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17 May, 2019 - SR Enemy Colour Issue
A new inconsistent colour naming was discovered among some SR enemies. Please decide on the naming of the colour in this talk page.
5 April, 2019 - SR2 Content page expansion
As Stick Ranger 2 gets constantly updated, we will need to expand on our pages for SR2. Please discuss on some potential issues from the expansion here
24 January, 2019 - Site Domain Migration Notice - Update
FANDOM, the wiki hosting service provider of this wiki, has migrated the domain of our wiki to "". Although redirection from "" to this site will be done by FANDOM (possibly until further notice), please use the new domain name to link to our wiki.
21 January, 2019 - Site Domain Migration Notice
FANDOM, the wiki hosting service provider of this wiki, will be migrating the domain of our wiki to "" in the coming weeks. Details can be found at this page and this page.
4 June, 2018 - Stick Ranger Modding issues
Due to recent events stemmed from the constant posting of mods on the Dan-Ball comment boards without permission, users are urged to hide their mods from the public eye on this wiki. All links to several user's mods have been deleted, and all links to the Dan-Ball Discord have also been removed to prevent additional information leaks. We apologize for the inconvenience. For anyone reading this, PLEASE DO NOT POST LINKS TO STICK RANGER MODS ONTO THE STICK RANGER COMMENT BOARD! THIS CAN CAUSE POSSIBLE LEGAL ISSUES FOR EVERYONE INVOLVED!!

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Featured article - Joint

PG2 Joint

2 dots of Powder and 2 dots of Water jointed by 6 Joints.

Joint is a special object in Powder Game 2 implemented in ver3.2 (but only selectable in ver5.4). It joins dots of elements with a straight line (even when separated by block). Each end of a joint retains the property of the jointed dot. Joints can be removed by using clear on the ends of the joint.

Joints can be created with various attributes such as the capability to rotate autonomously, or the ability to stretch and shrink by itself. Together with the ability for jointed dots to retain its properties, Joints have many potential uses which have been widely used for various Powder Game 2 uploads such as moving objects. (more)

Featured media

SR Battle Hell 8 A Stick Ranger team fighting enemies in Hell 8 using 30th weapons.

Astro Powder Game upload Astronaut by sendai45

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