The following list provides a complete timeline of every Powder Game 2 update, including the version number, the date, the thumbnail shown when released, and the features which were implemented or changed. Powder Game 2 has a total of 75 updates, making it the third most updated game on Dan-Ball (behind the original Powder Game, with 84, and Stick Ranger, with 161).

Powder Game 2 Timeline

Version Date Thumbnail New features and changes
8.8 20/04/2018 PG2 ver8.8 Bug fix (Scrolling while playing the game on smartphones).
8.7 19/05/2017 PG2 ver8.7 Bug fix: Get-Set Code from Uploaded work.
8.6 16/12/2016 PG2 ver8.6 Bug fix: Laser + Edge
8.5 11/03/2016 PG2 ver8.5 Optimization. (FPS raised from 50 to 60, font optimization)
8.4[1] 28/08/2015 PG2 ver8.4 Optimisation. Bug fix. (Player 2)
8.3 21/08/2015 PG2 ver8.3 HTML5 support.
8.2 13/03/2015 PG2 ver8.2 Ball attribute addition. (Conveyer) Bug fix. (Crystal Ball)
8.1 05/09/2014 PG2 ver8.1 User ranking addition.
8.0 04/07/2014 PG2 ver8.0 Conveyer addition.
7.9 06/06/2014 PG2 ver7.9 Joint can now join balls.
7.8 09/05/2014 PG2 ver7.8 Joint can now join fighters.
7.7 25/04/2014 PG2 ver7.7 Joint can now join players. Bug fix: Multiple Joints.
7.6 14/02/2014 PG2 ver7.6 BG-color addition.
7.5 10/01/2014 PG2 ver7.5 Ball attribute addition. (Jointbomb)
7.4 22/11/2013 PG2 ver7.4 Jointbomb addition.
7.3 08/11/2013 PG2 ver7.3 Joint-blind addition.
7.2 25/10/2013 PG2 ver7.2 Ball attribute addition. (Crystal) Bug fix. (Ball + Mercury)
7.1 11/10/2013 PG2 ver7.1 Ball attribute addition. (Vine, Mercury, Spark)
7.0 27/09/2013 PG2 ver7.0 BG-mosaic addition.
6.9 13/09/2013 PG2 ver6.9 Ball attribute addition. (Superball, Fireworks, Ant, Laser)
6.8 30/08/2013 PG2 ver6.8 Joint display method through hotkey J implemented. Bug fix. (Player 2 cannot trigger Create.)
6.7 17/08/2013 PG2 ver6.7 Create addition.
6.6 09/08/2013 PG2 ver6.6 Scale settings addition (Normal and Exact)
6.5 26/07/2013 PG2 ver6.5 Bug fix: BG + Scale. (Display bug when Scale is set to higher than 1 and BG is set to blur, shade, aura, light, track or silet)
6.4 19/07/2013 PG2 ver6.4 Pen-paint addition.
6.3 05/07/2013 PG2 ver6.3 MiniMap addition.
6.2 28/06/2013 PG2 ver6.2 Joint-none addition. Bug fix: Joint
6.1 14/06/2013 PG2 ver6.1 Cyclone addition. Bug fix: Crystal + Ball
6.0 07/06/2013 PG2 ver6.0 Crystal addition. BG-siluet renamed BG-silet.
5.9 24/05/2013 PG2 ver5.9 Joint scaling addition.
5.8 17/05/2013 PG2 ver5.8 Joint Copy-Paste addition.
5.7 03/05/2013 PG2 ver5.7 Joint rotation addition.
5.6 26/04/2013 PG2 ver5.6 Grid addition. Bug fix: Joint + outside screen
5.5 12/04/2013 PG2 ver5.5 Joint attribute addition. (All elements except Fan) Bug fix: Joint + outside screen
5.4 05/04/2013 PG2 ver5.4 Joint addition. (Powder, Water, Fire, Ice, Snow, Gunpowder, Superball, Soapy)
5.3 22/03/2013 PG2 ver5.3 Ball attribute addition. (Torch, Fuse, Cloud, Pump)
5.2 15/03/2013 PG2 ver5.2 Ball attribute addition. (Sand, Mud, Stone, Lava, Metal, Glass)
5.1 01/03/2013 PG2 ver5.1 Ball attribute addition. (C-4, Bomb, Bird, Thunder, Fish)
5.0 22/02/2013 PG2 ver5.0 Ball attribute addition. (Oil, Soapy, Fan, Clone, Virus, Nitro, Gas, Acid)
4.9 08/02/2013 PG2 ver4.9 Pump addition. Bug fix (Thunder-charged glass not glowing in BG-dark)
4.8 01/02/2013 PG2 ver4.8 Cloud addition. BG-siluet addition.
4.7 18/01/2013 PG2 ver4.7 Fuse addition. BG-TG addition.
4.6 11/01/2013 PG2 ver4.6 Spark addition. BG-dark addition. Upload button now translucent if logged out or viewing another person's upload.
4.5 21/12/2012 PG2 ver4.5 Mercury addition. BG-track addition.
4.4 14/12/2012 PG2 ver4.4 Text function addition. Bug fix (Soapy + Fan).
4.3 30/11/2012 PG2 ver4.3 Ball attribute addition. (Water, Ice, Snow, Salt, Seawater, Fire, Seed, Wood, Gunpowder) Bug fix (Ball + Player 2).
4.2 23/11/2012 PG2 ver4.2 Ball addition.
4.1 09/11/2012 PG2 ver4.1 Player attribute addition.
4.0 01/11/2012 PG2 ver4.0 Life bar addition for players.
3.9 19/10/2012 PG2 ver3.9 Copy-Paste function addition. Bird dots now destroy Fish dots.
3.8 12/10/2012 PG2 ver3.8 Fighter addition. Fan now has selectable directions. Cursors now shows colour corresponding to left and right clicks. (Red if left, Blue if right and Pink if both)
3.7 28/09/2012 PG2 ver3.7 Player addition.
3.6 21/09/2012 PG2 ver3.6 Fish addition.
3.5 07/09/2012 PG2 ver3.5 Upload and Get-Set function addition.
3.4 31/08/2012 PG2 ver3.4 Glass and Bird addition. Bug fix: Weightlessness.
3.3 24/08/2012 PG2 ver3.3 Salt addition. Modified calculation of gravity. BG g-map fixed. Bug fix: Soapy + Side-loop, Drag.
3.2 10/08/2012 PG2 ver3.2 Soapy addition.
3.1 27/07/2012 PG2 ver3.1 Acid and Vine addition.
3.0 20/07/2012 PG2 ver3.0 Bomb and Laser addition. Bug fix: processing speed, Clone.
2.9 06/07/2012 PG2 ver2.9 Thunder and Metal addition. Fixed letter placement in the Pen selection button.
2.8 29/06/2012 PG2 ver2.8 Gas addition. Pen-line and Pen-lock addition.
2.7 15/06/2012 PG2 ver2.7 Ant and Torch addition.
2.6 08/06/2012 PG2 ver2.6 Virus and Nitro addition.
2.5 25/05/2012 PG2 ver2.5 Lava addition.
2.4 18/05/2012 PG2 ver2.4 Stone addition. BG-gray addition.
2.3 04/05/2012 PG2 ver2.3 Sand and Mud addition. Bug fix: Lag from C-4 ignition.
2.2 27/04/2012 PG2 ver2.2 Oil and C-4 addition.
2.1 13/04/2012 PG2 ver2.1 Fireworks addition. BG-mesh addition.
2.0 06/04/2012 PG2 ver2.0 Clone addition. BG-toon addition.
1.9 23/03/2012 PG2 ver1.9 Superball addition. BG-light addition.
1.8 16/03/2012 PG2 ver1.8 Ice addition. BG-aura addition. Bug fix: arrow of Fan.
1.7 02/03/2012 PG2 ver1.7 Gunpowder addition. BG-shade addition.
1.6 24/02/2012 PG2 ver1.6 Seed addition.
1.5 10/02/2012 PG2 ver1.5 Fire addition. Drag addition. Correction: Water.
1.4 27/01/2012 PG2 ver1.4 Water addition.
1.3 13/01/2012 PG2 ver1.3 White Hole addition. BG-g-map addition. Bug fix: BH + Block.
1.2 30/12/2011 PG2 ver1.2 Black Hole addition. Bug fix: Side-loop + 4 corners.
1.1 16/12/2011 PG2 ver1.1 Fan addition. Gravity On/Off addition. Bug Fix: Scale.
1.0 09/12/2011 PG2 ver1.0 Game creation.
  1. This update was called ver8.3 in the "What's new." section when it was first introduced.
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