Earth Editor as it currently appears.

Earth Editor (often abbreviated to EE) is a Dan-Ball Web game that simulates a planet or planets. It is similar in some ways to Powder Game. However, Earth Editor has less elements and features, and gravity is directed towards and away from certain points, called black hole and white hole, respectively.


Currently, there are 17 elements in Earth Editor.


  • Reset - clears play field
  • Clear - gets rid of matter
  • Start-Stop - toggles pausing.
  • Speed - allows players to change the speed of dots to x1, x2, x4, or x8
  • BG - allows to choose background effect
    • non - dots leave no trail.
    • short - dots leave short trail, similar to blur in Powder Game.
    • long - dots leave long trail.
    • shade - dots leave a shaded trail, similar to shade in Powder Game
  • Pen - Changes way of adding a dot:
    • Zero - dots don't have initial speed
    • Random - dots are randomly flying in all directions
    • Shot - allows to chose trajectory of dots
    • Line - Draws straight lines going in any direction
  • Pen-S - allows to chose how many dots will be added
  • Save-Load - temporary saving and loading
  • Side - a setting that allows for dots to pass through the edge of the screen
    • off - by default, dots will be gone when approaching the edge
    • on - dots will rebound when approaching the edge
    • loop - just like Powder Game, dots will appear on the other side

Earth Editor Timeline

The Earth Editor Timeline shows all 18 updates created, from Earth Editor ver1.0 to ver2.8.

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