For its Powder Game 2 counterpart, see Fireworks (Powder Game 2 element).

Only reacts as fireworks.
Special properties
Flies into the air and explodes into fireworks on contact with a lighter element.

Fireworks (or as currently named in ver7.7 and after: F-WORKS) is a powder element in Powder Game.


  • Fireworks flies up in the air and releases a pre-chosen element on contact with a lighter element. The element is chosen when the fireworks are made - if the left-click element is usable, then that is used for the fireworks, if not, then the right-click element is used. If neither is usable, Powder is used.
  • If there are 999 dots or less, fireworks will explode, but will not create any elements.
  • Fireworks is destroyed by Acid in 1:10 ratio.
  • Fireworks are the third heaviest element, the same weight as superball.
  • Fireworks will explode into 10-14 dots of the pre-chosen element.

Element charging properties

  • Ice fireworks explode as snow and bubble or soapy fireworks explode as steam.
  • If fireworks are created by clone or by a bubble turning into fireworks, the fireworks will have the same attribute as what is right or left clicked.
  • Torch fireworks explode into fire.
  • If the fireworks gets infected with virus, because the fireworks are recreated when the virus turns back into fireworks, then the new type of the fireworks is based on the current selection by the user at the point in time when the virus changes into fireworks. Because of this, virus can be used to change the type of some fireworks.
  • If the fireworks are copied and pasted or shot from a Player with the fireworks attribute, the fireworks preserves the original element type.

Fireworks machine

Some uploaders make uploads showing different type of fireworks, usually shot from block boxes.

Laser fireworks2

Laser fireworks