The Ohagi (Formerly known as the White Smiley Tree) is a monster type of the game Monster Box. It can be unlocked by purchasing the monster type for $250. At spawning, it bursts out from the Monster Box all at once, landing on the ground which then the tree fixes itself to.

Initial statistics

The Ohagi has an LP of 400, gives 8 gold when killed and is initially spawned in a group of 8 by the box.


The first upgrade cost $150, and each subsequent upgrade cost $30 more.

ToughnessUpgrade Toughness

Increases the LP of all Ohagis by 80 and gold drop when killed by 8.

PopUpUpgrade Pop-Up

Increases the number of Ohagis spawned each time by 4.


Tower refers to the height of the Ohagi spawned. An Ohagi taller than 3 boxes will lose a box when their LP reduces to zero, then resets its LP to its maximum and drop gold as indicated. Thus a 4-box tall Ohagi has essentially twice the LP and gives twice gold, a 5-box tall one has three times the LP and gold drop and so on. The stat starts at 3-4.0, which means it has a random height of 3 boxes or 4 boxes. This upgrade raises the maximum height allowed by 0.2. The height is capped at 10 boxes and further upgrades increases the probability for the Ohagis to have the maximum height.

MBWhiteSmileyTreeBoss Boss

A boss version of the Ohagi with much higher LP can be spawned by purchasing it like upgrades. The boss starts at LV 1 which has 30000 LP. Each subsequent boss purchase spawns a boss 1 LV higher (up to LV 50), which has 20% more LP than the previous LV. In addition the boss always spawns with a height of 10 boxes. The boss gives the same gold drop as the normal-sized Ohagis in the same fashion. When defeated, the level cap for the Ohagi will increase by 10, up to LV 600. Costs $(12000+3000x) for monster LV x.

Special abilities

The boss fires an orange laser attack towards the monster box, which forces it to charge at (X+2) times its idle charge rate when the box is not clicked, where X is the Boss LV. The charge rate increment is additive with other charge rate boosts and also manual clicking. This makes it extremely dangerous if a player's population is high and/or at very high Boss LVs and/or having multiple bosses of this kind on the screen at once.

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