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Pen size (although listed as "Pen-s" on the menu) is a tool in Powder Game, Powder Game 2, and Earth Editor that determines how much of an element is created on the game screen when the element is placed. Left-clicking on the pen-s button increases the pen size while right-clicking decreases it. There are a maximum of nine pen-s settings. The number keys can also be used as a shortcut for changing the pen size.

Amount of pixels created from each level of pen size

Pen size Powder Game Earth Editor elements
Elements Boxes Drag Block/Erase Clear
-1* N/A 1x1 pixel square N/A N/A N/A N/A
0 1 pixel 4x4 pixel square N/A in Powder Game, 1 pixel in Powder Game 2 N/A in Powder Game, 4x4 pixel square in Powder Game 2 1 pixel N/A
1 9 pixels 8x8 pixel square ≤4 pixels 4x4 pixel square 4x4 pixel square 1 pixel
2 21 pixels 12x12 pixel square ≤8 pixels 8x8 pixel square 8x8 pixel square 9 pixels
3 37 pixels 16x16 pixel square ≤12 pixels 12x12 pixel square 12x12 pixel blocky circle 16 pixels
4 57 pixels 20x20 pixel square ≤16 pixels 16x16 pixel blocky circle 16x16 pixel blocky circle 38 pixels
5 89 pixels 24x24 pixel square ≤20 pixels 20x20 pixel blocky circle 20x20 pixel blocky circle 69 pixels
6 121 pixels 28x28 pixel square ≤24 pixels 24x24 pixel blocky circle 24x24 pixel blocky circle 119 pixels
7 161 pixels 32x32 pixel square ≤28 pixels 28x28 pixel blocky circle 28x28 pixel blocky circle 145 pixels
8 213 pixels 36x36 pixel square ≤32 pixels 32x32 pixel blocky circle 32x32 pixel blocky circle 196 pixels
9 261 pixels 40x40 pixel square ≤36 pixels 36x36 pixel blocky circle 36x36 pixel blocky circle 233 pixels
10* 338 pixels N/A, becomes create ≤40 pixels 40x40 blocky circle 40x40 blocky circle 261 pixels

*Obtainable only through console hacks.

Pen size on other objects and tools

Pen size with air

When air is used, the type of pressure (high pressure or low pressure) created depends on whether air is right or left clicked when placed on the screen. Unlike other elements, if pen-s nine air is placed in a small pen-s 1 block box, the air will not "overflow", and will instead stay enclosed in the box where it was placed, regardless of pen-size. This suggests that pen-size does not regulate the size of the area in which air is produced, but the amount of which is created at any given time. As pen size goes up, the pressure (low or high depending on whether left/right click was used to create the air) increases more rapidly than the lower settings.

In Powder Game 2, wind and cyclone's strengths are affected by pen size. In Powder Game 1, however, wind's strength is unchangeable.

Objects and tools unaffected by pen size

Console Hacks

  • Pen-s can be changed by opening the browser console (on most browsers by pressing F12) and typing in "ga=(pen size)" wihtout quotes to get arbitary pen sizes.
    • Hovering over the Pen-s number after hacking will set it back to 0.
  • Using block, erase, or clear with a pen-s larger than 10 will crash the game.
  • A pen-s 10 box will become create.
  • A box size larger than 63 will crash the game when loading or uploading, due to the get-set code being in base-64.
  • In Earth Editor, Pen-s is changed by typing "ja=(pen size)" without quotes.


  • When dragging elements, the center of the dragging point is one pixel above where the player clicks.
  • Interestingly, the drag range is octagonal, not circular. This can be seen when dragging a chunk of stone in the middle of a stone pile, as the affected stone turns into powder.
    • In Powder Game 2, the drag range is much smaller and is circular.
  • The dragging range is much bigger for objects.