PG fighers

Fighters doing their thing.

A fighter is an armless stick figure in Powder Game and Powder Game 2 that runs around the screen "fighting." By kicking, fighters send players, boxes, balls, and other fighters flying. If fighters kick players in the first Powder Game, the players are killed and their body parts are thrown into the air. In Powder Game 2, the player may not die, but it will be severely hurt, as the fighter can kill the player faster than anything else. Unlike lighter elements, however, a fighter can kick a player anywhere to damage or kill it. In many player course uploads, they are used as an obstacle. There are also many uploads in which there is a bomb or volcano that kills a large number of fighters.

Fighters do not have any apparent kind of artificial intelligence; rather, they randomly run, jump, and kick. This can often lead them into danger - they die if their feet touch thunder, fire, spark, magma, torch, acid, laser, or the edge of the screen.

The maximum number of fighters possible to have on the screen is fifty. Boxes, players, and create take up room in the fighter limit too.


The fighters' feet are used for the collision detection. Wind, elements, block, and wheels all affect the fighters' feet. The head can go through walls, although it is affected by wind as well.

Fighters can be dragged in 6 places: the head, waist, both knees, and both feet.

In Powder Game 2, joining fighters so they are suspended above the ground will cause them to become motionless. After a few seconds of being suspended, the fighter's head will flop over. When the fighter comes in contact with another element or object, it will become active again.


  • In Powder Game 2, a fighter causes the fastest kill of a player at 6 frames, where most lighter elements take 48 frames to kill the player.
  • A fighter is the only thing that is able to kill a player through a block wall.
  • Stickmen in Irritation Stickman are based on fighters. This has led to Irritation Stickman-related uploads where the player has to drag the fighter to the finish, avoiding various obstacles along the way.
    • Similarly, fighters are showcased in Ray Trace Fighter as the enemies that the player has to kill.
  • If more than one fighter is placed on the same 4x4 area on the grid as each other and the game is saved and reloaded, the extra fighter(s) will be deleted until there is only one fighter present on that specific 4x4 grid area.
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