The Update Guide is a guideline of the articles that need to be updated if a certain aspect of a game is updated. Dan-Ball games are updated once every week. With such frequent updates, it is important to have an idea of the work that needs to be done on the Wiki after each update.

General advice

  1. Keep in mind that one should look out for outdated text in all articles, especially in the lead section. Examples include:
    • "Gloves are weapons used by Boxers. They either have the word "Punch" or the word "Glove" in it."
      Reason: Is there a new weapon to which this doesn't apply?
    • "There are three/four/five/six/... weapons/bows/swords/items/stones/jewels/elemental types/..."
      Reason: Number may have changed.
    • "The ... is the only ... which can do something." or "the item/weapon/... is an exception to this"
      Reason: Is it still the only one?
    • "The best ... is ... "
      Reason: New compo items and weapons can change everything.
    • "Items/Weapons/... which can do something are "this", "that", "one more", and "another""
      Reason: Is this list still complete?
    • "As of ver 9.3 ... "
      Reason: Is it still that version?
  2. If lots of authors try to include new information, another author may be editing the same page as you at the same time. Watch out for edit conflicts! Take care that neither your nor his or her changes get lost.
  3. When an update comes around, do your best to update the wiki as systematically and as complete as possible. That way, it gives other authors an easier time to pick up from where you left off, and gives everyone a good idea of the tasks that still need to be done.

Stick Ranger


When a new Stick Ranger version is released,

  1. Update Stick Ranger Timeline and Version History section in Stick Ranger.
  2. If no stage was added and the world map hasn't changed, update the version number of the stage navigation. To do so follow the instructions at Template:SR Stage Navigation/Version Title.
    • If a stage was added and/or the world map has changed, follow the instructions in the section "stage" on this page here.


When a new enemy is released,

  1. Create a new enemy page (eg. Green Smiley Tree) by copying the format of any existing enemy page.
    • Follow the Enemy Naming System.
    • Do research on the enemy's stats (LP, AT, colour), if possible. Do not enter template fields if the respective stat is unknown.
  2. Categorize the new enemy page with Category:Stick Ranger enemies.
  3. Upload enemy image in png format (eg. File:Green Smiley Tree.png).
  4. Upload enemy projectile image in png format (eg. File:Green Pellet.png).
  5. If the enemy drops an item, update the corresponding item page (eg. Poison Glove).
  6. Add the enemy to its species article (eg. Tree) and update the map on this page.
  7. Add the enemy to its head article (eg. Smiley).
  8. Add the enemy's linked image to the table in the article Enemy.
  9. Update the article with the new enemy in the article List of enemies.
  10. Update the table in the specific stage article with the number of enemies found at each part of the stage (i.e. this table).
  11. Update this Template:SR enemies navigation bar.
  12. If the enemy is a Boss,
    • Update the Boss article.
  13. If the enemy is big,
    • Update the Big article.
  14. Add the enemy to its enemy attack article (eg. Pellet).
  15. Update list of strength and weakness in Type if necessary .
  16. Update LV, FP and VS if the enemy raise the level cap.


When a new weapon is released,

  1. Update the weapon class page (Gloves, Swords etc.) in detail. Choose from Category: Stick Ranger weapons.
  2. Upload weapon image in png format (eg. Image:Freeze Glove.png).
  3. Create individual redirect pages (Mach Punch, Fire Sword etc.)[1]
  4. Update the enemy page and the stage that this item drops at. Choose from Category:Stick Ranger enemies and Category:Stick Ranger stages.
  5. Update the Weapon main article.
  6. Update the character class article related to the weapon (eg. Boxer for a new glove). Choose from Category: Stick Ranger classes.
  7. Update the Type page. Even if there is no new type there is a list of all weapons.
  8. Update the MP page (if necessary)
  9. Update the Shop article
    • Update the price list (if necessary)
    • Update the shop image (if necessary)
  10. Update the Bullet's Card article, and add the weapon to the table for the compo restrictions with its value (if necessary)

Compo Item

When a new Compo item is released,

  1. Update the compo item class page (eg. Stone (Stick Ranger), Jewel, Crystal (Stick Ranger), Card) in detail.
  2. Upload item image in png format (eg. File:Aquamarine.png)).
  3. Create an individual redirect page (eg. Green Stone, Bullet's Card etc.).[1]
  4. Create level depended redirect pages (eg. Green Stone 1, Green Stone 2, Bullet's Card 1, Bullet's Card 2 etc.). Do not categorize these redirect pages.
  5. Update the enemy page and stage that this item drops at. Choose from Category: Stick Ranger enemies and Category:Stick Ranger stages.
  6. Update the Compo item main article.
  7. Update the Type page (if necessary).
  8. Update the Shop article.
    • Update the availability table.
    • Update the price list (if necessary).
    • Update the shop image (if necessary).


When a new stage is released,

  1. Create a new stage page by copying from an existing stage (eg. Grassland 3, Castle Gate etc.)
  2. Categorize the new stage page with Category:Stick Ranger stages.
  3. Check and update the text on the Stage article and also update the list.
  4. Update the cost of information for the Book.
  5. Add the stage to the right stage type articles: Grassland, Hill Country, Forest, Cavern, Seaside, Underwater stage, ...
  6. Update the final stage (if necessary)
    1. Update article Final stage. Change the final stage in the first paragraph and update the table!
    2. Visit the article of the previous final stage. Remove any notice that this is the final stage.
    3. Visit the article of the new final stage. Add the following notice: "<stage name> is currently (<version number>) the final stage of the game."
  7. Create a redirect page with the stage's short form (eg. GL3, CG etc.)[1]
  8. Follow the very extensive instructions at Template:SR Stage Navigation to update the Stage Navigation template. You can opt to do a full update or to do a quick temporary update of the stage list only. If you do a full update you should also update the other World Map templates which includes:
    1. Update the File:SR World Map.png. You may have done this already during your update to Template: SR Stage Navigation.
    2. Follow the instructions at Template:SR Image Map Stage Positions to update the stage positions, which are used in image maps for several world map templates. You may have done this already during your update to Template:SR Stage Navigation.
    3. Follow the instructions at Template:SR marked stage map to update the template, which displays markers on a world map.

Powder Game


When a new Powder Game version is released,

  1. Update Powder Game Timeline.
  2. Update the number of updates and the version number in article Powder Game, section Powder Game Timeline


When a new element is released,

  1. Create the element page for by copying another element page (eg. Torch (Powder Game element)).
  2. Categorize the new element page with Category:Powder Game elements.
  3. Add the element to Template:PG elements navigation bar.
  4. Add the element to the list in article Powder Game, section Elements. Also update the total number of elements in this section.
  5. Add the element to its corresponding state of matter. Choose from the states listed in article States of matter.
  6. If there is a new artificial element, update the article Artificial element.
  7. If the element is a lighter element, update the article Lighter element.
  8. If the element is combustible, update the article Combustibility.
  9. If the element is flammable, update the article Flammability.
  10. Check other articles at Category:Powder Game physics if they might be affected by the new element.

Earth Editor

Same procedure with Powder Game, but with Earth Editor.

New Dan-Ball games

When a new game from Dan-Ball is released:

  1. Create a new page for the game. App games that are made asapp versions of a web game and have the exact same application name should have their names appended with (AG).
  2. Categorize the new page with one of Category:Web games, Category:App games, Category:Smartphone Web games depending on the game type.
  3. Add the game to the page Dan-Ball and the wiki home page.
  4. Include the game in the Wiki Navigation bar. As this action requires administrative rights, please contact an active administrator if the bar has not been updated after one day of game release.


  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 For creating redirections systematically you can use the lists at Dan-Ball Wiki:Redirection overview.
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