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An object is different from an element in the sense that they are not composed of multiple particles. There are a number of objects in both Powder Game and Powder Game 2.

Powder Game objects

The seven Powder Game objects.

There are eight objects in Powder Game: block, box, fighter, player, wheel, bubble, ball, and create.

Different objects have different maximum totals. The limit for bubbles and wheels is 100. The limit for boxes, fighters, balls, and create is 50. Only two players are allowed to be on the screen at any given time. Testing has shown that once the limit for an object is reached, no more of it can be created. Certain objects can be destroyed by certain elements.

Powder Game 2 Objects

The eight objects in Powder Game 2 include block, black hole, white hole, player, fighter, ball, joint and create.

Black hole, white hole and joint are the only new objects from the first game. Black hole has positive gravity and attracts elements, while white hole has negative gravity and repels elements. Joint joins dots of elements. 

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