This is a list of the updates of Monster Box. Most of the text has been rephrased from the original announcements made.

There are currently 42 updates of Monster Box.


Version Date Thumbnail New features and changes Blog[1]
5.5 13/04/2018 MB ver5.5 Bug fix (Scrolling while playing the game on smartphones). jp/en
5.4 12/05/2017 MB ver5.4 Options are now saved by the game. jp/en
5.3 24/03/2017 MB ver5.3 Boss Count switch addition. jp/en
5.2 10/03/2017 MB ver5.2 Max Monster Count switch addition. jp/en
5.1 03/03/2017 MB ver5.1 Collar (sic) Monster Bar switch addition. (Shows the amount of specific monsters) jp/en
5.0 10/02/2017 MB ver5.0 Damage Effect and Money Effect switch addition. jp/en
4.9 01/07/2016 MB ver4.9 Medal addition (Revival, Bound, Delta and Tower). jp/en
4.8 24/06/2016 MB ver4.8 Medal addition (All Party LV, All Party MPS and All Party DPS). jp/en
4.7 17/06/2016 MB ver4.7 Multiple upgrade purchases on the same upgrade can now be done quickly by holding the UP button. jp/en
4.6 10/06/2016 MB ver4.6 Medal addition (Single Class LV, Single Class MPS and Single Class DPS Medals). jp/en
4.5 03/06/2016 MB ver4.5 Medal addition (10 Minute Money, 10 Minute Jewel, 10 Minute Monster Kill). Bug fix: Flame Armor. jp/en
4.4 27/05/2016 MB ver4.4 Optimization. (Graphic Algorithm) jp/en
4.3 20/05/2016 MB ver4.3 Medal addition (Monster Bar, Pop Up, Click Time, MPM, DPM). Medal statistics added in the Medal tab. jp/en
4.2 13/05/2016 MB ver4.2 Medal system addition. Delete button added. jp/en
4.1 06/05/2016 MB ver4.1 Get-Set feature removed, replaced with local save function. Total Time and Kill stats added to the Options page. jp/en
4.0 29/04/2016 MB ver4.0 Jewels introduced. Restart button moved to Options page. jp/en
3.9 08/04/2016 MB ver3.9 Optimization. (60 FPS, Font) jp/en
3.8 07/08/2015 MB ver3.8 HTML5 Support. jp/en
3.7 27/03/2015 MB ver3.7 Special Upgrade addition (Max Time Bonus, Time Bonus Interval). jp/en
3.6 20/03/2015 MB ver3.6 Time Bonus addition. jp/en
3.5 27/02/2015 MB ver3.5 Special Upgrade addition (Box Accelerator). jp/en
3.4 22/01/2015 MB ver3.4 Special Upgrade addition (Multiple Boss). jp/en
3.3 14/11/2014 MB ver3.3 Special Upgrade addition (Monster Selection). jp/en
3.2 17/10/2014 MB ver3.2 Special Upgrade addition (Max Player LV). jp/en
3.1 19/09/2014 MB ver3.1 Special Upgrade addition (Money Boost). Drawing optimization. Bug fix: Monster Revival. jp/en
3.0 22/08/2014 MB ver3.0 Special Upgrade addition (Money Bonus). Boss Max LV and LP changes. jp/en
2.9 01/08/2014 MB ver2.9 Boss addition. (Ohagi) jp/en
2.8 11/07/2014 MB ver2.8 Boss addition. (Yatsuhashi) Bug fix. (MPS + money multiplier when monster count close to limit) jp/en
2.7 27/06/2014 MB ver2.7 Boss addition. (Kintsuba) Description for various game mechanics added below the game on the website. Bug fix. (Enemy colour) jp/en
2.6 13/06/2014 MB ver2.6 Boss addition. (Kusa Mochi) jp/en
2.5 30/05/2014 MB ver2.5 Monsters now give increased gold drop when their numbers are about to reach the limit. Status addition (Game FPS). Bug fix (Selecting the Burn upgrade of the Magician and then selecting stickmen of other classes leads to an unexistent upgrade selected) jp/en
2.4 23/05/2014 MB ver2.4 Class addition (Magician). jp/en
2.3 02/05/2014 MB ver2.3 Status addition (Monsters killed, peak of bar). jp/en
2.2 11/04/2014 MB ver2.2 Status addition (Damage per second/minute and their peaks). Movement of fixed stickmen changed. jp/en
2.1 04/04/2014 MB ver2.1 Monster addition (Ohagi). jp/en
2.0 21/03/2014 MB ver2.0 Get-Set addition. Status tab addition with MPM and Max MPM. Bug fix: Restart + Player. jp/en
1.9 14/03/2014 MB ver1.9 Auto save addition. Money limit increased from $(107-1) to $(1018-1). jp/en
1.8 28/02/2014 MB ver1.8 Stickmen movement option added (MOVE and FIX). jp/en
1.7 21/02/2014 MB ver1.7 Special Upgrade addition (Maximum Monster). Delta feather algorithm changed (additional "wings" will drop at percentages beyond 100%). jp/en
1.6 07/02/2014 MB ver1.6 Monster addition (Yatsuhashi). jp/en
1.5 31/01/2014 MB ver1.5 Selection of the initial character. MPS and Max MPS added. Pierce damage algorithm for Snipers changed (multiplicative to additive). jp/en
1.4 17/01/2014 MB ver1.4 Class addition (Sniper). Bug fix: Game Over, Player collapsing. jp/en
1.3 27/12/2013 MB ver1.3 Special Upgrade addition (Mouse Accelerator). jp/en
1.2 13/12/2013 MB ver1.2 Class addition (Gladiator). jp/en
1.1 06/12/2013 MB ver1.1 Monster addition (Kintsuba). Box can be charged by click and hold. Bug fix: skill LV100 freezing. jp/en
1.0 29/11/2013 MB ver1.0 Game creation. jp/en
  1. The original blog is written in Japanese. A link to an automatic translation into English by Google is also available.