The following list provides a complete timeline of every Powder Game update, including the version number, the date and the features which were implemented or changed.

Powder Game Timeline

Version Date Thumbnail New features and changes Blog[1]
9.6 08/06/2018 PG ver9.6 Bug fix: Scrolling while playing the game on smartphones. jp/en
9.5 16/12/2016 PG ver9.5 Bug fix: Laser + Edge. jp/en
9.4 04/03/2016 PG ver9.4 Optimization. (FPS raised from 50 to 60, font optimization) Bug fix: Drag. jp/en
9.3 26/06/2015 PG ver9.3 Optimization of processing speed. jp/en
9.2 05/06/2015 PG ver9.2 HTML5 support jp/en
9.1 25/11/2011 PG ver9.1 New elemental Balls (Torch, Fuse, Cloud, Pump). jp/en
9.0 28/10/2011 PG ver9.0 MiniMap. jp/en
8.9 23/09/2011 PG ver8.9 Text font change addition. jp/en
8.8 19/08/2011 PG ver8.8 New elemental Balls (Stone, Magma, Metal, Glass). jp/en
8.7 15/07/2011 PG ver8.7 Pump. Pen-paint optimization. Bug fix. jp/en
8.6 10/06/2011 PG ver8.6 Pen-paint addition. jp/en
8.5 06/05/2011 PG ver8.5 Thunder Ball addition. URL change for each upload. Added number of votes of the player to the user ranking. Poor work check function addition. jp/en
8.4 25/03/2011 PG ver8.4 User Ranking addition. BG-dark thumbnail correction. jp/en
8.3 18/02/2011 PG ver8.3 Cloud. jp/en
8.2 24/12/2010 PG ver8.2 Pen-lock addition (same function as the original Pen-Line). Tag system addition. jp/en
8.1 17/12/2010 PG ver8.1 Pen-line correction. jp/en
8.0 19/11/2010 PG ver8.0 New elemental Balls (Bubble, Bomb, C4, Bird). Bug fix: create + siluet. Erase is corrected so that the object can be erased. jp/en
7.9 22/10/2010 PG ver7.9 Create. New elemental Balls (All elements that were not implemented before) Later removed through a bug fix. jp/en
7.8 24/09/2010 PG ver7.8 BG-siluet. MENU-num Bug fix. jp/en
7.7 27/08/2010 PG ver7.7 Fuse. jp/en
7.6 30/07/2010 PG ver7.6 Spark. jp/en
7.5 02/07/2010 PG ver7.5 BG-TG. Bug fix: BG-dark + Player. Bug fix: BG-dark freeze bug. jp/en
7.4 28/05/2010 PG ver7.4 BG-dark. jp/en
7.3 23/04/2010 PG ver7.3 New elemental Balls (Virus, Nitro, Gas, Acid). jp/en
7.2 19/03/2010 PG ver7.2 Optimization of speed. Download menu correction. Wood, Gunpowder, Clone, and C-4 optimization. jp/en
7.1 12/03/2010 PG ver7.1 Mercury, Bug fix (Soapy ball). jp/en
7.0 05/02/2010 PG ver7.0 New elemental Balls (Oil, Soapy, Fan, Clone). Upload limit in 12 hours increased from 50 to 60 in Japanese version. jp/en
6.9 08/01/2010 PG ver6.9 Menu addition. Bug fix (Torch + Water + Fire, Ball + Block). jp/en
6.8 04/12/2009 PG ver6.8 New elemental Balls (Fire, Seed, Wood, Gunpowder). Bug fix (Water Ball + Torch, Screen Freezing Bug). jp/en
6.7 06/11/2009 PG ver6.7 Elemental Balls (Water, Ice, Salt, Seawater). Ball glitch fixed. jp/en
6.6 09/10/2009 PG ver6.6 Ball. jp/en
6.5 11/09/2009 PG ver6.5 Bird. jp/en
6.4 14/08/2009 PG ver6.4 Glass. jp/en
6.3 17/07/2009 PG ver6.3 BG-track addition. jp/en
6.2 19/06/2009 PG ver6.2 BG-gray. Seawater glitch fixed. jp/en
6.1 22/05/2009 PG ver6.1 Salt, Seawater. jp/en
6.0 24/04/2009 PG ver6.0 Vine. jp/en
5.9 27/03/2009 PG ver5.9 Line replaced with Pen free and Pen line. XY coordinates. One shortcut key added back (Press L to load). jp/en
5.8 27/02/2009 PG ver5.8 Second Player. Several shortcut keys are removed. jp/en
5.7 30/01/2009 Acid. jp/en
5.6 26/12/2008 PG ver5.6 BG-mesh. jp/en
5.5 28/11/2008 PG ver5.5 Laser. Fan + Text bug fixes. jp/en
5.4 31/10/2008 PG ver5.4 Bomb. jp/en
5.3 03/10/2008 PG ver5.3 BG-toon. Anti-hack measures. jp/en
5.2 04/09/2008 PG ver5.2 BG-light. Bug fixes (Ctrl + click, Nitro + SuperBall + Loop, Thunder + virus, Bubble + off-screen, Seed (Wood) Wall, Wheel + Block + Magma, Dot and Fighters through walls) jp/en
5.1 08/08/2008 PG ver5.1 Side-Loop. jp/en
5.0 11/07/2008 PG ver5.0 Player Attribute. Fine tuned player movement walk step by step. Fine tuned the movement of water. jp/en
4.9 20/06/2008 PG ver4.9 Player. Bloc renamed to Block. Title length limit changed from 10 characters to 20 characters. jp/en
4.8 30/05/2008 PG ver4.8 Metal. jp/en
4.7 09/05/2008 PG ver4.7 Thunder. jp/en
4.6 18/04/2008 PG ver4.6 Soapy. BG-blur optimization. Fixed bubble glitch. jp/en
4.5 28/03/2008 PG ver4.5 Gas. fixed fan text glitch. jp/en
4.4 14/03/2008 PG ver4.4 Text. Start-Stop returns to the menu. jp/en
4.3 29/02/2008 PG ver4.3 Speed. Removed Start-Stop option. The space key takes care of Start/Stop. jp/en
4.2 15/02/2008 PG ver4.2 Torch. jp/en
4.1 01/02/2008 PG ver4.1 Grid (1-7), shortcut to Pen-S (# 1-9), menu back to normal. jp/en
4.0 25/01/2008 PG ver4.0 Air. Bug fix. L shaped menu. jp/en
3.9 11/01/2008 PG ver3.9 Ant. jp/en
3.8 28/12/2007 BG-aura. 400 × 400 resolution. jp/en
3.7 14/12/2007 PG ver3.7 Nitro. Fixed Get-Set. jp/en
3.6 30/11/2007 PG ver3.6 Copy-Paste. Get-Set. jp/en
3.5 16/11/2007 PG ver3.5 Box. Fixed uploading scale glitch. jp/en
3.4 02/11/2007 PG ver3.4 Virus. jp/en
3.3 19/10/2007 PG ver3.3 Scale (1-16). jp/en
3.2 28/09/2007 PG ver3.2 Drag. Gunpowder fine tuned. jp/en
3.1 20/09/2007 PG ver3.1 Magma. Clone + Fan bug fix. jp/en
3.0 14/09/2007 PG ver3.0 Stone. When selecting an upload, the player can choose to start or stop. jp/en
2.9 07/09/2007 PG ver2.9 Enhanced upload. jp/en
2.8 02/09/2007 PG ver2.8 Upload. jp/en
2.7 26/08/2007 PG ver2.7 C-4. Fixed blackout dots. Fixed cloned Oil. jp/en
2.6 19/08/2007 PG ver2.6 Oil. Font chang. Fixed cloned snow. Gunpowder color changed. jp/en
2.5 12/08/2007 PG ver2.5 Fireworks. jp/en
2.4 05/08/2007 PG ver2.4 Dot (S, M and L). jp/en
2.3 22/07/2007 PG ver2.3 BG (including BG-non, BG-air, BG-line, BG-blur and BG-shade). Line superseded by BG-line. jp/en
2.2 15/07/2007 PG ver2.2 Clone. Wheel glitch fixed. Fixed handling of Water and Superball. jp/en
2.1 08/07/2007 PG ver2.1 Fighter. jp/en
2.0 17/06/2007 PG ver2.0 Superball. Bubble glitch fixed. Processing speed optimization. jp/en
1.9 09/06/2007 Save-Load. Seed no longer grows with 1000 or less dots. jp/en
1.8 03/06/2007 PG ver1.8 Bubble. Steam. Dot limit. jp/en
1.7 27/05/2007 Ice. Snow (Powder Game element). Wheel bug fix. jp/en
1.6 20/05/2007 Wheel. jp/en
1.5 13/05/2007 Fan. Erase, Clear function changed. jp/en
1.4 06/05/2007 Gunpowder. Wind added to menu. Speed optimization. jp/en
1.3 30/04/2007 Seed. Wood. jp/en
1.2 22/04/2007 Enabling the first reaction available on Powder Game. Fire. Start-Stop. Clear. Doubled the total amount of dots. jp/en
1.1 16/04/2007 Water. Left click, right click. Line. jp/en
1.0 06/04/2007 Game creation. Powder. Wind. Pen Size. Bloc (Later changed to Block). Reset. jp/en
  1. The original blog is written in Japanese. A link to an automatic translation into English by Google is also available.


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