Scale is a tool in only a few Dan-Ball games. It usually zooms in and out of your game.

In Powder Game and Powder Game 2

A tool in Powder Game and Powder Game 2 used to zoom in to make more careful and detailed work. Allows moving around the screen by selecting the tool, then dragging the screen once zoomed. It can be set to x1, x2, x4, x8, and x16.

In Powder Game 2, two additional settings were added in ver6.6, normal and exact. In Normal, a special effect that was originally a glitch (but re-implemented due to popular demand) can be seen when the BG is set to BG-blur, BG-shade, BG-aura, BG-light, BG-track and BG-silet and the scale is set to values other than 1. In exact, this effect does not occur and the exact look of dots are shown.

In Powder Game (AG), there is an extra scale setting: x32.

In Planet Simulation

A tool in Planet Simulation that allows to zoom in and out of you simulation. Unlike Powder Game, when you left-click, Scale zooms out on the simulation. Scale can be set to Scale 1, 2, and 4.