Gladiator is the second class in Stick Ranger. Gladiators use swords to attack and their swords can hit multiple targets per attack, like if they have a natural Explosion's Card. They do high damage, but have a low range, which is normally twice of that of a Boxer.

The Gladiator is a generally powerful character class for dealing with mobs of enemies, but tends to be outdone by the Boxer in terms of DPS. They are complimented nicely by a ranged support class like the Angel or Magician, and are capable of being a support class for the Boxer or a physical Angel.


Stat effect per SP invested LP

No effect

+ 10


Max AT + 1

+ 4


Min AT + 1 (cannot increase above Max AT)

+ 4


+ 1 MP gain per hit with magical weapon

+ 2


The Gladiator uses the following weapons:

Sword Sword Iron Sword Iron Sword Fire Sword Fire Sword
Thunder Sword Thunder Sword Ice Sword Ice Sword Long Sword Long Sword
Thunder Sword Lightsaber Fire Sword Flame Sword Frozen Sword Frozen Sword
Sabel Sabel Fire Sabel Fire Sabel Thunder Sabel Thunder Sabel
Ice Sabel Ice Sabel Long Sabel Long Sabel Lightsaber 4 Lightsaber
Fire Sabel Flame Sabel Frozen sabel 4 Frozen Sabel Blade Blade
Wooden Sword Wooden Sword Fire Blade Fire Blade Thunder Blade Thunder Blade
Ice Blade 5 Ice Blade Long Blade Long Blade Lightsaber 6 Lightsaber
Fire Blade Flame Blade Frozen Blade Frozen Blade GreatSword GreatSword
Fire GreatSword Fire GreatSword Thunder GreatSword Thunder GreatSword Ice GreatSword Ice GreatSword
Long GreatSword Long GreatSword Lightsaber 8 Lightsaber Flame GreatSword Flame GreatSword
Frozen GreatSword Frozen GreatSword

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