An Onigiri (Japanese rice cake) is an item that heals the character that picks it up by 20% of their maximum LP, capped at the character's maximum LP, rounded off down. It has an instant effect, and cannot be stored. It may not be consumed by characters that are already at maximum health, nor can it be consumed by dead characters.

It is represented as such (Onigiri) in the game screen.

Obtaining Onigiri

There are two methods to obtain Onigiri:

  • Enemy Drop: Enemies drop Onigiri frequently upon death. All enemies have a chance of dropping Onigiri with a drop rate of 20%. There are two things which can improve this drop rate:
    • Silver Medal: Increases the 20% onigiri drop rate by its specified percentage.
    • Certain enemies: These enemies may drop more than one Onigiri upon death. One Onigiri is the standard Onigiri that all enemies have a 20% chance of dropping, while the other takes up one of the spots in the enemy's code that defines its item drops and can be set to drop at any rate. Usually, these enemies are big, and will always drop at least one Onigiri upon death (100% drop rate for the non-standard one), but other enemies can also be seen dropping extra Onigiris (such as the White Triangle Germ, which has 50% chance of dropping the extra Onigiri.).
      • The drop rate of Onigiris defined as item drops can be further increased by using a Bronze Medal.



The onigiri in real life.

  • Originally, onigiri could be picked up by any character. This was changed in V1.5 BETA - characters at full health can no longer pick onigiris up.
  • The algorithm for picking up onigiri was improved again in V3.0 BETA - when an onigiri comes into contact with two or more characters simultaneously, the character with the lowest LP percentage receives the onigiri.


  • Characters require 20% health for Auto move, unless the option "Move of Dying" is turned on, and since an Onigiri gives a character 20% health regeneration, obtaining one at any LP (as long as it is greater than zero) will allow it to use Auto move.
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