Fire (Powder Game element)
Normally doesn't move vertically, but creates upward wind which pushes it up.
No, it burns things, but doesn't burn.
Burns some elements. Makes explosive elements explode upon contact.
Special properties
Creates upward wind, disappears within a few frames of creation.
Both horizontally and vertically.

Fire is the third Powder Game element. It imitates real-life fire, but is different in many ways - it doesn't create smoke, and burning isn't very realistic. It can be used to burn and blow up various elements.


  • Fire acts like a gas due to its slow upward rising and its ability to defy gravity.
  • Fire disappears within a few frames of creation.
  • A single pixel of fire makes a very slight upward wind. With larger amounts of fire, this wind becomes more apparent and can knock over powders and even counteract gravity.
  • Fire also slightly increases the air pressure. In an isolated (surrounded by block) area, a constantly burning flame can greatly increase the area's air pressure and decrease the relative air pressure of other rooms.
  • Fire melts ice, such can be observed in even too small amounts to cause a significant wind.
  • Fire burns up wood and it burns for quite a long time. Also the wood changes into powder which again might burn.
  • Fire kills fighters and players, and burns boxes and powder balls.
  • Flaming elements will stop burning if submerged in water or saltwater. However, it may not be too effective, as the wind from the fire can blow the water away.


  • Being highly unstable, fire has few uses other than simply igniting other elements or killing players and fighters.
  • Fire can be useful in anti-gravity chambers for producing a steady stream of wind.
  • Fire can be used in unstable pixel art as a light-red colour.

Reactions with other elements

Element Effect
Acid Fire is destroyed
Ant Burns ant
Bird Burns bird
Bomb Fire is destroyed
C-4 C-4 is ignited
Clone Fire is cloned
Fan None
Fireworks Fireworks are set off
Fuse Fuse is ignited
Gas Gas is ignited
Glass None
Gunpowder Gunpowder is burned
Ice Ice is melted
Laser Fire is destroyed
Magma None
Mercury None
Metal None
Nitro Nitro is ignited
Oil Oil is burned
Powder Powder is burned
Pump None
Salt None
Seawater Fire is put out
Seed Seed is burned
Snow Snow is melted into water
Soapy None, but wind will make bubbles that will become fire
Spark None
Steam None
Stone None
Superball None
Thunder None
Torch None
Vine Vine is burned
Virus Fire is infected
Water Fire is put out
Wood Wood is burned