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Not to be confused with the original Ham Race.

Ham Race 2 is a continuation of the game Ham Race, released at 10 April, 2015. It features different game mechanics and graphics (although old items seem to be reused), but retains the same general gameplay as the original. It is the 22nd game released on Dan-Ball, and the second game to be a sequel of the previous game, the first being Powder Game 2.


HamRace2 GameScreen

A player navigating through Stage 1-1, showcasting most of the game elements.

In the new version, players must try to navigate through a level as fast as possible for three laps. The level will restart and a new lap will begin each time the player reaches the end of the level.


  • Left arrow or D moves the Hamstermobile forward.
  • Right arrow or A moves it backward.
  • Up and Down arrow, W and S causes the Hamstermobile to jump.
  • As of ver1.2, the player can click the screen to start playing. Clicking the screen after pausing (outside of the pause button), however, does not unpause the game.



  • Stage 1: 50
  • Stage 2: 74


3 stars are placed in different locations of a stage. Players should try to obtain these stars if they want to attain overall completion.


  • The option to control individual hamsters no longer exists.
  • Any seeds consumed during one session will not respawn on the next lap, meaning players must be careful as to not collect every seed in one lap.
  • The game appears to reuse several graphics from other games, mostly the original Ham Race.
  • The timer always stops at 9:59.98.
  • The start and pause screens had the typo "KYE" instead of "KEY" in ver1.0. This was fixed in ver1.1.


Version Date Thumbnail New features and changes Blog[1]
1.6 17/08/2018 HR2 ver1.6 Bug fix (Scrolling while playing the game on smartphones). jp/en
1.5 22/01/2016 HR2 ver1.5 Ghost function addition. jp/en
1.4 11/09/2015 HR2 ver1.4 HTML5 Support. jp/en
1.3 08/05/2015 HR2 ver1.3 Replay addition. jp/en
1.2 24/04/2015 HR2 ver1.2 Stage selection screen addition. Star addition. jp/en
1.1 17/04/2015 HR2 ver1.1 Stage addition. jp/en
1.0 10/04/2015 HR2 ver1.0 Game creation. jp/en
  1. The original blog is written in Japanese. A link to an automatic translation into English by Google is also available.

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