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Sand Moji in action

Sand Moji is a typing game in which each letter typed turns into the selected particles and drops to the bottom of the game's frame. It is one of a few Dan-Ball games that contain sound effects. The words in this game are often Japanese words in Arabic (Romaji) text. The game received HTML5 support at 2nd October, 2015.


The game will display a word in Japanese and its corresponding Romaji characters. Typing the characters will cause the character to break up into dots of the selected element. Players can choose to type as fast as possible to go for the ranking, or type at their own pace to enjoy the reactions of elements.

Combo Bar

As the player types, the combo bar is charged. Each correct character typed fills 5% of the bar and incorrect characters decreases the bar by 10%. The bar also loses charge on its own as time passes. The bar is initially green. At 50% the bar turns orange and typing characters produces twice the dots, and at 80% the bar turns red and typing characters produces three times the dots. Charging the bar beyond 100% will turn the bar white and causes the Japanese characters to fall as elemental dots when completing a word apart from the tripled dots when typing. The bar maxes out at 200%.

Before ver1.6 the bar maxes out at 100% and the effects appearing beyond 100% were not available.


There are 7 elements in Sand Moji:


  • Clear - Clears all elements
  • Reset - Resets all stats
  • Sound - There are three sound effects in Sand Moji. The sound effects can also be turned off.
    • A is the sound of a small explosion.
    • B is the sound of knocking on wood.
    • C is an electronic beep.


  • Rank - After exceeding 100 or 300 letters, completing the current word will display ranking for typing 100 or 300 letters.
  • Time - Time elapsed.
  • Type - Number of correct letters typed.
  • Miss - Number of incorrect characters typed
  • Speed - Average time for typing a letter. Speed = Time / (Type - Miss) if Type > Miss and Speed = Time if Type <= Miss.
  • Dot - Current number of dots on screen.


Version Date Thumbnail New features and changes Blog[1]
2.0 07/09/2018 SM ver2.0 Bug fix (Scrolling while playing the game on smartphones). jp/en
1.9 02/10/2015 SM ver1.9 HTML5 support. jp/en
1.8 12/02/2007 Sound B and C added. Word list expanded to 257 words. jp/en
1.7 24/12/2006 Ranking function addition. Word list expanded to 228 words. jp/en
1.6 05/11/2006 Combo bar now goes beyond 100%. Word list expanded to 197 words. Bug fix. jp/en
1.5 22/10/2006 Spline addition. jp/en
1.4 15/10/2006 Combo bar addition. Bug fix (Font-related bug, Repeated words appearing in succession) jp/en
1.3 09/10/2006 Cement addition. 45 Autumn-related words added to word list for a total of 160 words. jp/en
1.2 02/10/2006 Romaji typing detection improvements. Snow addition. jp/en
1.1 19/09/2006 Romaji typing detection system. jp/en
1.0 10/09/2006 Game creation. jp/en
  1. The original blog is written in Japanese. A link to an automatic translation into English by Google is also available.

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