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World Map
TownOpening StreetGrassland 1Grassland 2Grassland 3Grassland 4Grassland 5Grassland 6Grassland 7LakeForest 1Forest 2Cavern 1Cavern 2Cavern 3VillageHill Country 1Hill Country 2Hill Country 3Castle GateCastle (Stick Ranger stage)Seaside 1Seaside 2Seaside 3Seaside 4Submarine 1Submarine 2Submarine 3Submarine 4Submarine ShrineMist Grove 1Mist Grove 2Mist Grove 3???Desert 1Desert 2Desert 3Desert 4Desert 5OasisDesert 6Desert 7PyramidDesert 8Beach 1Beach 2Beach 3ResortCavern 4Cavern 5Cavern 6Snowfield 1Snowfield 2Mountain 1Mountain 2MountaintopSnowfield 3Snowfield 4Snowfield 5Snowfield 6Snowfield 7Snowfield 8Frozen LakeIce CastleSnowfield 9Beach 4Forest 3Forest 4Forest 5Forest 6Forget Tree!!!Hell 1Hell 2Hell 3Hell 4Hell 5IslandHell 6Inferno 1Inferno 2Inferno 3Blood LakeCavern 7Cavern 8Hell 7Hell 8Hell GateHell CastleVolcano (Stick Ranger stage)SR World Map
List of Stages:
Opening Street
Hill Country(1,2,3)
Mist Grove(1,2,3)
Frozen Lake
Ice Castle
Forget Tree
Blood Lake

A stage in Stick Ranger is a set of levels. Each level occupies the space of the entire screen, and navigation to the next level within a stage is done via the "NEXT", "MAP", or "BOSS" sign (depending on the stage and/or level, feature appeared as of ver10.1) located to the right of the level. Characters will always spawn on the left side of the level, with the exception of the Town, Village, Resort and Island, where they spawn to the right of the Shop, and in the Forget Tree they spawn slightly to the left of the tree.

Each stage contains enemies (not including the "Shop Stages," which are the Town, Village, Resort, Forget Tree, and Island). Players will start at the Town upon game creation. All other stages have 2 to 10 levels. At the last level of a stage the player will encounter a boss or a group of bosses. Once all the enemies in the last level of a stage are defeated, a sign with the word "MAP" will appear, allowing the player to unlock the next stage (It used to be "NEXT" before ver10.1). If players return to the world map without using the "MAP" sign after defeating bosses, the stage will not be counted as completed.


Every stage has a place on the world map and is connected to other stages. To finish a stage, all enemies in the last level (boss area) have to be killed, inclusive of the boss (or bosses), and the player must complete the stage by dragging a character to the "MAP" sign. It is not mandatory to kill enemies on earlier levels of the stage. Once a stage is finished, the next stage on the world map is revealed and the player is allowed to proceed onwards, or to revisit an earlier stage. If the player finishes a stage which is the final stage of the game, the player returns to the title screen. The player can still load his or her game data and continue playing.

On the mobile app version of Stick Ranger, if all of the enemies are killed in any level, the corresponding message on the sign flashes red to indicate that the team is ready to proceed.

OldSignnext SignnextSignbossSignmapHellCastleEndSign

(Roll over the mouse on each sign to see their description).

World Map

SR World Map Partially Revealed

Example of a partially revealed world map (Stick Ranger ver3.4 BETA)

Navigation between stages is done with the World Map. The player is able to jump to any unlocked stage, even if there are stages in between the current location and the intended destination. A completed stage is displayed as a red dot, while an unfinished stage is displayed as a yellow dot. The Town, Village, Resort and Island are displayed as a white dot, Caverns 1, 3, 4, and 6 are displayed as the entrance of a cave, the Castle, Submarine Shrine and Ice Castle are always displayed as a miniature castle, the Oasis, Pyramid, and Forget Tree are always displayed as an icon of an oasis, pyramid, and tree (respectively), while the stages ??? and !!! are not shown on the map at all (even when unlocked and beaten).

The entire map cannot be seen in one screen (players must move the mouse to see the entire screen).


The terrain of a level or a stage refers to the "ground", "walls" and "platforms".

Tilesets and colours

The landscape is generated by using tilesets consisting of tiles 8×8 pixels in size. The ground in most stages is tan, covered with green grass. However, when in the Castle, in the Submarine Shrine, or at the Castle Gate, the ground is blue with an icy white cover. The terrain of stages in the Hill Country series are a murky green with a beige-brown covering. These three terrain types have previously been used for the walls in the game Irritation Stickman. The stages in the Forest series utilize tiles similar to that of Hill Country stages, however it is of a greenish ocher colour. In the cavern stages a reddish brown tile set is used. The Desert series has an orange tileset.


Special levels, such as the Town, boss levels, as well as the mega bosses have a linear terrain (i.e. level ground). Frozen Lake is the only normal stage with a completely linear terrain across all levels. Terrains of other levels are randomly generated through selecting an area 58 tiles in width from a long landscape. Thereafter, the columns on both ends of the terrain are extended by 3 tiles, to form the final terrain that is 64 tiles in length. The use of the extension mechanism is to allow for flat land on the far left and right sides of the screen for characters and the "NEXT" sign to be placed on.

The Castle Gate, Opening Street, and the Forest series have rather linear terrains, with the largest height difference between high ground and low ground being 2 block steps (or the height of 1 character). In the Grassland series and Desert 8 the terrain is mainly steps and walls. The largest height difference between high ground and low ground is 4 block steps. In addition, the Hill Country series and Lake have varied terrain that spans a greater height, as well as mid-air platforms. Moreover, Lake is an underwater stage, featuring water that covers part of the stage and most of the terrain. Small parts of water can also be found in the Cavern stages, which is the only landscape with a completely closed ceiling and a windy level structure.

Most boss levels are flat, with some exceptions, such as the second set of Cavern stages.

List of stages

There are currently 85 stages:

Stage Version added Book cost ($) Menu colour
Opening Street ver1.0 ALPHA 1000 Orange
Grassland 1 ver1.1 ALPHA 2000 Orange
Grassland 2 ver1.4 BETA 3000 Orange
Grassland 3 ver1.6 BETA 4000 Orange
Grassland 4 ver1.8 BETA 5000 Orange
Grassland 5 ver1.9 BETA 6000 Orange
Grassland 6 ver2.0 BETA 7000 Orange
Grassland 7 ver2.1 BETA 8000 Orange
Hill Country 1 ver2.6 BETA 9000 Green
Hill Country 2 ver2.7 BETA 10000 Green
Hill Country 3 ver2.8 BETA 11000 Green
Castle Gate ver2.3 BETA 12000 Blue
Castle ver1.2 BETA 13000 Blue
Lake ver2.9 BETA 14000 Orange
Forest 1 ver3.1 BETA 15000 Yellowish green
Forest 2 ver3.2 BETA 16000 Yellowish green
Cavern 1 ver3.3 BETA 17000 Reddish brown
Cavern 2 ver3.5 BETA 18000 Reddish brown
Cavern 3 ver3.6 BETA 19000 Reddish brown
Seaside 1 ver4.0 20000 Brown
Seaside 2 ver4.1 21000 Brown
Seaside 3 ver4.3 22000 Brown
Seaside 4 ver4.4 23000 Brown
Submarine 1 ver4.5 24000 Reddish brown
Submarine 2 ver4.9 25000 Reddish brown
Submarine 3 ver5.1 26000 Reddish brown
Submarine 4 ver5.8 27000 Reddish brown
Submarine Shrine ver6.1 28000 Blue
Mist Grove 1 ver5.3 29000 Yellowish green
Mist Grove 2 ver5.4 30000 Yellowish green
Mist Grove 3 ver5.6 31000 Yellowish green
??? ver5.9 32000 Yellowish green
Desert 1 ver6.7 33000 Brown
Desert 2 ver6.9 34000 Brown
Desert 3 ver7.0 35000 Brown
Desert 4 ver7.2 36000 Brown
Desert 5 ver7.4 37000 Brown
Oasis ver7.6 38000 Brown
Desert 6 ver7.7 39000 Brown
Desert 7 ver8.0 40000 Brown
Pyramid ver8.1 41000 Brown
Desert 8 ver8.3 42000 Brown
Beach 1 ver8.5 43000 Brown
Beach 2 ver8.6 44000 Brown
Beach 3 ver8.8 45000 Brown
Cavern 4 ver9.6 46000 Brown
Cavern 5 ver9.8 47000 Brown
Cavern 6 ver10.2 48000 Brown
Snowfield 1 ver10.3 49000 Indigo
Snowfield 2 ver10.6 50000 Indigo
Mountain 1 ver10.7 51000 Yellowish Green
Mountain 2 ver11.5 52000 Reddish Brown
Mountaintop ver12.5 53000 Varies
Snowfield 3 ver11.0 54000 Indigo
Snowfield 4 ver11.1 55000 Indigo
Snowfield 5 ver11.3 56000 Indigo
Snowfield 6 ver11.6 57000 Indigo
Snowfield 7 ver11.8 58000 Indigo
Snowfield 8 ver12.2 59000 Indigo
Frozen Lake ver11.9 60000 Cerulean
Ice Castle ver12.3 61000 Indigo
Snowfield 9 ver13.0 62000 Indigo
Beach 4 ver13.1 63000 Indigo
Forest 3 ver13.3 64000 Brown
Forest 4 ver13.4 65000 Brown
Forest 5 ver13.6 66000 Brown
Forest 6 ver13.7 67000 Brown
!!! ver14.1 68000 Reddish brown
Hell 1 ver14.3 69000 Grey
Hell 2 ver14.5 70000 Grey
Hell 3 ver14.8 71000 Grey
Hell 4 ver14.9 72000 Grey
Hell 5 ver15.2 73000 Grey
Hell 6 ver15.4 74000 Grey
Inferno 1 ver15.6 75000 Grey
Inferno 2 ver15.8 76000 Grey
Inferno 3 ver16.3 77000 Grey
Blood Lake ver16.4 78000 Grey
Cavern 7 ver16.8 79000 Grey
Cavern 8 ver17.3 80000 Grey
Hell 7 ver17.5 81000 Grey
Hell 8 ver17.7 82000 Grey
Hell Gate ver17.9 83000 Blue
Hell Castle ver18.4 84000 Grey
Volcano ver18.6 85000 Varies
Total 3655000

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