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An element in is any material or object that can be added to the playing field and may or may not react with other elements when they are added in a number of Dan-Ball games.

The word "element" is used rather loosely, however, as most of the "elements" in the game represent compounds and not chemical elements in reality. In Powder Game, for example, water is composed of the two elements hydrogen and oxygen, and is therefore a combination of elements, or a compound, rather than an element. In respect to this context, air can go through the elements, and it is only affected by the indestructible block, therefore both are usually not considered as elements.

Liquid Webtoy Elements

As of ver2.5, there are 4 elements in Liquid Webtoy, including:

Unlike most other Dan-Ball games, the elements look like flexible "blobs" instead of pixels.

Sand Moji elements

As of ver1.9 there are 7 elements in Sand Moji, including:

Powder Game elements

As of ver9.5, there are 38 elements in Powder Game, including:

Earth Editor elements

As of ver2.7, there are 17 elements in Earth Editor, including:

On the Earth Editor menu, the red dot (left click) starts out on sand, and the blue dot (right click) starts on water.

The compound idea above still applies to most of these elements, although not as much with black and white holes.

Elemental Box elements

As of ver2.1, there are 6 elements in Elemental Box, including:

Unlike other elements, selecting them creates different elemental shapes instead of pixels.

Powder Game 2 elements

As of ver8.6, there are 44 elements in Powder Game 2, including:

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