Fan (Powder Game element)
Solid, but elements can go through it.
Special properties
Makes wind.

Fan is an element in Powder Game that creates wind. The direction the wind blows is in the direction of the pointer at the time the player places the fan. When it began, fan was often mistaken for blowing in all directions, but after some experimenting, they found this out. Fan has been used to create air lasers, which had actually been turned into a type of contest. Fan is placed inside of block and is placed strategically, so that a single line of air pixels line up straight and create a straight line through some ice.


  • Fan creates wind.
  • Fan can not be destroyed by any element.
  • Fan text is actually solid, in that other things can touch it.
  • Fan doesn't move wheel while touching it. But it creates wind which moves the wheel.
  • Fan cannot be changed into a different element using Pen-paint.

Reactions with other elements

Element Effect
Acid None
Ant None
Bomb None
Clone None
Fire None
Fireworks None
Gas None
Gunpowder None
Ice Creates Snow
Laser Fire streaming laser (temporarily)
Magma None
Metal None
Nitro Enough wind will make nitro explode
Oil None
Powder None
Pump None
Seed None
Snow None
Soapy Creates Bubble
Spark None
Steam None
Stone If enough wind, it can turn stone into powder
Superball None
Thunder None
Torch None
Vine None
Virus None
Water None
Wood None


  • Before ver5.4, an explosion near fan text will cause the superfan glitch, making super-powerful fan.
  • When BG-toon was first introduced, there was a glitch that let made fan act like an animation, causing whatever elements that go through it to leave a trail.
  • If there is an element moving through fan and that element or another element is chosen, there will be exactly 1 dot of the chosen element behind every dot of the element blowing through the fan in the area affected by you clicking with that selected element on the fan in the area of the element blowing around in the fan.

Fan rainbow

Before the update 5.3, it was possible to create a fan rainbow. In order to create a fan rainbow, the player had to:

  1. Draw line of fan.
  2. Set BG toon.
  3. Save.
  4. Put some element on part of the fan line.
  5. Load (element will disappear, but fan will still be coloured).
  6. Put some element next to previous and load again.
  7. Repeat.


Fan has very few uses simply because of the fact that it generates large amounts of wind.

  • Creating large and consistent amounts of wind.
  • Vortex uploads, where fan is used to propel other elements and objects.
  • Gun creations, in combination with clone to produce a never-ending amount of projectiles.
  • Anti-gravity chambers.
  • Unstable pixel art, using a light-blue colour.
  • Vacuums or black holes, using wind to "suck up" elements and objects.