Freezes water, Soapy, and snow into ice; turns into water on contact with one of the lighter elements; and turns into snow on contact with thunder or when moved by a wheel.
Special properties
Turns into snow if hit with a strong wind.

Ice is a solid Powder Game element that represents real-life ice.


  • Freezes water, soapy, and snow into ice.
  • Melts into water on contact with one of the lighter elements.
  • Turns into snow in strong, windy conditions or when a wheel grinds it/makes contact with it.
  • Turns into snow if thunder strikes the ice, but also melts into water if it passes the ice nearby.
  • Players, boxes, and fighters can slide on straight lines of ice.
  • Ants can make ice tunnels.
  • Turns seawater balls into ice balls upon contact.
  • Is destroyed by acid, rather than melted into water.
  • Cannot be dragged, but when you melt it after attempting to, water will be shot to where you tried dragging it.
  • When a player has the ice attribute, he shoots snow.


  • Ice was implemented into both Powder Game and Earth Editor in the same version. (1.7)
  • Ice cannot freeze seawater.


  • Ice can be used as a target for guns and other explosives, disintegrating in high-wind environments.
  • Ice can be used in certain technologies, melting under excessive heat and rusting metal.
  • Ice can be used as an alternative to C-4 in the exterior of an underwater base, or other creations which frequently contact seawater.
  • Ice is the only element capable of producing snow, and is therefor frequently used for that purpose.
  • Ice is frequently used in pixel art as a very light blue/grey colour, and can be stable under the right circumstances.