Bows are weapons only used by Snipers. Bows are divided into 2 groups, one group being normal bows which fires arrows upwards over the enemies. These types deal good damage, but they are harder to hit fast moving enemies. The other group are "Shot" bows, which have higher range and arrows that are less affected by gravity. However, the arrows deal less damage, and non-physical Shots have slower flying arrows than normal bows. Bows have 4 types: Physical, Poison, Fire, and Mountaintop-exclusive Thunder type.

List of Bows

Icon Weapon LV AT PC AGI Range Type MP Bonus AT RPC Dropped by Buy Sell
Bow Bow 2-3 1 30-40 90 Physical 100 12
Note: Starting weapon. The only bow to have "Bow" in their name.
Triple Shot Triple Shot 1 2-3 3 30-40 150 Physical Red Smiley Walker
Grey Boss Smiley Walker
250 31
Note: Shoots three arrows in an almost straight spread each shot due to their high velocity. Presumably to reflect this characteristic, it was renamed from the old name "Triple Arrow" in version 2.5, and the name was given to a newer weapon.
Poison Arrow Poison Arrow 1 4-6 1 30-40 90 Poison 10 1-1 (1.0s) 1 Green Skull Snake
500 62
Note: The magical attack creates a small poison cloud on impact which lasts for 2s. The poison damage is extremely useful during the early game, killing most enemies quickly. The color of this weapon is more green than most other poison bows.
Double Arrow Double Arrow 1 8-12 2 30-40 90 Physical Orange Smiley Walker (GL2)
750 93
Note: Shoots two arrows. Each arrow has 4 times the damage as the Bow or Triple Shot 1.
Fire Arrow Fire Arrow 1 8-12 1 30-40 90 Fire 12 4-6 (Burn 5%) 1 Orange Smiley Tree
1000 125
Note: The magical attack creates a fire which drops to the ground which does splash damage and lasts for 2s. It is recommended to add a Ruby or Garnet for more damage.
Triple Arrow Triple Arrow 2 8-12 3 30-40 90 Physical Yellow Smiley Wheel
1500 187
Note: Essentially the same as a Double Arrow 1 but with 1 more arrow.
Quad Arrow Quad Arrow 2 8-12 4 30-40 90 Physical Red Skull Stickman (CG)
2000 250
Note: Essentially the same as a Double Arrow 1 but with 2 more arrows.
Oct Arrow Oct Arrow 2 4-6 8 45-60 90 Physical Green Boss Cap Mushroom
2500 312
Note: While it has twice the arrows as Quad Arrow 2, each of them has half the damage, and this weapon has a higher AGI as well, making it inferior, even with any Bullet's Card.
Double Poison Double Poison 2 8-12 2 30-40 90 Poison 20 1-2 (1.0s) 1 Green Cap Snake
3000 375
Note: Shoots two arrows, each producing a poison cloud when they hit enemies or the terrain. This weapon can hit more enemies than the Poison Arrow 1. The poison damage is 50% higher as well.
Triple Shot Quint Shot 3 4-6 5 30-40 150 Physical White Roundhead Bat
4000 500
Note: Essentially the same as a Triple Shot 1 with 2 more arrows, but twice as strong. Due to the wider spread, arrows can hit the terrain easily, making this weapon less effective.
Double Fire Double Fire 3 9-15 2 30-40 90 Fire 20 8-9 (Burn 5%) 1 Pink Gel Tree (S3)
4500 562
Note: Shoots two arrows that turn into a fire when they hit the ground. Each fire lasts for 2s and does splash damage. This weapon also has a higher base damage than any weapon before.
Double Iron Arrow Double Iron Arrow 3 16-24 2 30-40 90 Physical Green Gel Tree
5000 625
Note: Shoots two iron arrows that travel faster than the arrows shot by previous bows, so the arrow is more likely to hit the enemy. It is equal to the Double Arrow with twice the AT. This is the first bow with iron arrows.
Triple Iron Arrow Triple Iron Arrow 3 15-20 3 30-40 90 Physical White Roundhead Mushroom
5500 687
Note: Unlike other arrows with multiple projectiles, this bow shoots arrows in the same trajectory in succession rather than spreading all arrows out, making it look like it is a single arrow bow with low AGI. It has less AT than the Double Iron Arrow 3, but deals more damage if all three arrows hit.
Triple Poison Triple Poison 4 10-16 3 30-40 90 Poison 25 2-2 (1.0s) 1 Green Gel Wheel
6000 750
Note: Shoots three arrows, each leaving a poison cloud. The poison damage is twice as much as Poison Arrow 1. The arrows are as fast as the iron arrows. This weapon can be deadly if the range is high, with 25 MAG or higher, and equipped with an Emerald and a Peridot of high level.
FireShot Fire Shot 4 4-6 3 30-40 90 Fire 30 6-8 (Burn 5%) 1 Grey Boss Box Walker
6500 812
Note: It can be considered the fusion of the Triple Shot 1 and the Fire Arrow 2. The bow fires like the Triple Shot, but the arrows move much slower, and when hitting terrain or an enemy, the arrow will turn into fire that pierces terrain, does splash damage, and will continue to move the same way as the arrow was going for 2s upon magical activation. Attaching a Guide's Card to this weapon will only affect the arrows and not the fire that is created after contact. This weapon closely resembles the Submarine Shrine Boss's fire attack.
Quad Iron Arrow Quad Iron Arrow 4 16-24 4 30-40 90 Physical White Diamond Cactus
7000 875
Note: Essentially the same as a Double Iron Arrow 3 with twice the arrows.
Nonuple arrow 4 Nonuple Arrow 4 8-12 9 45-60 90 Physical White Roundhead Zombie
7500 937
Note: Essentially the same as an Octuple Arrow 2 with one more arrow and twice the damage. Equipping a Bullet's Card 4 can make it release 18 arrows. It can be very deadly with high range, a Bullet's Card 4 and Critical's Card 5. If equipped with a Quick's Card 4 or 5 and a Knockback's Card 4, it can keep an enemy locked down in one of the screen's bottom corners, meaning if the Sniper's STR is enough to let it outrange the enemy being locked down, the Sniper will have more than enough time to safely finish off the enemy.
Poison Shot Poison Shot 5 4-6 3 30-40 90 Poison 35 2-2 (1.0s) 1 White Box Zombie
8000 1000
Note: Essentially the poison counterpart of Fire Shot 4. The difference between this weapons and Fire Shot 4 is that the poison does not pierce and instead leaves a poison cloud on contact. It has the same poison stats as Triple Poison 4.
Pyramid Arrow Pyramid Arrow 5 9-15 1 30-40 90 Poison 35 3-3 (1.32s) 30% (Resort) 8500/
Note: Has a 30% chance every frame of producing a poison cloud along its trail when MP is fully charged in the same manner as the Pyramid Boss. Each Poison cloud lasts for 1.32s. The arrow and poison clouds are different from other poison bows as it is the same color as the Pyramid Boss' poison arrow. This bow has the longest poison duration for any bow. It can be very powerful with an Emerald 5 and Catapult's Card 5. In VS Mode, the arrow can poison more than one player because of the poison clouds coming from the arrow. When the bow was released in ver8.9, the arrow itself did not poison. This was fixed in ver9.0, an update later.
Flame Arrow Flame Arrow 5 16-24 1 30-40 90 Fire 35 8-9 (Burn 5%) 5 Green Shield Dragon
8500 1062
Note: Creates five heat clouds upon collision with the ground or the enemy. Each heat cloud lasts for 2s and does splash damage. It can be useful when equipped with a Ruby 5, a Garnet 5, and/or a Quick's Card 5. The magic attack closely resembles the Red Boss Box Tree's attack.
Triple Shot Sept Shot 5 6-9 7 30-40 150 Physical Grey X Walker (SF1)
9000 1125
Note: Fires seven arrows in an even spread straight at the enemy. Useful for outranging, especially when combined with high STR/DEX, Bullet's Card 4 and Quick's Card 5 (or Red Crystal if DEX is lower than 33). It is an upgrade of the Quint Shot. If a safe distance between enemies and characters is requested to be maintained, attaching a Knockback's Card 4 instead of Quick's Card should keep enemies a good distance from your characters quite reliably, as the Knockback of 30 will be triggered each shot without fail, possibly hitting multiple enemies in a crowd and or hitting a bigger enemy more than once per shot. However, the Sept Shot 5 does pathetic damage, and the outrange strategy will be time-consuming.
Pierce Arrow Pierce Arrow 5 16-24 4 30-40 90 Physical White Boss Castle Stickman (SF4)
9500 1187
Note: Essentially the same as a Quad Iron Arrow equipped with a Pierce's Card 4. This weapons allows Snipers to attack in levels with unfavorable terrain, such as the Caverns without worrying about equipping a Pierce's Card.
Quint Poison Quint Poison 6 16-24 5 30-40 90 Poison 40 2-2 (1.0s) 1 Pink X Walker
10000 1250
Note: Shoots five arrows, leaving a poison cloud, in a lower arch than that of other bows. The speed of the arrows also return to the same as the initial Bow. Despite costing more MP than the Pyramid Arrow to activate, it has weaker poison damage and time than Pyramid Arrow and also typically won't generate as many poison clouds as the Pyramid Arrow, however, it may be better than the Pyramid Arrow at poisoning multiple land targets at once if they're close together. It is also slightly better at landing a direct hit on a flying enemy than the Pyramid Arrow due to the lower arch. It can be deadly with an Emerald 5 and Catapult's Card 5.
Double Flame Double Flame 6 16-24 2 30-40 90 Fire 40 8-9 (Burn 5%) 3 Orange Big Gel Tree
11000 1375
Note: Each arrow creates three heat clouds upon collision with ground or enemy, with each heat cloud lasts for 2s and does splash damage. Adding a Bullet's Card 5 and a Ruby is highly recommended, as it creates a lot of heat gases which incinerates most enemies easily. An optimal counter to Zombie's Card users in VS Mode.
Indra Arrow Indra Arrow 6 1-3333 1 60-80 90 Thunder Olive Boss Star Eel
Note: The only Bow with Type Thunder in the game. This bow shoots a yellow arrow in a high arch which deals thunder damage. It has the highest AT of all weapons in the game, and grossly overpowers even a Nonuple Arrow with Bullet's Card 4. With twice the AGI as most bows, it may be a good choice to equip a Yellow Crystal over a Critical's Card so the damage is more consistent, along with a Quick's Card 5 to normalize the AGI or Guide's Card to hit the enemy. Topaz has no effect despite being thunder-typed because the Jewels boost only the magical bonus for Bows, not the base damage like Indra Arrow 6. Since this is a Mountaintop weapon, along with the Napalm Bomb, this weapon is not obtainable at the Shop.
Quad Steel Arrow Quad Steel Arrow 6 48-72 4 30-40 90 Physical White Roundhead Copter
12000 1500
Note: This bow shoots steel arrows which travel faster and at a lower arc than the iron arrows. When equipped with Bullet's Card 5, it is more powerful than a Nonuple Arrow with a Bullet's Card 4, but still a bit weaker on average than Indra Arrow. Nonetheless, it is a great weapon for Mountain 2, where weapons of any type other than Physical and Freeze (such as the Indra Arrow, which is type Thunder) cannot do much at all, and for before Indra Arrow is available should one choose to conquer the Snowfield series before tackling the difficult Mountain series. It should be noted that it is an optimal choice for the Sniper to bypass both Purple and Silver Crystals in VS Mode, thus rendering a secondary defensive compo choice useless for it's opponents.
Undecuple Arrow Undecuple Arrow 6 24-36 11 45-60 90 Physical Tan Box Bat (F6)
13000 1625
Note: This bow is essentially an upgrade of the Nonuple Arrow 4. It shoots 11 steel arrows. It is more powerful than the Quad Steel Arrow if DEX is invested. A Bullet's Card 6 will make this weapon shoot 24 arrows, which, with lots of DEX and a Critical's Card 6, can cause massive damage to enemies. With the added damage from DEX multiplied by 24 arrows, it can potentially deal more damage on average than the Indra Arrow if all arrows hit (an unlikely event unless a Guide's Card 6 is equipped as the random spread is greater than that of the Quad Steel Arrow).
Triple Shot Nonuple Shot 7 8-12 9 30-40 150 Physical White Triangle Cactus
15000 1875
Note: Behaves like the Sept Shot 5, but shoots 2 more arrows. Despite that it has the AT of a Quad Arrow, this weapon can be useful in striking flying and ground enemies without a large gap between the arrows. Can be useful in cavern stages with a Reflection Card 4 and a Bullet's Card 6 equipped.
Flame Shot Flame Shot 7 8-12 5 30-40 90 Fire 45 12-16 (Burn 5%) 1 Orange Demon Dragon
16000 2000
Note: Essentially a stronger Fire Shot which fires 5 arrows instead of 3. The arrows turn into blazes which lasts for 2s, pierces terrain and do splash damage. Before ver16.0, this weapon was bought for $15000 and sold for $1875.
Oct Poison Oct Poison 7 16-24 8 30-40 90 Poison 45 3-3 (1.0s) 1 Pink Big Triangle Walker
17000 2125
Note: Shoots 8 arrows in the same fashion as the Quint Poison. The poison damage was increased to match with the Pyramid Arrow, although it is still 0.32s shorter. While Oct Poison Shot 8 may inflict more poison damage, this weapon is more useful on poisoning ground enemies, and more useful in VS mode, as the arrows will fly in almost straight fashion, easily hitting ground enemies and characters.
Double Hell Fire Double Hell Fire 7 16-24 2 30-40 90 Fire 50 90-99 (Burn 5%) 1 Orange Diamond Bat
18000 2250
Note: Essentially a heavily upgraded Double Fire 3. Each fire lasts for 2s and does splash damage. The fire damage is extremely powerful, and can result in extremely quick wins in VS mode provided the characters don't use defensive crystals. A Bullet's Card 5 with a Quick's Card 7 will multiply its DPS by 8 if all arrows were to hit, making land enemies without resistance a breeze. However, this weapon lacks the great application of dealing with flying enemies, unlike the Double Flame 6, meaning it's much more specialized towards ground targets only. 
Quint Gold Arrow Quint Gold Arrow 8 96-144 5 30-40 90 Physical Yellow Box Germ (CV8)
19000 2375
Note: Shoots 5 arrows in the same fashion as the Triple Iron Arrow 3. Having a Bullet's Card 7 with a Quick's Card 7 along with 100 STR, high DEX, and STR Priests is a great way to take down high LP enemies at a distance.
Vigintuple Arrow Vigintuple Arrow 8 48-72 20 45-60 90 Physical Yellow Big Box Wheel
20000 2500
Note: Essentially an upgraded Undecuple Arrow, which shoots 20 arrows at once.
Oct Poison Shot Oct Poison Shot 8 8-12 8 30-40 90 Poison 50 4-4 (1s) 1 Cyan Triangle Snake
21000 2625
Note: Essentially an upgraded Poison Shot 5, which shoots 8 arrows instead of 3. The most powerful poison bow in the game. Is more useful for targeting flying enemies than ground enemies, due to its spread, and arrows that are unaffected by gravity.
Hell Fire Shot Hell Fire Shot 8 16-24 3 30-40 90 Fire 55 24-32 (Burn 5%) 3 Red X Walker
22000 2750
Note: Fires 3 arrows that travel even slower than those from the Flame Shot. Upon magical activation releases 3 blazes per arrow which travel in the same general direction as the arrow, appear one-by-one, pierce terrain, deal splash damage and last for 2s.


  • The Indra Arrow is named after the Hindu god of thunder.


  • Before ver1.5 BETA, Bows looked like this: Bow (old)

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