and to view objects and elements that would normally react in Start Mode, destroying the creation.

Start-Stop can also be extremely useful for simply putting together an upload that may include a type of contraption, technology, or even disappearing text, before posting it.

Toggling Start-Stop

There are three different ways to Toggle Start-Stop:

  • Pressing the Start-Stop button in the game menu. (the only way for Liquid Webtoy)
  • Pressing the spacebar.
  • Pressing the enter key. This also allows the game to run frame by frame by holding it.

If Start-Stop was on Stop before, toggling it will change it into Start, if Start-Stop was on Start before, toggling it will change it into Stop. This applies to Powder Game, Powder Game 2, and Earth Editor.

Replacement of Start-Stop in Powder Game

The Start-Stop Function of the old Powder Game was once removed, replaced by the Speed function.

Speed is a function that allowed the speeds 0x, 1x, 2x, 4x, and 8x. It altered the passing of time in Powder Game, simply making everything run faster (like a fast-forward button).

It was seen as that much a problem, as one couldn't always switch to speed 0x from speed 2x or 4x. In the next update, Start-Stop was readied, and the 0x setting removed from speed, allowing players to quickly stop time in Powder Game, as well as letting them fast forward it.