Seed (Powder Game element)
~0.12 px/frame
Yes, but not with thunder.
Makes trees on contact with wood or powder.
Special properties

Seed is the fourth element in Powder Game. Its main purpose it for making trees. When seed is placed on top of powder, a small tree will start to grow. The player can make the tree bigger with water (which causes the tree to produce seed) or more seed.


  • Seed is a powder.
  • Seed reacts with wood, vine or powder to make more wood, making or growing a tree.
  • Seed is flammable, but doesn't burn from thunder.
  • Seed can be turned into powder using salt water.
  • Seed is "eaten" by bird.
  • New dots of seed can be created by touching water to wood.
  • If water ball touches wood it changes into seed.
  • If a certain amount of seed is placed above seawater, the seed will turn to powder from the bottom up, and the seed on the very top will grow trees due to being in contact with the powder before the powder sank.


Place a line of seed (with pen-lock or possibly pen-line), then place another line of powder under the seed. When start is pressed and the powder falls, the seed will hover in one place. However, this is not actually a glitch. The seed that is in contact with the powder quickly turns into wood, preventing the seed on top from falling. The "glitchy" thing about it is that the wood is the color of the seed.

More accurate to say it becomes gravity defying "charged" seed, as it can still be destroyed by birds.


  • Seed is frequently used as the only element capable of producing wood, with the exception of a seed ball.
  • Seed is used in pixel art as a light-green colour, and can be stable under certain conditions.