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Rockets was released on the Dan-Ball site on April 16th, 2006. (though the game already existed in ha55ii's blog prior to the site release) Rockets is the very first Dan-Ball Web game.



In this game, the player is in control of a rocket. In each level, the rocket must get to the goal in order to complete the level. The rocket always points to the cursor and left-clicking is used for thrust, which accelerates the rocket towards the cursor.


There are 6 stages in the game. Stages 1-3 have a sky background, while Stages 4-6 have an underwater background.

Colored Blocks

There are three different colored blocks in the game.

  • Green blocks act as walls. The rocket cannot pass through these blocks.
  • Brown blocks act as dirt. The rocket slows down when it attempts to pass through them.
  • Yellow blocks are coins. The rocket collects these and speeds up when one is collected. Each collected coin adds 1 point to the score.


When a level is completed, the time taken, score, and ranking is shown. The ranking is judged on how fast the player completed the level and how many coins the player picked up.

Version history

Version Date Thumbnail New features and changes Blog[1]
1.8 29/06/2018 Rockets ver1.8 Bug fix (Scrolling while playing the game on smartphones). jp/en
1.7 09/10/2015 Rockets ver1.7 HTML5 support. jp/en
1.6 17/12/2006 Optimization. FPS stabilization. jp/en
1.5 21/05/2006 Stage 6 addition. jp/en
1.4 30/04/2006 Stage 5 addition. jp/en
1.3 23/04/2006 Stage 4 addition. jp/en
1.2 16/04/2006 Stage 3 addition. Ranking addition. jp/en
1.1 20/02/2006 Stage 2 addition. jp/en
1.0 15/02/2006 Game creation. jp/en
  1. The original blog is written in Japanese. A link to an automatic translation into English by Google is also available.
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