Liquid Webtoy

Liquid Webtoy in action.

Liquid Webtoy is a physics simulation game released on February 28, 2006, and it is the 2nd game on Dan-Ball. It is similar to Powder Game and Earth Editor, but for liquids/fluids. Unlike those games, however, each element comes in "blobs" (see right) instead of one pixel per dot. Another unique feature is that the playing field can be moved around by right-clicking anywhere on the field and dragging.


  • Water adds a liquid element to the playing field.
  • Ice adds the solid form of water to the playing field.
  • Magma adds a solid that changes water and ice to cloud.
  • Cloud adds the gaseous form of water and ice. It turns into water upon contact with the top of the playing field.

Special objects

  • Duck adds a rubber duck to the playing field
  • Wall adds a wall, which elements can not go through.
  • TBomb explodes after a short amount of time.

Tools and options

  • Paint changes the color of elements, depending on Hit amount.
  • Mix adjusts whether element colors mix or stay separate.
  • RGB Scale changes the paint color.
  • Start-Stop starts and stops the scene.
  • Hit edits the strength of the reaction when the cursor touches an element.
  • BH is the acronym for black hole. You can change the strength of the black hole from 1 to 5.
  • BG is the acronym for Background. With this tool you can change the background picture.
  • AB changes the alpha blend.
  • Line displays a profile line.
  • Reset resets the playfield.
  • Bomb very quickly pushes elements away
  • Clear erases blobs and ducks.
  • There are five boxes and numbers on the top of the game. They are blue, light blue, brown, yellow, and white, which represent, respectively, the number of Water dots, Cloud dots, Magma dots, Ducks, and Ice dots.

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