Gunner is the sixth class in Stick Ranger. Gunners use guns to shoot enemies from far away, hence the name "gunner". Like the Priest, Whipper, and Angel, Gunners were added after the initial release, in ver3.4 BETA. Gunners are capable of dealing high damage, but at the cost of using gold every time the Gunner shoots. It is recommended to keep the starting gun since it is the only gun that does not require gold to use. It is also recommended to use compo items that increase MAG or to invest SP into MAG to reduce the shooting cost.


% of reduced AGI per DEX for gunner class

% of reduced AGI per DEX. As DEX increases, the percentage increases by a rate of 5000/[(DEX+50)2].

Stat effect per SP invested LP

No effect

+ 8


AT + 2%

+ 2


AGI is reduced down to 5-10 in relation to the following formula:
$ AGI_{equipped}=\frac{AGI_{weapon}}{1+(DEX\times 0.02)} $

+ 2


- $1 to shooting cost (minimum cost $1)

+ 2


The Gunner uses the:

Gun Gun Handgun Handgun Submachine-gun Submachine-gun
Shotgun Shotgun Rifle Rifle Grenade Grenade
Laser Gun Laser Gun Bazooka Bazooka Homing Laser Homing Laser
Handgun Beretta Uzi Uzi Remington Remington
Sniper Rifle Sniper Rifle Grenade Launcher Grenade Launcher Laser Beam Gun Laser Beam Gun
Cannon Cannon Homing laser beam 4 Homing Laser Beam 3Round Burst 3-Round Burst
Missile Missile Mini Uzi Mini Uzi Scattergun Scattergun
Hunting Gun Hunting Gun M9 Grenade M9 Grenade Laser Beam Gun Power Laser Gun
Napalm Bomb Napalm Bomb Wave Cannon Wave Cannon Pierce Homing Pierce Homing
Magnum Magnum Micro Uzi Micro Uzi Triple Shotgun Triple Shotgun
Rail Gun Rail Gun Napalm Gun Napalm Gun Slow Laser Gun Slow Laser Gun
Rocket Launcher Rocket Launcher Homing Laser Wave Homing Laser Wave

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