On the Dan-Ball Wiki, one of the main goals is to provide useful, complete, and accurate information. To provide the highest quality of information, one must be neutral and without any bias or opinion. This is what is called Neutral Point of View, or NPOV.

What is it?

NPOV is when an editor writes or edits articles with a completely neutral point of view. This means that there is no bias or opinion from one author. This also includes to not use the word "I", or other weasel words.

How do I do it?

To follow NPOV, simply write or edit articles without the use of opinionated words such as I, think, like, believe, hate," etc. Using weasel words, such as some argue, many people thought, and experts say are also against the NPOV.

Advertising is also strictly against the NPOV. Advertising is defined as the promoting (or slander) of users or powders. This is commonly seen as "good uploaders include... bad uploaders include..." This wiki has zero tolerance for users who advertise.

What if I don't do it?

NPOV is not required on some pages. Obviously, users should not follow NPOV on any user or user talk page. NPOV is also not required on article talk pages or guide articles (see the articles on Category:Stick Ranger guides), or on any articles about Stick Ranger enemies. Following these rules greatly helps to improve the quality of information on the Dan-Ball Wiki, but if you really, truly cannot follow the NPOV guidelines, this is not a major issue. Edits can be modified or reverted in a short time; nothing is permanent. However, if one blatantly disregards NPOV, repeated violations can be found as vandalism, which is a serious offense. After a consistent amount of NPOV-free edits, one will be notified about this by a user.

If you do not understand NPOV, ask an admin or a trusted user on their talk page for assistance.

If you have any more questions, please ask one of the Administrators on their talk pages, or on this article's talk page.

Thank you!

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