This page is about players in Powder Game. For its Powder Game 2 counterpart, visit Player (Powder Game 2).


Player attributes descriptions in the upload re:Player Stats/Info by Yonder. Ratings and descriptions are solely based on the creator's opinion.

A player is a person-controlled version of a fighter (implemented in Powder Game ver4.9). Their appearance differs slightly from fighters, and they cannot "fight." A second player was later added in ver5.8.

Players are controlled with the keyboard and are unable to be dragged. They have a special ability to absorb and shoot certain elements from their heads. However, fighters can kill them. Like fighters, their main collision detection is on their feet, but this is only when elements touch the player's feet, while the other parts can go through anything. Fighters however, can kill players by a kick to the head, and not the limbs. They can also collide with their feet. Like fighters, they can kick boxes and balls.

Player control


A Player can jump on falling dots of liquid.

The first player has a box shaped head and is controlled with the arrow keys. The left and right arrows are for moving, up is for jumping, and down is for shooting an element that has been absorbed earlier. The second player has a round head with the same shape as a ball and is controlled with the "WASD" keys. For the second player, "A" and "D" are for moving, "W" is for jumping, and "S" is for shooting an element.

The player can also become stuck if it jumps into a solid that is touching block which is located on top of the solid. The player will be "on top" of the highest dot of solid, and will be unable to move other than shooting with the head.


Players have the ability to "Double jump." In game, if one were to make the player fall off a ledge without jumping, it will have the ability to jump once more. Note: Due to the momentum of the falling player, this second jump is practically useless except if the player is moving very quickly left or right, i.e. with a fan head.

Element absorption ability

PG player action powder

A player shooting powder.

Players can absorb an element if it touches their head, called absorption ability. Then, using the down key, the player can shoot that element. Only non-solid elements can be absorbed, with the exception of fan. Also, creating a player with an element selected with the second mouse button creates a player with that element already absorbed.

Below is a table showing what elements in the menu result in which element and their common uses. (most elements result in that element, but a few are other elements - for example, snow isn't on the menu and ice is a solid, so ice makes a snow player)

Element absorbed Element in menu Common uses in player courses
Powder Powder Making towers or powder.
Water Water Watering trees and making ice towers, melting torch, or destroying magma, sometimes to destroy metal.
Fire Fire Lighting elements and killing fighters.
Seed Seed Fertilizes trees and making towers of wood.
Gunpowder Gunpowder Making things explode.
Wind Fan Running faster, crossing large chasms, or destroying powder towers.
Snow Ice Making ice towers or water.
Superball Superball Shooting Superball to ignite Nitro.
Fireworks Fireworks Making other elements.
Oil Oil Making fires.
Magma Magma Burning or melting things and killing fighters.
Virus Virus Destroying things and turning them into other elements.
Nitro Nitro Flying.
Ant Ant Destroying things and making ladders/towers to reach higher places.
Gas Gas Making fires or "floating towers."
Bubble Soapy Making other elements.
Steam/suds Bubble Destroying Virus, and neutralizing Clone.


Bomb Bomb Destroying walls.
Laser Laser Killing fighters, destroying flammable/combustible elements.
Acid Acid

Eating through objects and elements, but needs quick reaction to run away.

Bird Bird Makes the player go limp and lowers gravity while button is held, allowing for a higher jump and aerial flips
Mercury Mercury Weighing something down or activating circuits.
Spark Spark Igniting or melting some elements and killing fighters, also used to destroying Virus.
Cloud Cloud Used for destroying Virus or creating water, snow, or thunder.


By hacking the game, it was possible in the past to create three players, which were all controllable at the same time with the arrow keys. However this issue was fixed and all uploads which were using it, have been deleted. Fan player disappeared for awhile, and a few uploads that included players were missing them. For more details, see the article about multiple players.

Unlike Fireworks, which can have its attribute changed to any element or object through code hacking, players cannot have their attributes changed to disallowed elements, since players with hacked attributes will simply not load when the code is Set.

There is also a way to make pen-s 0 block by changing the player attribute to block through hacking. However, both the player attribute and pen-s 0 block will disappear after loading. The pen-s 0 block would turn into 4x4 pen-s 1 blocks after loading.


1+2 Player glitch
  • When players 1 and 2 both have the same attribute and their heads are in the same spot, the area where their heads meet is turned black.
  • When subjected to high winds in different directions, players can get stretched out.
  • The heads of the players are shaped like a size-0 box and a ball, respectively.

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