Rusts into powder on contact with water and seawater, melts into magma on contact with it.
Special properties

Metal is a solid element in Powder Game.


  • On contact with water and water ball, metal will "rust" and turn into powder. Seawater will rust metal much faster than normal water.
  • Metal melts on contact with magma to make more magma.
  • Metal conducts thunder, acting as a wire. The only other element that does this is mercury.
  • Ants can make metal tunnels.
  • Metal spreads when it comes in contact with bomb.
  • Metal can be used to create mirrors which reflect laser at certain angles.
  • Metal is destroyed by acid in 1:10 ratio.
  • When a player runs at a one-pixel width metal line, the player will slowly go through the metal.
  • Players can climb up the inside of thick metal blobs.
  • Fast moving ice ball will turn into snow on contact with metal, stone, bomb or block.
  • If a metal ball hits metal fast enough, it will bounce off and produce sparks.


Metal Support Stick

A giant player statue, made out of powder and salt, and a player inside it.

Metal has a very dark color, so a thin (pen-s 0) line of metal is almost invisible on the black play field. Thanks to that, thin metal line can be used to make "skeleton" for decorations made from powder or liquid type elements to base defend, underwater base or player house uploads. Although, glass is usually used instead because it is closer to the color of the background.


  • Metal is the same color as the background in the menu.