The Dan-Ball Discord is a community hosted on Discord for discussing various Dan-Ball related information, along with some off-topic chats. It is an active community which had in-depth discussions on several Dan-Ball games, especially on Stick Ranger.

An invite link to the Discord server is available here.


The Discord server consists of 13 categories, with some channels only available to certain staffs.


This category consists of several miscellaneous channels, including the Welcome Center as the landing place, several channels for general off-topic chat, music and art sharing, and channels regarding server activity including the Admin-only Server Discussion channel.

Voice Channels

This category contains 4 different channels for different purposes of voice chats.

Stick Ranger

This category consists of numerous channels regarding the Dan-Ball web game Stick Ranger and Stick Ranger 2. Various channels dedicated to different aspects of the Stick Ranger games such as general gameplay, VS mode, and speedrunning are available.

Other Dan-Ball Games

This channel provides discussion grounds for some other Dan-Ball games such as Powder Game, Powder Game 2, and Logi Box.

Non Dan-Ball Games

This channel is focused on discussions of games not released by Dan-Ball.

Other Categories

The other 8 categories consists of random or specialised channels for playing around with Discord Bots, posting casual content without limitations, spamming, or simply joke channels.

Creator and Staffs

The Dan-Ball Discord was started by RadiantDarkBlaze on 21st November, 2016. Since then more and more users participated into the Discord server and the server is now managed by several administrators including:

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